The New Gathering of the Forces of Totalitarianism

December 22, 2009

Our age is witnessing a new gathering of the world wide forces of totalitarianism.  This is one of the cycles of history.  Prior gatherings.  The following list is not meant to be perfect just rough notes.

  1. The Persian Empire.   This then sparked the Macedonian Empire.  Ending the Greek city state era of freedom.
  2. Roman Empire.  Ending city state freedom more broadly in the Med.
  3. Late Roman Empire.  A time of extreme totalitarianism in every aspect of life.
  4. Islamic Empires.
  5. Mongol Empire.
  6. Hapsburg Empire.
  7. Louis XIV on a relative basis.
  8. French Revolution and Napoleon.
  9. Abolitionists and Lincoln.
  10. Communism and Anarchism in late 19th century onwards.
  11. Soviet Union.
  12. Nazi Germany.
  13. Communist China.
  14. Socialism and Liberalism in the West over the course of the late 19th and 20th century were a hammer against freedom.

We now see all the forces of totalitarianism on the planet are coming together.  They link to and support each other.

  1. Russian oligarchs live openly in the West and are part of the corrupt rule of post Soviet Russia.  Western garchs openly tolerate them here and allow them to be part of the academic, business, and social worlds.
  2. Islam is allowed to reach into every crevice of the West including the military and likely the inside of our intelligence agencies, weapons labs, manufacturing etc.
  3. Manufacturing is transferred to China, a Communist Dictatorship, and Larry Summers smacks down the suggestion by the head of GE to reverse that.
  4. Liberalism turns to a totalitarian level in hate speech prosecutions and the rest.
  5. Affirmative action against whites in every country that whites live in.  There is no rational basis for this.
  6. Turning over financial records, databases, technical know how, etc. to people from China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  7. Making the head of the FBI WMD an Iranian born Muslim after he was head of the Chemistry division at Los Alamos.
  8. Federal contractor laws that require preferential hiring of every non-white category.  These reach into the entire economy by requiring the same of every contractor thereafter in the supply chain.
  9. Teaching hate of whites.
  10. Etc.

Why the concentration against whites?

  1. Whites show the genetic predisposition to independence.
  2. Whites rebel internally and externally against tyranny.
  3. Whites insist on what is right.
  4. Whites put the truth first.
  5. Etc.
  6. Whites were the ones who stopped the Totalitarian Forces in the past.

These make whites the enemy of totalitarianism.  To make the world safe for Totalitarianism, whites must be eliminated.  In particular, whites can’t have their own independent lands.

Totalitarianism and freedom have been cyclical in the West.  The Greeks already pointed out this ancient cycle.  What the totalitarians have learned from science is that whites are the enemy of totalitarianism on a genetic level.  So whites and the white race must die.

Every time that Totalitarianism seems unstoppable it was beaten by whites.  Totalitarianism has learned this lesson.  Now its motto is get rid of whites first.    That is why it goes after them with all its laws and efforts.  Its why it puts non-whites into every leadership role possible.  Non-whites are the carriers of totalitarianism since they don’t know any better in their genes.  Whereas whites do.

The idea for this piece occurred to me this morning including the title but I didn’t post it until noticing the following by Lawrence Auster.

“We are seeing liberalism morph into totalitarianism”


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