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Manufacturing job loss 17262 to 13431 under Bush

December 31, 2009

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Data extracted on: December 31, 2009 (5:47:49 AM)

Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National)

Series Id:     CEU3000000001 Not Seasonally Adjusted Super Sector:  Manufacturing Industry:      Manufacturing NAICS Code:    N/A Data Type:     ALL EMPLOYEES, THOUSANDS Year,Annual, 1939,9450 1940,10099 1941,12121 1942,14030 1943,16153 1944,15903 1945,14255 1946,13513 1947,14287 1948,14324 1949,13281 1950,14013 1951,15070 1952,15291 1953,16131 1954,15002 1955,15524 1956,15858 1957,15798 1958,14656 1959,15325 1960,15438 1961,15011 1962,15498 1963,15631 1964,15888 1965,16617 1966,17680 1967,17897 1968,18211 1969,18573 1970,17848 1971,17174 1972,17669 1973,18589 1974,18514 1975,16909 1976,17531 1977,18167 1978,18932 1979,19426 1980,18733 1981,18634 1982,17363 1983,17048 1984,17920 1985,17819 1986,17552 1987,17609 1988,17906 1989,17985 1990,17695 1991,17068 1992,16799 1993,16774 1994,17020 1995,17241 1996,17237 1997,17419 1998,17560 1999,17322 2000,17263 2001,16441 2002,15259 2003,14510 2004,14315 2005,14226 2006,14155 2007,13879 2008,13431 Month and Annual average
2009,12519,12343,12196,12055,11940,11918,11849,11873,11842,11778(P),11737(P), ,

Pat Buchanan

Between one-fourth and one-third of all U.S. manufacturing jobs have disappeared in 10 years, the fruits of a free-trade ideology that has proven anything but free for this country. Our future is being outsourced—to China.

What happens to mechanical engineering as a profession and career?

Engineering jobs

Pat Buchanan, “The metrics of national decline.”

With China exporting five times the dollar volume in goods to us as she imports from us, Beijing’s trade surplus with the United States set yet another world record: $266 billion.

In those critical items the Commerce Department defines as advanced technology products (ATP), our trade deficit with China in 2008 reached an astonishing $72 billion. Since Bush took office, our total trade deficit with China in ATP exceeds $300 billion. Which of us, China or America, has the trade profile of a mature industrial and technological power?


Shieldline added to blogroll

December 30, 2009

Shieldline is a patriotric Irish blog.  A great defender of the West.  Well worth taking the time to pick up a pint of courage when you are feeling down about what is happening to our people.

Obama Diversity is the mission

December 30, 2009

Obama the system failed news conference.

Obama: The system failed.

Libby the Reporter:  But isn’t diversity the system?

Obama: Of course.

Libby: How can diversity fail?   Except from white people I mean.

Obama: Because the plot failed, we have all this evidence of what happened.   Also this Dutch guy became a hero.

Libby: Dutch white guy you mean.

Obama: Exactly.

Libby:  After Fort Hood, General Casey said Diversity was the Mission.   How can that not be the case here?

Obama:  Diversity is always the mission.  We start with that.

Libby:  So diversity failed because the bomb didn’t go off?

Obama:  Its amazing how stupid our people can be at times.  They really shoot themselves in the foot.

Libby: While trying to blow up the plane.

Obama:  Then some white guy gets to play hero.   Which is such an embarrassment to me.

Libby: Do you take it personally, this Dutch white guy saving the day.

Obama: I am so offended.  He was so acting stupidly.

Libby: It was the Nigerian’s own plane.  Especially flying into Detroit which is clearly one of your cities.

Obama:   They are all my cities.

Libby: Diversity rules everywhere.

Obama:  So it is written.  So it shall be done.

A Nation of Bystanders

December 29, 2009

Pat Buchanan on the decade of discontent (the first decade of our century of discontent.)

Hunter Wallace aka Prozium on the going backward decade:

Paul Krugman who advocates everything that causes our decline, third world immigration, foreign students, know-how transfer, disloyalty to whites, amnesty, free trade, and bailouts.  “The Big Zero”.  Krugman projecting again.

Some of the data of our discontent and demise is linked to from the following article

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. See graph page 19:

Women’s wages increased relative to men’s from 1960 to 1990 but then slowed in convergence. That was when Bush Sr put legal immigration up to 1 million per year which also increased illegal plus births from 1965 immigration were now a factor so that women’s progress in wage parity stopped. The line slows down quite abruptly around 1990.

