Obama DHS pushes PC line on suspect not enough data

December 26, 2009


Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab added November 2009, on Obama Napolitano’s watch.  They are watching the whites be dispossessed by the non-whites.  That is the Obama life.  That is the Obama policy.  That is the Trotsky race war on whites.

Janet Napolitano is taking the long walk through the institutions for Barack Hussein Obama II, the One.  The Obama way is let them in because the whole point is to dispossess white people of their lands and their education, employment and their ability to live without fear of non-whites.

What will come out of this is just another twist in the war on whites.

Shrapnel at Raw Story

Old Atlantic you are such a racist, ill-informed thug. Were it not for you, Raw Story would be a place for like-minded people to share their disappointment with the feeble attempts of the propaganda merchants to misinform the public. Your presence makes the whole process so much more entertaining. Thank you for being such a stereotypical rethuglican asshole.


++++My Reply not yet posted at Raw Story

Merry Christmas to you too.  They let a Nigerian through without searching the same way as they let Atta through when they thought he looked like a terrorist.
TOUHEY: They had a tie and jacket on. All right? And as I’m looking at them, you know, they’re holding their IDs up, and I’m looking at them. It’s not nice, but I said, “Jeez, if this doesn’t look like two Arab terrorists, I’ve never seen two Arab terrorists.”

GRIFFIN (on camera): That was your…

TOUHEY: Thought.

GRIFFIN: … first reaction?

TOUHEY: That was my thought as I’m looking at them. I’m looking at their licenses, and I’m looking — and that thought ran through my mind.

GRIFFIN: Where did that thought go?

TOUHEY: I don’t know. Immediately, I felt guilty about thinking something like that. I just said, “This is awful.” How — you know, I’ve checked in thousands of Arabic people over the years. You know, doing the same job. Businessmen. I said, “These are just a couple of Arab business guys.”



The Left uses “racism” to program whites to destroy their own.  Trotsky invented the words racism and racist.  He is still killing us with them.

Whites who follow the anti-racist line are doing what is happening to us as well as the non-whites. This is real. They are dispossessing us. People are not getting educated. They are losing their chances at good jobs. This is especially true in government which has the last stable career jobs along with the universities doing this to us.


One Response to “Obama DHS pushes PC line on suspect not enough data”

  1. Sidearm Says:

    Ironic that that bum called you ill informed.
    You back everything up with crunching data

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