Robert Kuttner lies for Left on Bill Moyers Journal

December 18, 2009

Robert Kuttner was on Bill Moyers Journal with Matt Taibbi.

Taibbi told truth that all Democrats are in bed with Wall Street and Kuttner did the bullying routine and cut him off and said it was only a tiny minority of Democrats.   This was on the financial reform.  It was Barney Frank who watered it down.  The Dems voted for it.

Kuttner spread the lie that Democrats are so angry about this.  Its faux anger.  They are taking the money.  Their anger is a facade.

Kuttner said there is no social movement for financial reform.  Actually, there is, its the Tea Baggers.  They opposed the bailout.

Kuttner said that we don’t want popular movements on the right.  This was the implication that they are Nazi.  Kuttner basically implied Tea Baggers are Nazi.

Kuttner is an extreme Left Wing Jewish economist.  He was showing his prejudices against non-Jewish whites, i.e. that they are Nazis unless under direct Jewish control in an approved social movement, i.e. one to race replace whites with non-whites chosen by Jews.

Kuttner is a smooth polished despicable bullier and liar.  He hates the whites in the Tea Bag movement at a genetic level.  He likely hates Sarah Palin the same way.

Its really Jewish money that controls the Democratic party, not just corporate money.  That was what Kuttner was bullying Taibbi to stop.  Taibbi covered the oligarchs in Russia. He has seen this before.

Kuttner is a super liar and apologist for Jewish money and power and influence.  He bullied.  He lied.   He labeled the Tea Baggers as racist Nazi KKK in effect if not in word.  His phrases to do this were down pat.  We know where that will lead to describe populist movements on the right.

Over and over he said there was no social movement, despite the Tea Baggers being it.  The House Republicans did oppose the bailout.  The new bill has a permanent bailout in it.  Its a Geithner Summers Bernanke permanent bailout forever.  Kuttner was just covering up for his ethno-centric interests.


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