Manufacturing job loss 17262 to 13431 under Bush

December 31, 2009

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Data extracted on: December 31, 2009 (5:47:49 AM)

Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National)

Series Id:     CEU3000000001 Not Seasonally Adjusted Super Sector:  Manufacturing Industry:      Manufacturing NAICS Code:    N/A Data Type:     ALL EMPLOYEES, THOUSANDS Year,Annual, 1939,9450 1940,10099 1941,12121 1942,14030 1943,16153 1944,15903 1945,14255 1946,13513 1947,14287 1948,14324 1949,13281 1950,14013 1951,15070 1952,15291 1953,16131 1954,15002 1955,15524 1956,15858 1957,15798 1958,14656 1959,15325 1960,15438 1961,15011 1962,15498 1963,15631 1964,15888 1965,16617 1966,17680 1967,17897 1968,18211 1969,18573 1970,17848 1971,17174 1972,17669 1973,18589 1974,18514 1975,16909 1976,17531 1977,18167 1978,18932 1979,19426 1980,18733 1981,18634 1982,17363 1983,17048 1984,17920 1985,17819 1986,17552 1987,17609 1988,17906 1989,17985 1990,17695 1991,17068 1992,16799 1993,16774 1994,17020 1995,17241 1996,17237 1997,17419 1998,17560 1999,17322 2000,17263 2001,16441 2002,15259 2003,14510 2004,14315 2005,14226 2006,14155 2007,13879 2008,13431 Month and Annual average
2009,12519,12343,12196,12055,11940,11918,11849,11873,11842,11778(P),11737(P), ,

Pat Buchanan

Between one-fourth and one-third of all U.S. manufacturing jobs have disappeared in 10 years, the fruits of a free-trade ideology that has proven anything but free for this country. Our future is being outsourced—to China.

What happens to mechanical engineering as a profession and career?

Engineering jobs

Pat Buchanan, “The metrics of national decline.”

With China exporting five times the dollar volume in goods to us as she imports from us, Beijing’s trade surplus with the United States set yet another world record: $266 billion.

In those critical items the Commerce Department defines as advanced technology products (ATP), our trade deficit with China in 2008 reached an astonishing $72 billion. Since Bush took office, our total trade deficit with China in ATP exceeds $300 billion. Which of us, China or America, has the trade profile of a mature industrial and technological power?


2 Responses to “Manufacturing job loss 17262 to 13431 under Bush”

  1. miles Says:

    everything done here is done to appease the banksters apparently. wrecking the middle class through outsourcing jobs, insourcing hypercheap sub-market competition just makes people unable to buy much of anything without going into debt, a creditors-dream economy if there ever was one. whats pathetic, as michael bloomberg almost found out in the latest ny mayorial race, is that the newcomers vote. bloomberg, despite spending what-should-be-an illegally-large amount of money to win a mayorial election, almost lost, due to most of the votes being cast by non-whites. ny is getting whiter though (because of the cost of living being higher and higher) and thus the power-elite may save the office in their own back yard by pricing everybody else out of living there, a sort of city-wide gate community replete with a pseudo police state in which almost all civic action is survielled via camera….

    man i’m getting cynical as the years go by.

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