Obama Gore Summit we don’t need birth certificate or raw data

December 7, 2009

Gore: You don’t need a doctor signed hospital issued birth certificate to be president.

Obama:  And you don’t need raw climate data to be the Goracle and win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gore:  It came to me early on.

Obama: When you were inventing the Internet?

Gore: Even before then.

Obama: I had my vision early as well.

Gore: You saw yourself as President that early?

Obama:  Or as the Caliph.

Gore: I thought you were not a Muslim?

Obama:  I mean in imagination I saw that.

Gore: Oh.  By the way, do you have a birth certificate, a doctor signed one?

Obama:  You can be assured that I am a natural born leader of my people.

Gore: But of course, I do have one.  You want to see it?

Obama: No it is not needed.

Gore:   Naturally.

Obama: We transcend these mundane requirements.

Gore:  Yeah.

Obama: So you will be a billionaire under cap and trade, as long as climategate does not defeat it?

Gore:  That’s the picture.  Enjoying the White House?

Obama: It has its secrets.

Gore: I know.

Both together:  We are the ones we have been waiting for.


2 Responses to “Obama Gore Summit we don’t need birth certificate or raw data”

  1. The Admiral Says:

    Well done. This one made me laugh out loud. You have real creative talent for humour and satire. Your posts are almost like an art form.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Thanks Admiral I appreciate it.

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