Chinese send cadmium poisoned toys for white children

January 11, 2010

Associated Press exposes Chinese manufacturers intentionally using cadmium in toys sent to the United States.  Where are Mark Warner and Jim Webb on this?  Why don’t they stop all Chinese exports to the U.S.?  That includes students and H-1b.  When you catch the Chinese intentionally poisoning our children, then you cut them off completely.  They don’t need another chance.  They have been caught before.  Cut them off totally.  Send the Chinese who came here in recent years back.

Toy Terrorism

Notice the 2007 dates in the urls.  Time to ban all Chinese exports to the U.S. including people.

Chuck Baldwin

Besides the commonly reported foibles of Red China selling the United States tainted food, poisoned toys, and crappy automobile tires, not to mention all the junk Americans are forced to buy (produced with slave labor, no less), the Communist nation is also known to be sending hordes of spies into our country. They are using a multi-billion dollar trade surplus with the United States to build a modern army and navy. In fact, they have developed a very sophisticated submarine fleet capable of delivering nuclear missiles (including some with multiple warheads) anywhere in the world. They routinely track our submarines and use satellite technology to track our troop movements.

Let Congress know what you think.  Calling is best, but faxing works too.  Support Vdare, NumbersUSA, Amren, etc.

Sending poisoned toys to white children shows racist hatred by Chinese on a systematic basis.  That means we need separation from Chinese.  Chinese here must go back.  We must stop Chinese student visas.  We must stop imports from China.  The Chinese are a race competing with whites for dominance.  They hate us as their rival. Send them back.


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