Libs created Haitis all over to displace whites

January 16, 2010

Libs have a common plan or method to displace whites by increasing the non-white population everywhere.  The Wright Island Model proves this common plan or method.  The form most suited to this analysis is the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem.

Non-whites increase above replacement while whites don’t.  Eventually non-whites displace whites completely.  The survival factor of white genes asymptotes to zero.

Its a common plan or method for libs to create Mexifornia, Haiti, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc.  They intentionally spend their resources on operations whose sole purpose is to increase the number of people living on a dollar a day.  This is the lib plan.

Eventually bad people drive out good.   This is the liberal version of Gresham’s Law.  Gresham’s Law of Race Replacement, bad people drive out good.

As a side effect, the huge number of dollar a day people the liberals intentionally bred results in their overpopulating the earth.  Thus they live in marginal places like Haiti and other trouble spots.  When disaster strikes, the libs dollar a day people go down in droves.  The libs don’t really care.  Its just a chance to drain more resources from whites and thus substitute for whites with non-whites.

Libs have created an oversupply of dollar a day non-whites.  This is a permanent force to displace whites.  These people will die in misery in large numbers anyhow under the lib  plan.  That is built into their overpopulation strategy.

This is an extension of the Trotsky racism strategy.  They simply over produce dollar a day non-whites and the whites disappear from substitution pressure.  Spending resources on Haiti is part of that common plan or method of libs.


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