Diversity is rape replacement

November 16, 2009

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  1. Mangan’s: What Is Diversity?

    Nov 16, 2009 So maybe “diversity” is race replacement along with the conviction on the part of the replaced people, or a campaign mounted by the
    mangans.blogspot.com/2009/11/what-is-diversity.html – 7 hours ago

  2. Mangan’s

    Diversity is race replacement. I wonder if we can refine that a bit. So maybe “diversity” is race replacement along with the conviction on the part of
    mangans.blogspot.com/ – CachedSimilar

  3. Reflecting Light: The mouth that roared

    Nov 13, 2009 Diversity is race replacement. The people who now run this country do not like the kind of people who created, strengthened, and sustained
    reflight.blogspot.com/2009/11/mouth-that-roared.html – Cached

  4. Reflecting Light

    Diversity is race replacement. The people who now run this country do not like the kind of people who created, strengthened, and sustained it for so long.
    reflight.blogspot.com/ – CachedSimilar


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  1. Casey Holder Obama diversity equals death to America « Old

    Nov 11, 2009 Diversity is genocide of whites. That is why all non-whites must go from this land, born here or not except Native Americans.
    oldatlanticlighthouse.wordpress.com/…/casey-holder-obama-diversity-equals-death-to-america/ – Cached

  2. First Daughter Barbara Bush Dating a Non-White! – Stormfront

    Diversity is genocide. The blood and lineage of her family, that has struggled to survive for so many centuries, may sink into the mud of the earth,


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  1. Race Replacement in Action

    Oct 22, 2005 Who among us believes this race replacement immigration policy is NOT being conducted …. Whats the relation between ‘diversity‘ and hell?
    majorityrights.com/index.php/…/race_replacement_in_action/ – CachedSimilar

  2. Diversity leads to a loss of social capital.

    For one thing, no “studies” were needed to ascertain that forced race-replacement (“diversity” in FedGovSpeak) would result in lower mutual trust and all
    majorityrights.com/…/diversity_leads_to_a_loss_of_social_capital/ – Cached

  3. Diversity national goal not rational goal « Old Atlantic Lighthouse

    Nov 10, 2009 General Casey diversity erases national pattern generalized genocide for and fund politicians who work for race replacement of whites.
    oldatlanticlighthouse.wordpress.com/…/diversity-national-goal-not-rational-goal/ – Cached
  1. ParaPundit: EU Headed For Illegal Immigration Crackdown

    Slow down there my non-inclusive, anti-diversity minded friend! white-hating leftists continue their policies of race replacement and the destruction of

  2. Occidental Dissent » Blog Archive » Liberal Race Realism

    Jul 2, 2009 least open up a debate about whether or not diversity is our strength ….. and race-replacement, replace with right of peoples to exist

  3. Occidental Dissent » Blog Archive » Can The Ethnostate Be Justified?

    Aug 21, 2009 Can you imagine a fanatic white christian race-replacement activist using a gun to enforce the idea that diversity brings peace and love,

  4. WhiteID.com

    It will help you see the race replacement agenda being pressed on the White European cultures and national values, are a part of that same diversity.

  5. My Views on Race and Intelligence

    Our corporation trumpets all the “diversity” cliches, but they don’t lower …… to this whole race-replacement scheme simply is not going to be permitted.

  6. Am I too racial in my thinking about immigration?

    May 31, 2009 Once again, your implied program is for the total race replacement of the that “in our diversity is our strength” and “we must celebrate


  1. Diversity is rape and replacement.
  2. Diversity is rape then replacement.
  3. Diversity is replacement by rape.

2 Responses to “Diversity is rape replacement”

  1. Tanstaafl Says:

    On 11 Nov I left the comment “Diversity is genocide.” on Steve Sailer’s “Some things we are just not meant to understand” because it’s clear to me that genocide by immigration/diversity/censorship is the #1 thing we are just not meant to understand.

    The comment was rejected.

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