re GOP foot shooting

January 15, 2010

Steve Sailer points out that the GOP should be fighting affirmative action applied against white firefighters.  This is because government employment is one of the last refuges of whites.  But instead, Bush was against whites in government when he was president and supported affirmative action and dispossession of whites.

The GOP is frozen according to Sailer’s analysis whenever it would have to get too close to the genetic inequality in IQ of whites and blacks and Hispanics.   So the GOP deserts whites.  We saw this with Sarah Palin on immigration.  She too is against whites on this fundamental issue.  She is against her own people and with the liberals who hate her.

This is moral cowardice.  Its also moral stupidity as Sailer and Vdare point out.  The GOP is against its own voters to survive and to continue to exist.  Its for dispossession of its base.

This is why we should push the Wright Island Model and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem. We have to change the terms of debate so the GOP and the left have to acknowledge they are pushing dispossession of whites.  Only whites using math theorems that prove this can change the terms of debate on this fundamental point.  It is the race replacement.  Race replacement is a math theorem.  Math theorems are authoritative.


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