Gresham’s Law of Race Replacement, bad people drive out good Haiti

January 18, 2010

A few days ago this blog discussed the proposition that libs create Haitis all over the place to displace whites.

In a brilliant article, Steve Sailer provides some ammunition to support this view at least in part.

Haiti’s Malthusian poverty is the default state of mankind. Its rapidly growing population is kept fed by the more than 10,000 foreign charitable organizations active in the country.

Virginia Dean Abernathy has pointed out studies that show that aid increases fertility and the increasing percentage of non-whites flows from aid.

In particular, “The Demographic Transition Revisited: Lessons for Foreign Aid and US Immigration Policy.”

Sailer shows however that Haiti has had a reverse policy of good people driving out bad, by promoting European immigration and deporting illegal Haitians.


One Response to “Gresham’s Law of Race Replacement, bad people drive out good Haiti”

  1. miles Says:

    vox day on the haiti situation (funny, but true):

    Give up on the Haitians? I can honestly say that I have never, ever given a moment’s thought to the Haitians one way or another. I don’t believe that 99.99 percent of the people now professing great concern about Haiti have either, and I’m confident that 99.98 percent of them won’t have a single thought about Haiti flicker past their consciousness six months from now. But I’m glad that there are those, like RK, who think otherwise.

    I also think it’s great that the five men of Rubicon Rescue have taken it upon themselves to bring medical assistance to Haiti. That’s the only sort of help that means anything; it should be totally obvious that monetary contributions are nothing but self-congratulation considering that the various governments of the world are now making noises about injecting $1 billion into keeping the people of Haiti dependentsaving the people of Haiti from themselves.

    To me, the Help Haiti business is little more than another example of food rotting on the docks so third-world gangsters can enrich themselves as celebrities preen, musicians write ridiculous songs, and the mindless masses salve their momentarily guilty consciences. And if you are convinced that money is the answer, then you should note that my suggested solution would provide the people of Haiti with far more money than anything proposed by even the most bleeding-heart aid activist and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a dime.

    I’m a little amazed that people who want to help Haiti would see fit to criticize me when I’ve come up with a solution that would provide the people of Haiti with 10x more money than all the aid provided by the international community combined. If Haiti needs money, why would you oppose my Haitian Taxation scheme? Aren’t all the 10 million Haitians more important than a few thousand Goldman Sachs employees? Why do you hate the people of Haiti, why?


    Miles again: If we were hit by some natural disaster in the USA, how much aid woudl the third world even contemplate sending us? ……………
    ………………….zilch. Don’t let them up here. Its their island, and they have had it for 200 years. Their building practices made the place rife for something like this. They have overbred the place and have too many people. Its their fault, not ours. We are broke. Why doesn’t anybody understand that? We dont have any money, and we borrow every day now from the Chinese. China doesn’t want to helpl Haiti.

    What really burns my ass is that the fact that Hatians are even in the western hemisphere is all on the count of wealthy people looking to undercut the market rate for labor hundreds of years ago. The fact that the USA has blacks in it PERIOD is due to wealthy people here back then looking for ways around paying a market-based wage in this area. So many of our problems stem from this simple practice. There are 48 continental states in the US. Businesses should be allowed to move and set up shop in any one of them, but should not be allowed to import impovershed people from the four corners of this planet to undermine the people therein them–or ship out operations to them. We’d be so much more well-off if these practices had never been allowed to start. You’d see cities with no sprawl. No need for gated communities. Short communtes, real urban renewal (because there never would have been any urban decay to begin with). Our biggest challenge would be keeping people from ennui and morally upright because we’d have so few problems. Oh well, our elites back then decided to screw up Eden. I think thats a recurring theme in human history.

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