Bush Norman Mineta LIHOP 9/11 Trotsky racism

January 7, 2010

There was a common plan and method by US government before and after 9/11 to limit questioning of Arabs and Muslims at airports.  Together with Bush ignoring warnings before 9/11 and releasing terrorists from Gitmo, who subsequently masterminded the Christmas 2009 attack, this shows common plan or method by Bush, Clinton, Mineta, etc. to let it happen on purpose.  The same with General Casey’s remarks.  LIHOP was the official policy of the US government under Clinton, Bush and now Obama.

LIHOP is letting it happen on purpose to avoid seeming racist in some, but out of anti-white hate in others.  For Mineta its hate.  For General Casey its to avoid seeming racist.  For Bush it was some of both.   Some use LIHOP intentionally like Ayers and Trotsky.  Others fall into it without realizing it.

As Auster pointed out, Obama in his remarks on the Christmas attempt falsified what happened.  It was really a continuation of LIHOP.   Muslim men who are dangerous are allowed in and not questioned or turned back as they should be.


Among Lehman’s questions was this: “Were you aware that it was the policy…to fine airlines if they have more than two young Arab males in secondary questioning because that’s discriminatory?”

“We had testimony a couple of months ago from the past president of United, and current president of American Airlines that kind of shocked us all,” Lehman told me. “They said under oath that indeed the Department of Transportation continued to fine any airline that was caught having more than two people of the same ethnic persuasion in a secondary line for line for questioning, including and especially, two Arabs.”


Auster on the Lehman questioning.


LIHOP is a liberal policy in effect is the conclusion we can draw from this thread.


Auster on Obama remarks where Auster identifies that it is the policy to let the Muslims through dangerous or not.


LIHOP is the official policy of liberalism.  It is the Clinton, Bush, and Obama policy.  LIHOP is part of race replacement of whites.

As Auster and many have pointed out, Israel concentrates on the person.  This is the opposite of liberalism.  LIHOP is liberalism and was before Bush and is after Bush.  LIHOP comes from the Left and is Leftism.  It comes from destroying the West from within.  It comes from Trotsky coining the terms racist and racism to use for this purpose.  LIHOP is a Trotskyite policy.  Clinton, Bush and Obama are all 3 Trotskyites on race, Islam, and LIHOP.

The 9/11 Commission knew this.  They covered up for Bush.  Bush should have been charged by the 9/11 Commission once they found out he had this policy after 9/11.  That showed common plan or method evidence of Bush letting it happen on purpose.  Instead the Commission protected Bush and Hamilton could continue on a later Bush commission on Iraq, Hamilton Baker Commission or Iraq Study Group.

Allowing non-whites to takeover universities including technical departments and from thence companies, government labs and weapons labs is also part of Trotsky race LIHOP.  They let this takeover happen on purpose.  This means loss of our technical know-how.  It doesn’t matter whether its classified or not.  This is a wholesale turnover of our know-how and ultimately our factories.


And down to 11842 now during the good jobs depression.

The 9/11 Commission was a LIHOP Commission.  Its two chairman were LIHOPers from way back.  Lee Hamilton used his folksy ways to push race replacement of whites on his Indiana constituents, treating them like fools.  That is the whole Lee Hamilton persona.  The 9/11 Commission was chosen with that in mind by the LIHOP President and the LIHOP Congress.  We have a LIHOP government.  We had it in 1993 when WTC was attacked, we had it all through the Clinton years and we have it now.

Ruby Ridge shows who their real enemy is, whites who want no part of this suicide cult.  The real cultists are in Congress and the White House.  They were in charge.  9/11 was their cult in action.  So was the Christmas 2009 attack.  So was electing Obama.  So was re-electing Bush after 9/11 and after he covered for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

LIHOP is the common plan or method of the US government on everything to do with race replacement of whites and dispossession of whites.  We have the same policy today as before 9/11.  LIHOP was the policy at Fort Hood.  LIHOP is their plan to race replace whites.

When Jim Webb and Mark Warner voted for hate crimes bill, they were voting for the mentality of LIHOP.  They are liberals and they are for race replacement of whites.


LIHOP is a subset of liberalism.  LIHOP is one of the techniques of liberalism.  Its used far beyond just letting Muslims kill us.  Its non-white immigration.  Its race replacement of whites at universities.  Its race replacement of whites in elite institutions and in elite decision making roles.  Its one common plan or method.  Its part of the monolith that is liberalism.

Following has links to Patrick Cleburne series on hate crimes bill in 2009.


