Obama Diversity is the mission

December 30, 2009

Obama the system failed news conference.

Obama: The system failed.

Libby the Reporter:  But isn’t diversity the system?

Obama: Of course.

Libby: How can diversity fail?   Except from white people I mean.

Obama: Because the plot failed, we have all this evidence of what happened.   Also this Dutch guy became a hero.

Libby: Dutch white guy you mean.

Obama: Exactly.

Libby:  After Fort Hood, General Casey said Diversity was the Mission.   How can that not be the case here?

Obama:  Diversity is always the mission.  We start with that.

Libby:  So diversity failed because the bomb didn’t go off?

Obama:  Its amazing how stupid our people can be at times.  They really shoot themselves in the foot.

Libby: While trying to blow up the plane.

Obama:  Then some white guy gets to play hero.   Which is such an embarrassment to me.

Libby: Do you take it personally, this Dutch white guy saving the day.

Obama: I am so offended.  He was so acting stupidly.

Libby: It was the Nigerian’s own plane.  Especially flying into Detroit which is clearly one of your cities.

Obama:   They are all my cities.

Libby: Diversity rules everywhere.

Obama:  So it is written.  So it shall be done.



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