Productivity per hour doubled over the period 1973 to 2007 roughly.


Series Id: PRS84006093
Duration: index, 1992 = 100
Measure: Output Per Hour
Sector: Business

Series Id,Year,Period,Value,




Search on PRS84006093 to get to BLS source. Can work through following menu system at BLS

re Guy White Black-Jewish Relations post-1968

December 27, 2009

“Dell” argued in his comments that Jews are responsible for affirmative action. In fact, affirmative action has been the reason for the Jewish-Black split. Without a doubt, black power was promoted by Jews prior to the late 1960s. Similarly without a doubt, the Jewish-Black relations (which exception of some radical liberals who never see blacks) has been extremely hostile.

Approximately 80 percent of Jewish people voted for Obama.

Obama is affirmative action personified.  His administration is pushing it.  Nation of Cowards Eric Holder personified it as Deputy Attorney General under Clinton and now as Attorney General.  Staffing choices such as US Attorney for Manhattan show that.

Preet Bharara

United States Attorney – Southern District of New York

Jews helped fund the defeat of Southern White Virgil Goode because he said stop Muslim immigration.

By almost 80 percent of Jews voting for Obama and giving to Democrats a lot of money, this proves Jews support affirmative action in fact.  Obama is the affirmative action president.  He is pushing affirmative action through the system, government and private.  He is staffing the institutions with these people and they are pushing it.  Obama and his wife are all the affirmative action elite.   Jews voted for it, paid for it, and staffed and managed his campaign and his White House and key positions.

This supports the Slicer Coalition hypothesis that Jews run the slicer coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.  They slice out non-Jewish whites from major universities and every elite higher from those universities.

Non-Jewish whites are approximately 20 percent at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and Berkeley undergrad programs.  This slices them out of the fast track jobs at elite institutions, public and private.  The ones hiring are the non-whites going through those institutions.  They get the power slots in government, academia and industry.  They hire South Asians and East Asians, Jews, Muslims, etc.  They don’t hire non-Jewish whites.  They are being dispossessed by the Slicer Coalition. That Coalition is led by Jews and funded by Jews.

===Following from

White minority at HarvardWhite minority at Harvard

(Note White minority at Harvard is not in the original but was entered as alternative to image in the form for inserting an image.)

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.

30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.


Ethnic Diversity
African American 10.5%
Asian American 19.8%
International 7.2%
Mexican American 7.9%
Native American 3.2%
Native Hawaiian 0.8%
Other Hispanic 6.7%
White 31.5%
Other 3.1%
Declined to State 9.5%

Subtract out 20 percent Jewish from White 31.5 and you get non Jewish white 11.5.  The 20 percent Jewish at Stanford is not in the following list but is a reasonable estimate.  The result is the same whatever number within reason is used as a plug.

Whites at Berkeley are 31 percent.  That includes Jews.  Take out 20 percent and you are down to 11 percent like Stanford.  This is a university founded and made great by non Jewish whites from nothing.

70% have at least one parent born outside the U.S. (2008)

Living alumni: 431,500 (August 2009)


Counts for the Fall 2003 entering class shown in the graph above:

Total 24,636

African American / Black 841 3%
American Indian / Alaskan Native 126 1%
Asian / Pacific Islander 10,272 42%

Hispanic 2,839 12%

White 7,755 31% •

Race/Ethnicity Unknown 2,017 8%

Total Citizens and Immigrants 23,850 97%

International 786 3%


Ethnic minorities constitute over one half of the undergraduate student population. As of Fall 2006, the UCLA undergraduate student body, excluding transfer students, was 44% Asian American, 31% White, 13% Chicano/Latino, 2% African American, less than 1% Native American, 3% International, and 7% Other/Unknown.


The Slicer Coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews is eliminating whites from the universities whites founded.  Note the 31 percent number for whites.  It was 31.5 percent white at Stanford and 31 percent white at Berkeley.  That is before subtracting out Jews.  Once that is done one is down to under 20 percent whites, likely 10 percent whites.  Harvard was 48 percent white gross minus 31 percent Jewish for 17 percent white net.

The Slicer Coalition is blacks and Hispanics taking off the bottom and Jews and Asians off the top.  Jews are left in control by verbal dominance and their networking skills and group cohesion.  They bully the others and thus control the coalition.  Thus Jews have replaced whites at the elite schools in terms of control.  They erase the national pattern of whites and replace it with that of their own.  The removal of the cross in the Mojave desert, now on the way out of California for whites, symbolizes this complete erasing of the national pattern of whites.

