Haitians to get Obamacare

January 17, 2010

Obama has legalized Haitians “temporarily”.  Patrick Cleburne deconstructs this at Vdare.


True to the war-cry of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, the Obama administration is not letting the Haitian crisis go to waste. It has seized the opportunity to grant amnesty to the substantial quantity of illegal Haitian immigrants in this country, including those already caught and slated for deportation.

Patrick Cleburne also has done research and found that the Dominican Republic is keeping Haitians out.


This exercise in public-policy-as-emotional-catharsis will inevitably lead to a huge increase in the highly dysfunctional and violent Haitian community in America.

Putting it all together, Obama is going to extend Obamacare to Haitians in this country and many more he brings here.   That means care we don’t get.

Search on Haitians Obamacare.


Obama is not letting this crisis go to waste, he is  using it to dispossess whites in the tradition of mulattos in Haiti.


“the slaves killed 2,000 whites”

Haiti “mulatto uprising”


One in 1799 and 1806.  The Haitians killed the mulattoes.

A good review of the history of Haiti’s revolution and the killing of whites and mulattoes is by James P. Lubinskas, American Renaissance, April 2001, “The Revolution in Haiti”.


With the defeat of the whites, mulattos expected to rule in their place, exploiting the labor of black slaves, but the blacks, led by General Pierre Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture (1743–1803) and supported by the French government, rose up against the mulattos. Badly outnumbered and without allies, “the yellow caste” soon met the same fate as the whites. L’Ouverture and his troops slaughtered them by the thousand.

Dessalines, who crowned himself Emperor Jacques I, wanted to break all ties with France. One symbolic step was to change the name of the colony to Haiti, which is what the Arawaks called the island. He guaranteed safety to whites who remained, and even encouraged more to come, but this was a ruse. In early 1805, he ordered their extermination. A French officer who escaped described the carnage:

“The murder of the whites in detail began at Port-au-Prince in the first days of January [1805], but on the 17th and 18th of March they were finished off en masse. All, without exception, have been massacred, down to the very women and children. . . .”

With this final slaughter, French San Domingo vanished from history and the black nation of Haiti arrived.

Africa in the New World

Haiti was the second nation in the Western Hemisphere—after the United States—to gain independence, and Haitians will officially mark their bicentennial in 2004. It is unlikely that even Afrocentric blacks will celebrate this milestone with much enthusiasm. After 200 years of black rule there is little of which to boast. A United Nations report says Haiti may soon be incapable of supporting human life.

Of course, we need not look as far as Haiti to understand the link between race and civilization, and what it means for America. Haiti is nothing more than Camden or East St. Louis writ large, and without the surrounding white society to support it. Africans remake Africa wherever they may go.

(hat tip http://www.nationofcowards.us/)

There is a comment thread above at Amren on the article.  The article in another format is also here:



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