Nation of Cowards Blog Christmas Eve

December 24, 2009

Nation of Cowards blog has a good Christmas Eve post, although short.

First is a painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware with the title, “America We Will Kill you in your sleep On Christmas”.  (The first time I wrote this, I actually wrote, “America We Will Keep you in your sleep On Christmas”.   Interesting change.  This was totally unconscious.  Let’s take it as a sign.  But not that we will keep America in its sleep, but keep America while it sleeps.)   Is America the actor?  Or the recipient?  Is it already dead as some on the Left hope?

Below at NOC is a link to the Linus Meaning of Christmas monologue from Charlie Brown Christmas.

Originally Aired in 1965.  Charles Schultz was a German Norwegian American from Minnesota.   The values are all about that wonderful charming time and people.  All of us who lived in that era can hear it again in these words.

Is what is past prologue?  Or is what is past the passing of the white race?  The youth of Peanuts in that pre 1965 Immigration Act America is gone forever?

The Little Red Haired girl did get away from Charlie Schulz.  But does it matter anymore?  That is something in a land forgotten?  What happened in old White America stays in old White America.  It doesn’t matter now that America is dewhitened.  In search of the exotic, it has found that the true exotic is the Charlie Brown Christmas representing the exotic German Scandinavian Minnesota.  A place exotic in the history of the earth and which is disappearing because its people think that the mundane squalor of Somalia, Ethiopia, Mexico and other dismal places and peoples is what is exotic.

The White Race now in syndication.


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