This is why we have the right to separation from blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews. They are erasing our national pattern. That is generalized genocide.  That is followed by imposing their pattern.  That is followed by their replacing our genes by their own coalition.  That is guaranteed by new immigration according to the Wright Island Model and the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem.

Discussion in above paragraphs is taken from:


Jews are practicing generalized genocide on whites by erasing their national pattern.  Affirmative Action is part of that.  Norbert Schlei a Jew wrote it.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Debate thread on Slicer Coalition


==Slicer Coalition is Generalized Genocide

Subtitle: Cut off the genetic head and the white ethnic stock is dead.

This is part of Lemkin’s Generalized Genocide.

“Genocide has two phases: one, destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group;”

Removal of the native stock from its dominant position at the universities it founded and created out of nothing is a critical part of Generalized Genocide.  It removes leadership.  It puts the non-native group on the fast track into government and industry where they hired their own from below top schools.  Rest of Lemkin quote just above.

the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor. This imposition, in turn, may be made upon the oppressed population which is allowed to remain or upon the territory alone, after removal of the population and the colonization by the oppressor’s own nationals.”


The Slicer Coalition is alive and working.  Its led and funded by Jews.  A Jew wrote the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Its upheld and defended by Jewish justices like Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I Am a Product of Affirmative Action

Jul 8, 2009 Emily Bazelon has an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Tuesday’s New York Times, in which she talks with the judge about both Sonia…/ruthbaderginsburg-i-am-a-product-of-affirmativeaction/ –


The data at the universities shows what is happening.  The use of affirmative action by the Slicer Coalition to remove whites from top jobs in academia, business and government is the dispossession of whites from their land.  Those institutions then support ethnic replacement immigration.   This is math.  Why aren’t these supposedly smarter Jews and Asians pointing out the Wright Island Model says non-white immigration is genocide of whites?  Why aren’t they pointing out its already happening at top universities?

Substitute “jewish” for “islamic” and you get… Choosing the chosen people – The Daily Princetonian – a student body that’s 13% jewish isn’t good enough, it should be 25% jewish like Harvard, Brown, Columbia and Penn. Commenters clash.

The same math is at Princeton, just not as severe as elsewhere.  Jews are leading the Slicer Coalition before us on the Internet at Princeton.

Posted by
Old Atlantic

Princeton stats by ethnicity here, page 3 of pdf:…

Whites are already under 50 percent at Princeton as undergrads. Subtract out the 13 percent Jewish and non-Jewish whites are under 37 percent.

At Harvard, non Jewish whites are about 18 percent compared to Jews of about 30 percent. At Stanford, non-Jewish whites are under 20 percent. Similar numbers at UCLA and Berkeley. The data are below. For Jewish percentages you can find Jewish groups with estimates.

Harvard stats:…………

But his most frank comments came when asked by moderator Charles Ogletree how he came to reach his decision in last year’s Grutter v. Bollinger case that upheld the right of Michigan’s law school to consider race in its admissions decisions.

“I think it’s the most important case that I’ve participated in since I was appointed to the Supreme Court,” Breyer told a crowd of about 400 people gathered in Memorial Auditorium Saturday morning. “A lot turned on that case, and I don’t think it was an easy case.”

Breyer said the case centered on the court’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause and also, to a lesser degree, the notion that an entity like Michigan’s law school has a right to determine its own policies. Breyer said he believed that the school’s affirmative action policies were sound efforts to level the playing field for disadvantaged minorities — “not to say that the law will protect you any less, but to give you the opportunities that everybody else has so that you can be treated equally.”

As the above stats show, non-Jewish whites are down to 20 percent at Harvard where Breyer taught.  Whites are being locked out of being involved in decisions involving affirmative action by the Slicer Coalition run by Jews.  Jews want that and are the leaders of it.  They are benefiting.  They get to control Harvard and the Federal Reserve by squeezing whites out of elite academic institutions.

Whites can’t get that Harvard or Princeton degree and become head of the Fed or write the decisions on the Supreme Court that dispossess whites.  Protestant whites are almost banished from the court.  That happened by the Slicer Coalition.  It was intended.  That Court is genociding whites as the theorem and the statistics and the Lemkin definition show.  They are not struggling with anything but the elimination of the residual of whites who once owned this country.

Saying Jews don’t support affirmative action is part of the art of the Big Schlei.

