Predator immigration

November 29, 2009

Third world immigration is the immigration of predators.   They use any tricks including bullying to get their way.  They are deceptive.  They are violent.  They lie.  They steal.  They corrupt all institutions within.  They use any position of power for their advantage.  Everything around them goes down as Robert E. Lee pointed out in the case of blacks.

Lee essentially noted what Putnam did later and what we live in.  The distrust equilibrium of non-whites.  They are not trustworthy with power.  So they corrupt every institution they are allowed into.  Only segregation and ultimately separation can stop and reverse this.

This applies to the entire slicer coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians and others.  They all have exhibited this behavior.  They are also brazen in it.  They also resort to name calling when its pointed out.

They are all good at taking advantage of whites.  They also have contempt and disdain for whites for letting them get away with it.  The letting loose of Somali pirates and bringing them here shows it.

The Royal Navy lets Somali pirates go because they are afraid they will be given asylum.  This proves the UK government knows that Somalis are predators.  So it shows they are lying about the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity.

Gordon Brown demands Pakistan take out bin Laden.  Article here:

But it was Pakistan that was behind 9/11 at least in infrastucture terms.  The UK and US governments have shielded them just like Somali pirates and Somali asylum seekers.

Pakistan ISI Complete 9/11 Timeline


Putnam distrust equilibrium

Whites killed by blacks

Never get in the car with blacks.

==Excerpt follows

Robert writes:

A young white man, Benjamin Merrill, from a small, mostly white town in Washington State, was murdered on November 2nd in San Francisco by three young black women. Two women started talking with him on the street. He apparently got in their car and went to a house to pick up a third woman. They then drove to a park where they robbed and shot him dead. Since this young man’s home town, Belfair, is near where I live, I can tell you that the thought of three women preying upon a man is likely outside the realm of anything he could have conceived of. There are essentially no blacks in Belfair, so I don’t know what he might have thought about black women. The three women charged are: Kiarra Price, Teareney Brown and Kendra Fells.

Another story.

Picture of Teareney Brown included in this article:


(Photo at Auster site)

Benjamin Merrill
Darwin Award Winner

Here’s the first story that Robert sent:

Charges Filed Against Three California Women in Death of Belfair Native
By Brynn Grimley, Kistap Sun, Nov. 25

Pittsburg, Calif.–

==End excerpt from Auster

Benjamin Merrill is what Auster calls an Eloi white.

Never get in the car with blacks.  That means never trust them.  That means never let them in your house.  This is one reason people want Hispanics for cleaning their house, they don’t have to let blacks into it.  The difference in behavior is stark.  Blacks take over your house when you let them in it, much more so than Hispanics.

It also means don’t let a black in the White House, especially without a doctor signed, hospital issued birth certificate.  Remember, blacks hate their victims.  They have disdain and contempt for them. The Somali pirates showed that.


4 Responses to “Predator immigration”

  1. The Admiral Says:

    Have you noticed an increase in these types of seemingly random black-on-white murders? Is this really happening? It’s like South Africa and Rhodesia all over again. Even the Jew Auster has advocated that Whites in black and hispanic areas start arming themselves.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    I think the intensity and hate in them is greater or we are finding out about it more completely. I don’t know if the number of incidents is the same. However, the number of non-whites is going up, so the frequency of these incidents should rise. Integration also increases their frequency. They have crime maps showing that after the black housing complexes were broken up and the blacks resettled that the crime increased where they were resettled.

  3. GOPundit Says:

    “They use any tricks including bullying to get their way. They are deceptive. They are violent. They lie. They steal. They corrupt all institutions within. They use any position of power for their advantage… ”

    Are we talking about the American History here? Invasion by Europeans and the conquest of the Americas from the Native Americans?

  4. You cannot trust the black. He is by nature your rival and enemy. Blacks use their churches as places of training. In the church they have classes in Welfare fraud and avoiding the law. The blacks in Haiti planned the rebellion in churches and murdered all the white men on the island.

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