Amanda Knox v Leo Frank Comparison in Prejudice

January 11, 2010

Amanda Knox v. Leo Frank

  1. In the South, they said a Jewish man raped a girl instead of a black man.
  2. In Italy, they said an American girl raped a half English girl instead of or with a black man.
  3. In the South, the black man said he didn’t do it.
  4. In Italy, he pled guilty.
  5. In the South case, the forensic evidence was slight.
  6. In Italy, it proved that the black man, Rudy Hermann Guede and he alone actually killed the half English girl, Meredith Kercher.
  7. In Italy they also destroyed 3 computer hard drives from the boyfriend’s apartment that could have proved innocence.
  8. In Italy they actually framed the crime around 3 people, one black and then had to find another black man when the first had an alibi.  Then Guede showed up as guilty and they substituted him into the trio even though he barely if at all knew the other two unlike the original black man.
  9. The police originally forced Amanda to finger the original black because they likely had forensic evidence like hair proving it was a black man who actually did it.
  10. In both cases, the pattern of rape and brutal killing was that of a black, but more so in Italy than in the South.
  11. In Italy the prosecutor was in trouble already for alleged misconduct in another case.
  12. No such problem in the South.

In 1982, Alonzo Mann, by then elderly, volunteered that he had seen Jim Conley dragging Mary Phagan’s body at the factory. Mann swore in an affidavit that Conley had threatened to kill him if he reported what he had seen. Alonzo Mann died in 1985.

In Italy, the black man confessed and pled guilty at the trial before Amanda Knox’s.

In the South, the governor doubted the conviction and pardoned Frank from death, but he was then lynched.  In Italy, the courts entered the guilty plea of the black man and had the forensic evidence.


2 Responses to “Amanda Knox v Leo Frank Comparison in Prejudice”

  1. John Winters Says:

    I was arrested once in England for something which no-one should ever have been arrested and taken into custody for. However the desk sergeant who eventually dealt with my case (I had to spend the night in the cells!), did so with such a keen intuition for getting straight to the heart of the matter, defusing, deflating and resolving it, that I was at liberty again the next morning, considerably impressed I might add, by the way the British police handle things.
    In fact, the clear-up rate for homicide in Britain is now so high, people considering murdering someone there, really have to seriously consider the fact that a British policeman is sure to be knocking on their door the next day!! You just can’t get away with murder in Britain anymore!
    More to the point, they now always immediately get the right man, which does make you wonder at the stark contrast that exists here between British and Italian police methods.
    In light of the fact that, thanks to the intervention of Amanda’s supporters, we can now view this case with a common sense approach that hitherto had not been possible, we are forced to consider why it was not possible to do this through the miasma of real madness that pervaded the Italian judicial system back in Nov. 2007. And that is the really scary and lasting memory which this whole sordid affair has fixed in the global consciousness.
    We should help Haiti; then turn our attention to helping the Italians sort out their ”excellent” judiciary.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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