Schlei was the principal draftsman of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 (corrected).

“I felt I was lucky,” Schlei told the New York Times in 1995, “because I was able to turn what ability I had to something important.”

As Assistant Attorney-General Schlei persuaded Congress to accept changes in American immigration law that have transformed the population; as many as 23 million immigrants are said to have been admitted as a result of the changes.

In 1995 Schlei’s career received a devastating blow when he was tried and convicted of conspiracy and securities fraud …


Jewish support for Asian immigration undermines claims they are against affirmative action.  Jews are for Asian immigration to take away slots from whites at elite institutions.

Jews are for the entire bundle of affirmative action combined with Asian immigration to take slots from the top from whites and other non-whites to take slots from the bottom from whites under affirmative action.  This entire bundle of affirmative action and the various types of non-white immigration result in whites being sliced down to 20 percent at UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard.  Jews are for all of that.

Jews are trying to reduce whites to a minority at elite institutions and they have succeeded.  This shows they don’t consider themselves white.  They don’t identify with whites but instead identify with the cause of the dispossession of whites as the oppressor of whites.

Jews see themselves replacing whites at the top.  They see this as their chance.  They see removing whites from even deciding affirmative action cases at the Supreme Court or even analyzing them at elite law institutions.   They see this set of related methods as a way to decapitate whites.

Whites are removed from all elite institutions as any effective group and the remainder of white proles die in the fields and factories, where they are replaced by non-whites of Jewish choosing.  There is no place left for whites in this plan.  Jews support the whole bundle as shown by their 80 percent support of Obama.  This is their plan.  Obama is the perfect person to implement their plan.  They staffed his campaign and his White House.  This is their operation and their man.

Stop Muslim immigration and travel Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab

December 27, 2009

The case of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab shows we should ban Muslim immigration and travel. Resolved:

  1. Whereas after the WTC 1993 attack the US knew of Muslim terrorist attack risk on its own soil and was unable to prevent its repetition,
  2. Whereas after massive budgetary increases in security, Muslim terrorists still can bring explosives on planes
  3. Whereas after symbolically ineffectual acts such as searching Vice President Gore after 9/11,
  4. Whereas after discrimination against non-Muslims in invasive searches,
  5. Whereas the disruption of the lives of non-Muslims including death,
  6. Whereas immigration causes genocide as a mathematical theorem,
  7. Whereas it depresses wages and creates job insecurity,
  8. Whereas men’s median wages are the same as in 1973,
  9. Whereas women’s median wages are the same as men’s were in 1963,
  10. Whereas labor force participation rates for men are far below where they were before 1950,

Be it resolved that

  1. Immigration from the 3rd world is banned.
  2. Student visas from the 3rd world are banned.
  3. Travel from the 3rd world except by vetted business people is banned.

Third World is defined as

  1. Not in NATO or the European Union
  2. Not Australia or New Zealand
  3. Not Japan.


  1. Persons of European descent living in the 3rd world desiring safety.
  2. Foreign diplomats.
  3. Persons on travel business of the US government.

Third Country Restriction

Travel or residence in NATO or EU or Australia or New Zealand by persons originally from the third world will not altar the prohibitions on their travel to the US.

Obama DHS pushes PC line on suspect not enough data

December 26, 2009

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab added November 2009, on Obama Napolitano’s watch.  They are watching the whites be dispossessed by the non-whites.  That is the Obama life.  That is the Obama policy.  That is the Trotsky race war on whites.

Janet Napolitano is taking the long walk through the institutions for Barack Hussein Obama II, the One.  The Obama way is let them in because the whole point is to dispossess white people of their lands and their education, employment and their ability to live without fear of non-whites.

What will come out of this is just another twist in the war on whites.

Shrapnel at Raw Story

Old Atlantic you are such a racist, ill-informed thug. Were it not for you, Raw Story would be a place for like-minded people to share their disappointment with the feeble attempts of the propaganda merchants to misinform the public. Your presence makes the whole process so much more entertaining. Thank you for being such a stereotypical rethuglican asshole.

++++My Reply not yet posted at Raw Story

Merry Christmas to you too.  They let a Nigerian through without searching the same way as they let Atta through when they thought he looked like a terrorist.
TOUHEY: They had a tie and jacket on. All right? And as I’m looking at them, you know, they’re holding their IDs up, and I’m looking at them. It’s not nice, but I said, “Jeez, if this doesn’t look like two Arab terrorists, I’ve never seen two Arab terrorists.”

