Gingrich Romney host jobs summit for India and China

December 3, 2009

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney host jobs summit for India and China

G: Americans are stupid.

R:I agree.

G: The letters they write asking you to stop immigration as an elected official.  They just don’t get it.

R:  They think employers owe them a job because they are American. And benefits.  Like they built this country.   I never hired ones with that attitude.    Who do they think they are?

G:  They are lazy.

R:  They deserve to lose their jobs.

G: And their country.

R: And just die.

G: It shows how little they deserve our aid.

R: They owe us loyalty for pointing out they must die.

G: Exactly.

R: Its worth millions.

G: And the presidency.

R: To tell it to their children from the Oval office.

G: If they have any.

R: Its white nationalism to have white children.

G: Which is why we prevent it by giving their jobs to

R: India and China.

G: Then they still vote for us.

R: And buy the goods they once made here from our factories in China and India.

G: Or made by our people from India and China working here.

R: In towns that were once theirs, but which we gave to people of our choice.

G: Living in houses they once owned.

R: Dominating universities that were once white.

G: They should thank us for our leadership.

R: The most sincerest way they can.

G: By just giving up the ghost.

R: You got it.

Both laugh.

John Boehner has jobs summit to parallel Obama jobs summit at White House.

Comment thread below on this at Numbers USA.

Join up and start free faxing from your computer to Congress for a moratorium on immigration instead of a moratorium on jobs for us.

Vdare funding drive.


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