Climategate email-theftgate Senator Boxer investigates Ma’am-gate next

December 4, 2009

Senator Boxer declared war on generals who say Ma’am to Senators.

Boxer:  Its a conspiracy of the generals to disrespect female senators.  Like I was some sort of twit who can’t understand he-man military things.  I took down that general to his face. Who is the real he man now?

As she told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee yesterday: “You call it Climategate; I call it E-mail-theft-gate.”

Damian Thompson


enasharples on Dec 3rd, 2009 at 6:47 am

“Could you say ’senator’ instead of ‘ma’am? It’s just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I’d appreciate it.” GD

Yeah, she said that talking to a general. Like he hadn’t worked hard to get where he was.What a tw*t.

Boxer: I want that general prosecuted for calling me ma’am.  This is ma’am-gate, the process by which all men demean all women by calling them ma’am.  I am not going to take this abuse.   Their boxer shorts will be twisted before I am finished I can assure you of that.

Comment thread

That’s The Way It Is – December 4th, 2009 at 12:32 am

As stupid as she is, she’ll get re-elected. Tells you something about her constituency.

Boxer: Another thing.  This is not bullying.  Don’t say I’m bullying.  I can have people prosecuted when I want.  That’s called legislating morality.  Its what I do.

Boxer: You are the twits, you people.

Boxer: You know how I got elected?  I went around California telling people I was for them.   I was elected from California in 1992.  See how much better it is now?  After 18 years of me.

Boxer: They invent snide terms, Boxergate, Babsgate.  I know.  You little men plotting against me.  Saying snide things. Well I brought in Mexicans to take your jobs.  And if you do computer work I brought in Asians.  Berkeley has what, maybe 30 percent whites and half of those Jewish.  Who is laughing now.  I did that to you.

Boxer: You think I am going to take being Ma’amed by some general goy?  He isn’t Ma’am-ing me.  I want an investigation.  They haven’t seen the last of me.  There is no climategate just email-theft-gate.  How dare they take those emails?  Who do you think you are?  I am Babs the Magnificent.  Look on my beauty and abase yourself before me.  Kneel down or I will replace you with an Hispanic or Asian on the spot.  I did this to you.  I am the one.

Senator Boxer: I took your jobs.  I gave them to whom I chose.  I gave mortgages to my new people and then had the Fed take care of them.  I had the Fed take care of my people with the bailout.  Don’t Ma’am me.  I won’t take that.  I worked hard.


Ethnic Diversity
African American 10.5%
Asian American 19.8%
International 7.2%
Mexican American 7.9%
Native American 3.2%
Native Hawaiian 0.8%
Other Hispanic 6.7%
White 31.5%
Other 3.1%
Declined to State 9.5%

Subtract out 20 percent Jewish from White 31.5 and you get non Jewish white 11.5.  The 20 percent Jewish at Stanford is not in the following list but is a reasonable estimate.  The result is the same whatever number within reason is used as a plug.

Whites at Berkeley are 31 percent.  That includes Jews.  Take out 20 percent and you are down to 11 percent like Stanford.  This is a university founded and made great by non Jewish whites from nothing.

70% have at least one parent born outside the U.S. (2008)

Living alumni: 431,500 (August 2009)


Counts for the Fall 2003 entering class shown in the graph above:

Total 24,636

African American / Black 841 3%
American Indian / Alaskan Native 126 1%
Asian / Pacific Islander 10,272 42%

Hispanic 2,839 12%

White 7,755 31% •

Race/Ethnicity Unknown 2,017 8%

Total Citizens and Immigrants 23,850 97%

International 786 3%


Ethnic minorities constitute over one half of the undergraduate student population. As of Fall 2006, the UCLA undergraduate student body, excluding transfer students, was 44% Asian American, 31% White, 13% Chicano/Latino, 2% African American, less than 1% Native American, 3% International, and 7% Other/Unknown.


How about Boxer’s tenure is called genocidegate?

Vdare has a fund raising drive.  They are pushing an immigration moratorium during this jobs depression.  But Boxer pushes the jobs moratorium for white men and a moratorium on white men at Berkeley, UCLA and Stanford.

Nearly doubled H-1B foreign high-tech workers in 1998
Sen. Boxer helped the Senate pass S.1723 in a 78-20 vote. Enacted into law, it increased by nearly 150,000 the number of foreign workers high-tech American companies could hire over the next three years. Although the foreign workers receive temporary visas for up to six years, most historically have found ways to stay permanently in this country. Sen. Boxer voted for more foreign workers even though U.S. high tech workers over the age of 50 were suffering 17% unemployment and U.S. firms were laying off thousands of workers at the time.

Boxer H-1B-gate.

Career Recent
Sen. Boxer has earned an overall career immigration voting grade of D+
View History
Sen. Boxer has earned a recent immigration voting grade of D
2006 – 2009
Grades Updated: December 03, 2009

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