GRIFFIN (on camera): That was your…

TOUHEY: Thought.

GRIFFIN: … first reaction?

TOUHEY: That was my thought as I’m looking at them. I’m looking at their licenses, and I’m looking — and that thought ran through my mind.

GRIFFIN: Where did that thought go?

TOUHEY: I don’t know. Immediately, I felt guilty about thinking something like that. I just said, “This is awful.” How — you know, I’ve checked in thousands of Arabic people over the years. You know, doing the same job. Businessmen. I said, “These are just a couple of Arab business guys.”


The Left uses “racism” to program whites to destroy their own.  Trotsky invented the words racism and racist.  He is still killing us with them.

Whites who follow the anti-racist line are doing what is happening to us as well as the non-whites. This is real. They are dispossessing us. People are not getting educated. They are losing their chances at good jobs. This is especially true in government which has the last stable career jobs along with the universities doing this to us.

Americas past was not whites oppressing others uniformly

December 26, 2009

There is a fallacy about America’s past that whites oppressed blacks and other races on a uniform basis up to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  This is false.

Prior to 1964:

  1. Black crime rose in effect instantly after the Civil War, both North and South.
  2. Blacks ethnically cleansed whites out of choice areas in white cities especially in the North shortly after the Civil War.
  3. Black ethnic cleansing of whites has never stopped.
  4. Affirmative Action is a continuation of the same ethnic cleansing.
  5. Many of the finest homes on the South Side of Chicago went from white to black long before 1964.
  6. The same pattern is repeated in most Northern cities.
  7. The whites who fought the Civil War saw sections of their own cities with some of the finest homes ethnically cleansed by blacks.
  8. Whites lost their cities and culture of cities.
  9. This disrupts the ability of whites to marry and form households at earlier ages.
  10. The entire life cycle of a white household is damaged by the ethnic cleansing war waged by blacks on whites from the Civil War on.
  11. This itself constitutes a form of generalized genocide.
  12. This is continued by the ethnic cleansing of whites from colleges.
  13. Racial integration of schools is a continuation of this.
  14. So are other forms of racial integration.
  15. So is 3rd world immigration.
  16. Other key groups, Jews in particular have formed an alliance with blacks as part of this process.
  17. Indians and Chinese form two ethno groups now pursuing this.
  18. Hispanics are part of the same.
  19. Whites are being subjected to generalized genocide and narrow genocide by a coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Jews.
  20. This is the continuation of the ethnic cleansing of whites by blacks that started as soon as the Civil War ended.
  21. There is no era of whites oppressing blacks after the Civil War.  Instead there is an attempt to stem the black assault on whites.
  22. The black attack on whites is systematic and is genetic.
  23. Blacks always act to harm white interests and to destroy white civilization.
  24. There is no peace with this.  There never was and never can be.
  25. Obama has staffed his administration with those practicing this war on whites.

The above was sparked by the discussion by Chris Roach and the excellent thread at his site

and Hunter Wallace aka Prozium

Get a real estate search engine like Zillow or Trulia and scan the old nice homes in Northern cities.  You will find they are black to a large extent.   These were white homes taken by blacks typically long before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, when whites were supposedly oppressing blacks.  Look at the South Side of Chicago. Use Zipskinny or Wikipedia to check demographics.

Look at Hartford CT, York PA, Harrisburg and other mid sized towns in PA.  Look at Columbus Ohio.

There has been no period of whites oppressing blacks prior to 1964.  That was an attempt to slow down the assault of blacks that started instantly after the Civil War to take over white homes, businesses, and institutions and make them serve black ends and to dispossess whites from this country.   This is not something that started in 1965.  This started in 1865.  Its never stopped.  Whites are not fighting a recent war against them, but a long war of many defeats starting not in the last century but the one before that.

Non-white elites are not on our side, they are part of this war of dispossession of whites.  Whites do not have time.  Whites can not fade away and be ignored.  Its the ideology of the other groups to dispossess us in the government, universities, money central banks, etc.

Banking is not by states, its centered in New York with the fed acting in the interest of those money center banks which are engines of white dispossession and generalized and narrow genocide.

Note the Indian subcontinent has been engaged in the same race war on whites from at least the 19th century as well.  They are colonizers and ethnic adversaries not allies.

Search on word women in above.  White women and children were targeted and killed.  This was ethno war.

