Obama: Steal all you can from Wall Street to Martin Luther King Blvd

December 26, 2009

Obama address.

Obama:  I say to my people, go and steal.  If you steal in my name and my time, then you are one of my people.  You can be a rich Jew on Wall Street, who gave to my campaign, or a poor black or Hispanic shaking money down on the street from whites.  You are all my people when you steal in my name.

  1. Blessed is the affirmative action bureaucrat who staffs his office with people of color who are lazy and favor people of color in their official acts.
  2. Blessed is the Wall Street fat cat who takes bailout bonuses without shame.
  3. Blessed is the first Mayor of Color who corrupts what was once a white bread city.
  4. Blessed is he who breaks the color barrier and becomes a river to his people.

Barack’s Rules of Taking.

  1. Take early and often.
  2. Don’t have shame.
  3. Don’t think any amount is too much.
  4. Dare to steal it all.
  5. Dare to steal more than is there.
  6. Leave a debt bomb for the white people.
  7. Remember that white people who are above taking for themselves will be left holding the bag.  So take more.
  8. Look the other way if you are a prosecutor and you will be richly rewarded in retirement by a grateful business community.
  9. Protect the person of color who takes and take along with them.
  10. There is safety in numbers in taking, whether from the government, employees, or customers.
  11. When you take without shame then you are one of my people.
  12. This country was made by white people to be taken down by people of color.
  13. The handwriting is on the wall for America from non-white immigration.  So take what you can while the white goose is left.
  14. FNMA and FHLMC are rivers for the taking.   Get a home and steal the mortgage.  Use that for some corrupt scheme involving government and people of color.
  15. The white man showed ingenuity in building America up, let you show it in taking it down.
  16. There are more Geithners, Bernankes, Summers, Paulsons, being bred in the decay of America and by its degenerate colleges, law and business schools.
  17. The Fall of America is the greatest opportunity to steal since the Fall of Man.
  18. If the law do lack a way, find one.
  19. If you want it, its yours.
  20. What is denied to you is done so out of racism.  It is thus a double theft for you not to have it.
  21. When you liberate white America’s property, the taking is twice blessed.
  22. When you contribute to the fall of trust by your theft you kick America twice.
  23. Kick in the face of America by doing it in with bailouts, handouts, and reform outs.
  24. White America is on the ground, kick it and pick it.
  25. When you steal in white America’s institutions, you have double enjoyment.
  26. Affirmative Action was the Great Bank Robbery.
  27. Steal from the inside.
  28. Corrupt from the inside.
  29. Let your prejudices run over from the inside.
  30. Don’t stop taking, hitting and mangling.
  31. Never let America get up from where it is now.
  32. Finish it off.
  33. One more year of legal immigration, one more amnesty, one more affirmative action hiring season, and the job is done.
  34. Every harm done to America counts.
  35. Every kick leaves a scar.




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