Breaking Daily Obama leaks Palin doesn’t believe in gravity

November 16, 2009

The Daily Obama, leading website of the alernative reality left has broke the story that Palin does not believe in the Force of Gravity.  Their star reported reports.

Axelbackroad:  Sarah Palin does not believe in the Force of Gravity.  We have learned that from unimpeachable sources.

Teabagger calls in:  Aren’t you guys like fake news?

Axelbackroad:  We report it straight.  She said that schools should teach gravity and anti-gravity at the same time.

Next caller rings.

Axelbackroad: What is your name?

Caller:  Hasan.

Axelbackroad: What is your question Hasan?

Hasan:   I believe the report.   Your schools are so bad, that your people believe the most extreme nonsense pumped out.

Axelbackraod:  Like what?

Hasan: That jihad does not mean armed struggle.  That violent jihad is not part of standard Islam.  You are fools. Worse than you think Palin.  You say she does not believe in gravity.  You say she does not believe in evolution.  But it is you that are the fool.  Jihad occurs on your own military base and you say you can’t understand the reason.  What can you not understand?

Axelbackroad:  You are jumping to conclusions about jihad Hasan.  Jihad means inner struggle.  Its like those exercises where you push one muscle against another, forget the name of it.

Hasan:  Isometrics you are thinking of.  Jihad is not pushing Muslim muscle against Muslim it is using it against Christians and Jews you fool.

Axelbackroad:  Well, Sarah Palin is an ignorant Christian so maybe its not so bad.

Hasan: We are coming for you to Axelbreakdown.

Axelbackroad:  My name is Axelbackroad not Axelbreakdown.  But you are so wrong. Major Nidal Malik Hasan had stress.  Brought about by workplace diversity by which I mean white people in the workplace.  When those bigots are around they make racist remarks and the people of color have no rest.

Hasan:  You are like stupidity growing on stupidity.  You disgust me.  I want to jihad you Axelbackroad because you are so despicable and such a traitor to your own people.

Axelbackroad: Those people at Fort Hood were not my people.

Hasan: You admit your hate then.

Axelbackroad:  I don’t have hate.

Hasan: What about Major Hasan?

Axelbackroad:   He was just suffering diversity stress from white bigots.  It wasn’t hate.  He showed restraint for a long time.  I admire him for that.

Hasan: You disgust me.  When we come for you it will give me double the pleasure of taking the Christians like Palin.

Axelbackroad:  Well, that was an unusual call.  The guy must be having workplace diversity stress.  Must be working with white bigots too.


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