Saab killed by the culture of globalism

December 19, 2009

A Lament for Saab, Quirky but Loved
Published: December 18, 2009
The cars had odd touches. Swedish engineers assumed drivers would be wearing gloves, so they designed big buttons for the dashboard, Mr. Pinelli said.  Though the cars were compact, with long hoods and short rear ends, there was plenty of headroom inside.

Rather than preserve its Swedish underpinnings, however, G.M. made Saab part of a strategy to share engineering with the rest of its operations.

It expanded the lineup, building Saabs from the same platforms as Opels, Chevrolets and Buicks, and it even enlisted Subaru of Japan to produce some cars.

Globalism, Diversity and Multiculturalism are the culture of death.  They are destroying the culture of the White West.  They don’t value it and so they destroy it.  Sometimes by intent, sometimes thoughtlessly.  The idiot advocates of it are sometimes surprised by the outcomes but typically just accept it as “the price of change”.


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