Martha Coakley Prosecutor Charisma

January 15, 2010

Lawrence Auster on Coakley’s mien not working for her.

Disdain for the white working class is the Kennedy way today.   Doesn’t seem to be working.  The Massachusetts establishment has one policy for working class whites, dispossession and race replacement.  That comes across in the look of disdain the establishment has for the people.   Hate shows itself.  Racial dispossession is hate.  The program of hate is showing the looks of hate.

Obama giving Hillary the finger:

The white working class is picking up on the hate.  The Democrats can’t hide the hate forever.  It comes out.  The whole Democratic program is hate of the white working class.  That also includes the white working class.  Non-Jewish whites are 20 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Hard to hide that.

===Following from

White minority at HarvardWhite minority at Harvard

(Note White minority at Harvard is not in the original but was entered as alternative to image in the form for inserting an image.)

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.

30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.


Racial dispossession of whites is the Democratic program in Massachusetts.  That fact is obvious in every way.  Whites who want government jobs may be thinking the Steve Sailer way, that Democrats are against whites getting government jobs, one of the last refuges of the middle class.


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