Foreign doctors cheat Medicare part of 47 billion

November 15, 2009

“foreign doctors” medicare fraud

(Reference that search in comments or in letters to Congress.)

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2009 8:41:33 PM by Larry381

HOUSTON—Dr. Arun Sharma and his wife, Dr. Kiran Sharma, M.D., both 54, have been charged in a 29-count indictment alleging conspiracy to unlawfully dispense and distribute controlled substances outside the scope of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose, United States Attorney Tim Johnson, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent in Charge Zoran B. Yankovich and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced today.

Foreign medical students and nurses don’t help us, they hurt us.   Diversity billing means fraudulent billing.   Indian doctors are likely heavily involved in this just as on Wall Street.  These 3rd world countries are fraud lands because of the people’s genes.  When they are born here they bring their genes with them.  When fraud genes are inserted in our gene pool it is genetic pollution.  Purifying it will take centuries and millenia if ever.  Moreover, it might finish us off before purification can happen.


Comment posted at 2Blowhards.

If you combine economics, genetics, and history without bias what comes out?  Something very close to white nationalism if you are a white.  Something similar if you are Japanese and some other East Asians but directed to themselves.  For the others it comes out as some justification of parasitism.

For whites we just need to start pushing the facts and science without hesitating or apologizing.  Write out the answer like its an exam that is objective. The result is outrageous to the parasites because its true.  The conclusion is they are parasites and should be dealt with as such.


Any prior progress made in getting rid of fraud genes prior to the 1965 Immigration Act in our gene pool has been undone by post 1965 Immigration and children born here to immigrants.  Barack Hussein Obama II shows that.  His father was a fraudster on his mother.  Obama’s father and Obama exhibit sociopathic traits.  Obama is gene pool pollution.

Obama is a complete fraudster about his whole life.  He won’t release a doctor signed birth certificate.  He won’t release his college records showing if he was a dual citizen after age 18 or claimed it.  He won’t let his Harvard classmates talk about him.  He openly gives the finger to Hillary and McCain and calls Palin a pig.  Barack Hussine Obama is the gene pollution we don’t need.  Barack Hussein Obama is not the genes what we have been waiting for, but the genes we have been waiting to get rid of.

The cheapest gene therapy is stopping non-white immigration.   The second is sending non-whites back to their home continents.  The whites have the smallest continents, the non-whites don’t have the right to take the small continents we have away from us.  It shows their parasitic nature and hate of us.  Those are genetic traits.  That means they don’t change by their coming here or being born here. Obama shows that.

Obama is a parasite who hates whites just like his wife does.  Its genetic in both of them.  That’s why helping them with affirmative action doesn’t change it.  Its genetic parasitism on whites and hatred of the white host.  That can’t be changed.

That is why we must separate from affirmative action blacks along with their entire race.  They need to go back to their very large continent Africa.  If they have made a ruin of every part of the very large continent of Africa that they control it shows their parasitism and hatred are genetic.

Blacks and Hispanics are parasites.  That is why they ruined their continents.  That is why they come here to ruin ours.  They come in hate and are born in hate.  The hate and parasitism are in them.   That is because they are genetic.  We know that because their continents are in ruins from them.

They are genetic pollution.   That is why we must send them back to their continents.  That is why mixed race have to go as well.  They are genetic pollution because behavior is genetic combined with their ruin of their own continents.  They ruin many countries not just one.  That shows its their nature.  That shows its genetic.  That shows their just being here pollutes are genes.

That is science not hate.  Those who says its hate to say it are liars about science and hate.  When they pass hate laws they lie about hate.  That is to have a monopoly of hate.  That is so they can turn hate against whites.  That is what 3rd world immigration is.  Its a hate of whites that wants to pollute their genes and destroy them.  We see that in the 3rd world countries that their genes are pollution.


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