Warren Buffett Goldman Sachs to teach H-1b hiring to small business

November 18, 2009

Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs have announced they have combined to teach small business the Buffett Goldman Sachs (BGS) way of business.

  1. Hiring H-1b.
  2. If the job requires a mind, hire an Indian or Chinese.
  3. If the job requires a back, hire a Mexican.
  4. Be disloyal to whites.
  5. Never forget rule 4.
  6. What’s good for Goldman Sachs is good for you.
  7. Some sample thank you letters and testimonials to write your senator.
  8. Goldman Sachs is working for you.
  9. When Goldman Sachs lobbies Congress it helps you.
  10. Give to the same candidates that Goldman Sachs gives to.
  11. Being part of the Goldman Sachs team.
  12. The Goldman Sachs seal of approval.
  13. Your business can last as long as Goldman Sachs if you tell your senator the same things we do.
  14. You can not win by loyalty to whites.
  15. The white race is finished, but you can live on under the Goldman Sachs umbrella.
  16. Influencing politics the Goldman Sachs way.
  17. When Goldman Sachs is inside government you are too.
  18. Remember to tell the senators that Goldman Sachs sent you.
  19. Don’t be loyal to local people, cheat them instead.
  20. Remember, there are rubes and Goldman Sachs umbrella companies. You know which one you are.
  21. Amnesty for beginners.
  22. Getting government subprime mortgages for your Latino employees.
  23. Dumping your employees on the local ER at no cost to you.
  24. Mass Immigration another century.
  25. Latino Votes combined with Goldman Sachs money equals the Gillibrand Schumer machine.
  26. Don’t fight 85 Broad Street.
  27. The secrets of 85 Broad Street for influence.
  28. We need Indians and Chinese and Muslims in our WMD labs.
  29. Finding a gated community.
  30. Hiring personal guards for your family.
  31. The executive’s course on avoiding Latino kidnapping gangs.
  32. Inside secrets of kidnapping gangs in Mexico.
  33. Avoiding US tax.
  34. How to hide assets in complicated swap deals.
  35. Never pay your taxes.
  36. Hire employees who don’t pay taxes and reduce their pay by the difference.
  37. Use your employee tax avoidance as leverage over them.
  38. Firing Americans and making them train their H-1b replacements to get severance.
  39. Outsourcing.
  40. Getting Lou Dobbs fired by CNN.
  41. Stick it to the worker.
  42. Now is the time for us.
  43. Lowering the labor force participation rate of men permanently to keep men’s median wages low forever.
  44. Breaking social security and medicare.
  45. How to survive the coming collapse of the dollar.
  46. Invest in Goldman.
  47. Opening an account at Goldman, the real purpose of this plan.
  48. Why you should pay Goldman high fees to open your account.
  49. Using your Goldman account to give the same campaign contributions that we do.
  50. The Goldman Sachs Century.
  51. The Sun never sets on Goldman Sachs.
  52. How to survive the breakup of America.
  53. Why America doesn’t matter.
  54. Being an American means nothing, but being a Goldman client is a way for you to pay us fees.
  55. Confide your secrets in Goldman.
  56. Don’t trust anyone but us.
  57. Where your treasure lies, there will Goldman lie also.
  58. Birth certificates, how to get them, change them and hide them.
  59. How to get judges to dismiss cases for lack of standing.
  60. Seven Secrets US Attorneys don’t want you to know.
  61. How to trade in your employees when the FBI comes around.
  62. Same with IRS.
  63. Corporate fascism in one easy lesson.
  64. How to make your employees watch each other using diversity and PC.
  65. Divide your employees with multiculturalism.
  66. Make your employees more dependent on work by destroying the community.
  67. Giving back to yourself.
  68. How to set up a business front in the Cayman Islands.
  69. Managing your offshore girl friend.
  70. Erasing your text messages.  Very important.  You won’t want to miss this.
  71. Never use email for anything important.
  72. Take this land and shove it while you put money offshore.
  73. The people you went to high school with are stupid.  Stick it to them.
  74. Stick it to their kids too.
  75. Stick it to their grandkids.
  76. Keep them from having children after that by Latino immigration.
  77. How to develop feelings of disloyalty in yourself while creating fear in others who depend on you.
  78. Ex-employees how to make sure they never work again.
  79. The basic truths about fear and how to make them work for you.
  80. Owning hate and denying it to others.
  81. Symbols of diversity to erase symbols of traditional identity.
  82. Turn religion against the people and for you.
  83. No bribe is illegal.
  84. Rube’s gold and how to sell it and not hold onto it.
  85. Peak oil the Goldman Sachs way.
  86. Carbon dating for companies.
  87. Don’t ever miss a chance to corrupt Congress.
  88. Congress wants money.  Lots of money.
  89. The sweet lies of diversity.
  90. How to survive the coming end of the white race.
  91. A world of non-whites ruled by Goldman money.
  92. Goldman forever.
  93. Races come and go but not Goldman Sachs.
  94. How to rebrand yourself as Latino, Indian and Muslim.
  95. Security systems in the land of diversity.
  96. The all important safe room in your mansion.
  97. Be aware at all times and get out of dangerous diversity situations.
  98. Self defense.
  99. Sacrifice others to save yourself.
  100. Taking your suicide pill when all else fails.  We give you an inner peace lesson for this final task.  Your last thoughts will be of Goldman.



3 Responses to “Warren Buffett Goldman Sachs to teach H-1b hiring to small business”

  1. miles Says:

    This really is sad. Whats worse, I just got Geico insurance on a car. I’ll be getting another insurance carrier next time knowing this, because I know Buffet owns a great deal of Geico. I had thought (naively) that Buffet was not a supporter of massive outsourcing of the US labor market. I knew he was a population control nut, but his efforts were mostly focused (through his wife) on the third world.

    Idea: I wish more conservative blogs would list the worst companies in terms of outsourcing, H1B, leftist donations; all in the upper left or right hand corner……so any visitor could see them anytime they visited, to better implement the thought in their memory. I mean -precise- interests. For example, I know Goldman Sachs owns much of Burger King. I make a point to not go to Burger King because of this. Buffett owns a holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. I know he is heavily invested in Dairy Queen and Geico. I’ll be stopping doing any business with either.

    Fighting back with our money is one (admittedly not lethal, but still) way we can resist those who wish to see America become an experimental nation of a melded new race, novel on the face of the planet……the genetic “everyman”, with a global corporate uniculture, corporate traditions, cupid allegiances, and a status-obsessed-zombie life.

    You are a credit to the traditionalists. Best, M

  2. stoptheinvasionoforegon Says:

    all this time I thought he was a singer/
    I am so out of it
    but that is a great post and I will repost it if i may with credit to you.
    just found out that in Augsst the family of dani countryman filed suit against clackamas county and the police for knowing dani’s killers were illegal mexicans.
    this is important because if the police are held liable for all the murders they might actually enforce immigration laws instead of picking on poor white americans.

  3. Old Atlantic Says:


    Good idea on the H-1b offenders. One list is here.


    Best, OA.

    Stop the Invasion of Oregon, please repost. If Warren did sing it would be Cheeseburger in Mexico.

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