GOP Michael Steele reductio ad magic negro

January 12, 2010

The GOP chose Michael Steele to be their me-too magic negro.  The choice of a colored man to be GOP chairman to show that the GOP was as hip as the African unAmerican Democratic Party after GOP voters voted against the Muslim born mulatto Obama was an exercise in Bush McCain vapidity stupidity that we have come to expect from the GOP which is anti-white in fact if not in name.  The GOP is the party of Lincoln, still waging war on whites, North and South.

Excellent discussion at Vdare on some of the history of words like black, colored, negro, and African American.

Jacob Laskin points out the stupidity of Steele attacking Reid for using the word negro.

Auster comments:

What do the names colored, negro, black, and African American signify?  The brutal savage hate that blacks have for whites.   They have a permanent hate.  This is why they can never be American.  Their brutality and savagery and permanent hate has to be learned anew by each generation of Americans.  We are seeing another lesson in it from Michael Steele.   Colored, negro, black, or African, what it all signifies is they never were, are not now, and never can be Americans.  This is why we need separation from them.

The African Obama displays black hatred of whites that is permanent by giving the finger to Hillary, something we have never seen in American politics, but is black African politics.

Obama is not part of American politics because he is not American.  Obama hates whites.  That is his inner and outer being.  He can’t hide it.   Obama is no American.  Nor are blacks who voted for him not just after this but cheered it on.  Because they want to be unleashed to get whitey.  That shows they are not American.

The history of the words colored, negro, black, and African American is simply the history of a people who have a savage genetic anger and hatred.  This is especially directed at whites.   There can be no peace between black and white.  This is why they must separate.  This is why blacks are not Americans.

This is why whites must stop being cowed by black savage anger.  Whites need to stand up to this anger to maintain their civilization.  This too is a lesson each generation of whites has to relearn.  Its time to send blacks back to Africa.

Individual whites should not be subjected to this assault.  Blacks take advantage of the vulnerable moments of whites.  Blacks do that because they hate whites.  This is why whites must separate from blacks and send them back to Africa.  Whites can never be strong at all times. Blacks will find the time to harm them when whites are weak and vulnerable.  That includes blacks as nurses, doctors, lawyers, jurors, cops, government officials, professors, judges, and every other position of trust.  Whites need separation from blacks.  Whites need to stand up to black anger and savagery.  But that is not to live with them but speak out clearly that whites need a complete separation from blacks.


One Response to “GOP Michael Steele reductio ad magic negro”

  1. bondwooley Says:

    It’s a little easier understanding what comes out of Michael Steele’s mouth when you find out who’s coaching him:


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