Susan Estrich War on Christmas War on Whites

December 24, 2009

Patrick Cleburne deconstructs Susan Estrich’s opposition to Christmas very ably.

==Excerpt Patrick Cleburne Vdare

But Estrich goes on to reveal her attitude is not at all derived from objective consideration of that much-misused document, but is a matter of – Revenge.

When I was a little girl, I was told that I couldn’t play Mary in our (public) school play — even though I had the longest hair, which would have guaranteed me the part — because I was Jewish. I went home crying, and my parents pointed out that Mary was Jewish, too.

==end excerpt Vdare

The following cut and paste from the pdf doesn’t go well.  I may try to clean it up later.

All Enrolled Students, by Ethnicity
# % # % # %
Undergraduate Students
Asian/Pacific Islander 3,552 21.7% 3,797 22.9% 3,937 23.5%
Black/African-American, non-Hispanic 913 5.6% 889 5.4% 916 5.5%
Hispanic/Latino/Chicano 2,150 13.1% 2,003 12.1% 2,251 13.4%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 127 0.8% 142 0.9% 148 0.9%
White/Caucasian, non-Hispanic 7,706 47.0% 7,735 46.6% 7,418 44.3%
International Students 1,481 9.0% 1,513 9.1% 1,781 10.6%
Unknown/Other 455 2.8% 529 3.2% 300 1.8%
Total 16,384 100.0% 16,608 100.0% 16,751 100.0%
Graduate Students
Asian/Pacific Islander 3,329 19.6% 3,323 19.4% 3,413 18.9%
Black/African-American, non-Hispanic 712 4.2% 707 4.1% 743 4.1%
Hispanic/Latino/Chicano 1,304 7.7% 1,326 7.7% 1,628 9.0%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 69 0.4% 75 0.4% 78 0.4%
White/Caucasian, non-Hispanic 5,260 30.9% 5,162 30.1% 5,347 29.6%
International Students 4,330 25.4% 4,406 25.7% 4,804 26.6%
Unknown/Other 2,020 11.9% 2,140 12.5% 2,060 11.4%
Total 17,024 100.0% 17,139 100.0% 18,073 100.0%

White are 44.3 undergrads at USC.

Whites are 30 percent grad students at USC.

That is before subtracting out the Jewish component, which can be 10 to 20 percent.

31 Percent “students of color.”

Which may hide many categories?

Estrich is at the most white part of the university.  But she now has joined a law firm, so she spends even less of her time at USC.

With approximately 400 lawyers, the firm is the largest in the country dedicated solely to business litigation,[2] though several larger firms focus on individual (personal injury and shareholder) litigation. The firm has grown from four lawyers to four hundred without any mergers or group acquisitions.[3] The growth has been accomplished via the hiring of top graduates from law schools like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Yale as well as the selective recruitment of partners from other law firms.[4] Thirty-five percent of the firm’s partners are graduates of Harvard, Yale or Stanford.[5]

This is a white island in the sea of non-whites.  But the non-whites are so perfect that they fit in with the white world of this law firm and what prestige law schools used to be.  So a tiny bit of the old white world is preserved in the top law schools and in the top law firms that get the best from them.  And the rest?  Revenge is sweet.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


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