Jewish right to Israel Morality of Consequences

January 16, 2010

One of the arguments for the Jewish right to Israel is that they have done more with it than the Arabs have done with their lands.   They can point to their achievements, including Nobel Prizes, etc. and say they have a superior right to the land over the Arabs because they are superior and have done more with it.  This argument is made from time to time.  What are we to make of it?

Suppose we nullify it.  Civilizational aptitude has no bearing at all in the right to a land.    In that case, the worst of the earth have as much right to land as the best.  This is what liberals say while partly denying the worst of the earth are in fact the worst.

If mankind is to have a future that is upward then civilizational aptitude must count.  The consequences of who has a land for present and future generations must count.  The alternative is to give up discrimination and descend into chaos.  The worst will then take over if the good have to just stand by and let them.  This is the road to end the civilization of the West as we know it and descend into barbarism.  In that case, the strong will emerge and impose their will.

So we come back to who the people are is fundamental to their claim.  The consequences of the allocation of the land matters.  If the consequence is civilization destruction, then its immoral.  If its civilization enabling then its moral over civilization destruction.

Non-white immigration into America, Canada, Europe,  and Australia has the consequence to degrade and extinguish the greatest civilization and race that mankind has seen.  Whites are the very source of the moral insights that liberal whites so admire.  The non-whites in their coalition are motivated by greed, envy, and hate.

Whites have a moral right to keep their lands.  That means sending the non-whites out of them.   This flows from the morality of consequences.  The morality of an action or non-action is based on the consequences of the action or non-action.

The destruction of the white race and its civilization is a negative outcome.  This must not be allowed to happen.  So non-whites must leave all Western lands, with a few minor exceptions.


6 Responses to “Jewish right to Israel Morality of Consequences”

  1. Diamed Says:

    This is a critically important statement, namely, that the superior should supplant the inferior, but the inferior should not supplant the superior.

    On this basis it is both moral for whites to have colonized America, and immoral for America to be colonized by non-whites. No other morality can make both of those statements.

    I’m glad to see a fellow thinker arrive at the same conclusion.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    Brilliant comment. I appreciate the support on this fundamental issue. Its forbidden to say precisely because it is the moral basis of discrimination.

  3. Tex Says:

    I don’t dispute your point, but what happens if a superior AI is developed that becomes conscious? Would it be morally right for it to displace all people, including whites?

  4. Old Atlantic Says:

    That requires some thinking. But it would clearly be morally wrong for it to displace whites leaving non-white people. Because then it would be a liberal AI and so could not be superior.

  5. Tex Says:

    “But it would clearly be morally wrong for it to displace whites leaving non-white people. Because then it would be a liberal AI and so could not be superior.”

    Well I think if it were a conscious, superior AI that was smart enough even the difference between the smartest whites and the dumbest blacks might be so trivial as to be meaningless to it. The only use for people it would have, from the smartest white scientists to black retards, would be as biofuel or something. So if it just viewed all people as basically interchangeable pieces of cattle for its purposes, it might not care and distinguish and see any morality in it.

  6. Tex Says:

    BTW, I don’t want to leave the impression that I’m in favor of or looking forward to advanced artifical AI wiping out us whites and all people for that matter.

    I just do think that it is a real risk and possibility.

    Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems outlined some of his worries about tech change and its possible destruction of humanity in a great article here:

    It’s entirely plausible that the two likely choices are either being wholly displaced by AI or integrated somehow as hybrid cyborgs. And in the latter case, it’s even likely that the organic, biological “human” matter would be gradually replaced.

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