Hate crimes bill is LIHOP on a street crime basis.  Its LIHOP in schools.  Its LIHOP in the workplace.  Its LIHOP on the walking trails.  Its LIHOP in garages.  Its LIHOP everywhere whites are preyed upon.

Unitary Liberalism, the overall dispossession of whites and their race replacement uses LIHOP everywhere.  It sets up processes and flows that guarantee race replacement and dispossession of whites.  Then it stands back and lets it happen on purpose.


The opportunity for detecting a passenger as a potential threat before boarding is limited, a senior Homeland Security official said, adding that in-depth vetting only begins once the flight manifest has been generated, a few hours before takeoff.

They could have made a decision on whether to stop him from getting on the plane,” he said.

The whole piece reeks of the LIHOP policy.


2 Responses to “Bush Norman Mineta LIHOP 9/11 Trotsky racism”

  1. miles Says:

    This is exactly how I feel.

    9/11 shouldn’t have happened becuase none of those men should have gained entry into the United States, or should have been able to produce a birth certificate to get a driver’s license even if they lucked out and got in.

    The wealthy elite of the world, Old Atlantic, are putting their trust (and wealth) into large-multinational corporations. Inflation is their weapon because it guts the wealth of the masses, and makes the masses also put their wealth into large multinational corporations via 401K’s and IRA’s to prevent inflation from robbing them blind.

    Look at the things the elite have pushed for that destroy the wealth of the average guy:

    Average guy puts his money in the savings account or CD’s at his bank. (THE ELITE pushes for bank deregulation, so his CD now pays a measley 1.5%)

    Average guy buys some farmland to farm “on the side” (THE ELITE have passed many laws increasing taxes on farmland, and laws that make dairy producers whlolesale replace equipment that used to simply be cleaned-and-sanitized chemically over-and-over that is way too expensive for small farmers to contemplate, forcing them to sell out to big-agra and their hordes of illegal employees. This hit small dairy farmers particularily hard.

    Average guy buys some rental property (or builds a house/duplex with the intention of renting it out for income for the rest of his life-and thus providing himself with an investment thats a hedge against inflation). (THE ELITE then pass laws that make him rent to likely non-paying NAM’s and makes him wait three months before legally evicting them if they dont pay rent. He has to over-insure the property (money back to the elite again) because of ridiculous liability laws. Iron-clad tenant agreements cost quite a bit of lawyer money, so that large scale rental-property management companies (that are, of course, publically traded) have a big advantage.

    Average guy watches his money and buys house out in affordable suburb that will be an inevestment for him. (THE ELITE pass laws guaranteeing that the underlass via the Community Reinvestment Act, Section 8 housing, and HUD, gets to move right out to the suburbs with him, thus hurting his home’s value. This is the most despicable thing the elite have pulled off in my opinion, because it spreads the ghetto out to the middle class, and one gets subsidized single-mom neighbors with their thug-fathered children living right next door to them. Its -really- wrong at many levels and is a cultural and sometimes physical assault on the striving lower and middle classes).

    The elite have worked non-stop via despicable laws like those above to make sure Wall Street is the only haven for your money, and Wall Street in turn uses campaign contributions/influence with the FED to buy politicians/cause well-timed market trouble to get the electoral results they want. If the economy was OK, we’d probably have McCain right now, but the elite obviously favored Obama, so the media (elite-owned at the broadcast, newspaper syndicate level) talked down the economy for the entire year leading up to the election. McCain would have sucked on the immigration issue however, so its not that big of a loss (yet, Obama can still screw up much between now and 2012, so we’ll see).

    What I see unfolding via mass immigration to the West/legal and moral assault on the West (feminism primarily and status-obsession-sold-through-entertainment-tabloid-culture) is a production of a world-wide Brazilification of the free countries. Islam is a thorny-resistant problem long term, but can be used short term to help inflict a surveillance-state on unsuspecting populaces (which is why cameras are everywhere in our civic spaces now). Frankly Islam can be dusted off pretty quickly if the world just “got off” oil, thus defunding it. Its adherents, as soon as they commit crimes in the surviellance-state west, will be imprisoned. The black birthrate is now below replacement in America, which goes to show one just how hard the elite can push if they are willing to simply imprison dissenters to the zeitgeist. Lengthy prison sentences for young males/no-hope-of-forming families, pretty much guarantee a lowering of birthrates.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Very good points. They squeeze us to find a way to support ourselves and then make what we find more difficult by laws and rules and unfair big bank oligopoly behavior. The Antitrust Division and FTC just wink at it as does DOJ, SEC, etc.

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