Whites were being ethnically cleansed by blacks from 1865 on.  The attempts at segregation were not oppressing blacks but an attempt to limit some sections of towns safe for whites and to limit the march through the institutions of blacks hostile to whites.  We are seeing now what removing these limits has done, it has allowed a hostile march through all our institutions, public and private.

There is no being left alone now anymore than in 1865 or 1857 in India.  There is no way to be left alone except to have a nation of our own.  One that is segregated.  One that sends non-whites back to their own continents.  They already have the largest continents.  They don’t need our lands.  They simply want to take them from us everywhere.

America’s past was not our oppressing blacks uniformly and then making the mistake of stopping in 1964.  America’s past is an unrelenting race war on whites from start to finish.  Whites have to wake up that this is the only way non-whites relate to whites.  Non-whites can’t let whites live in peace anywhere.  Peace for whites comes by active work by whites who are in firm control of their own lands and all the institutions, public and private, of their own lands.

Peace doesn’t just happen.  Peace has to be won by constant struggle.  There is a race war against whites that is world wide.

Its the ideology of the Left that identifies whites with the established order and identifies the established order as evil.   Leftists are abolishing the white race to eliminate the order that whites were able to achieve.  This is not going back to California in the 1950’s.  Its about going back to every act of ethnic cleansing by non-whites before 1964 and repeating them over and over until whites are finished.

Obama: Steal all you can from Wall Street to Martin Luther King Blvd

December 26, 2009

Obama address.

Obama:  I say to my people, go and steal.  If you steal in my name and my time, then you are one of my people.  You can be a rich Jew on Wall Street, who gave to my campaign, or a poor black or Hispanic shaking money down on the street from whites.  You are all my people when you steal in my name.

  1. Blessed is the affirmative action bureaucrat who staffs his office with people of color who are lazy and favor people of color in their official acts.
  2. Blessed is the Wall Street fat cat who takes bailout bonuses without shame.
  3. Blessed is the first Mayor of Color who corrupts what was once a white bread city.
  4. Blessed is he who breaks the color barrier and becomes a river to his people.

Barack’s Rules of Taking.

  1. Take early and often.
  2. Don’t have shame.
  3. Don’t think any amount is too much.
  4. Dare to steal it all.
  5. Dare to steal more than is there.
  6. Leave a debt bomb for the white people.
  7. Remember that white people who are above taking for themselves will be left holding the bag.  So take more.
  8. Look the other way if you are a prosecutor and you will be richly rewarded in retirement by a grateful business community.
  9. Protect the person of color who takes and take along with them.
  10. There is safety in numbers in taking, whether from the government, employees, or customers.
  11. When you take without shame then you are one of my people.
  12. This country was made by white people to be taken down by people of color.
  13. The handwriting is on the wall for America from non-white immigration.  So take what you can while the white goose is left.
  14. FNMA and FHLMC are rivers for the taking.   Get a home and steal the mortgage.  Use that for some corrupt scheme involving government and people of color.
  15. The white man showed ingenuity in building America up, let you show it in taking it down.
  16. There are more Geithners, Bernankes, Summers, Paulsons, being bred in the decay of America and by its degenerate colleges, law and business schools.
  17. The Fall of America is the greatest opportunity to steal since the Fall of Man.
  18. If the law do lack a way, find one.
  19. If you want it, its yours.
  20. What is denied to you is done so out of racism.  It is thus a double theft for you not to have it.
  21. When you liberate white America’s property, the taking is twice blessed.
  22. When you contribute to the fall of trust by your theft you kick America twice.
  23. Kick in the face of America by doing it in with bailouts, handouts, and reform outs.
  24. White America is on the ground, kick it and pick it.
  25. When you steal in white America’s institutions, you have double enjoyment.
  26. Affirmative Action was the Great Bank Robbery.
  27. Steal from the inside.
  28. Corrupt from the inside.
  29. Let your prejudices run over from the inside.
  30. Don’t stop taking, hitting and mangling.
  31. Never let America get up from where it is now.
  32. Finish it off.
  33. One more year of legal immigration, one more amnesty, one more affirmative action hiring season, and the job is done.
  34. Every harm done to America counts.
  35. Every kick leaves a scar.

War on Christmas Nigerian Style

December 25, 2009

Multicultural Diversity Enrichment on Board.  How did they let a Nigerian take fireworks/explosives on board?  Why wasn’t he checked?  Why do we allow them in the country at all?,2933,581153,00.html

Support Vdare they have a fundraiser.

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