Obama Voodoo Panels set up in Haiti

January 18, 2010

White House.  Robert Gibbs enters to brief the press.

Fred the Unshred:   I hear that Obama is setting up Voodoo panels in Haiti.

Gibbs: Is that in the new Palin book or did you hear it on Fox?

Fred:  This is solid reporting.  Its coming from DHV.

Gibbs: DHV?

Fred: Department of Homeland Voodoo.

Gibbs: There is no such deparment.

Fred: Look at the little government phone book.

Gibbs: There is no little government phone book.

Fred: Well, the big one.

Gibbs:  DHV.  It really exists. Department of Homeland Voodoo.  How did that get there?

Fred:  Some Haitian spell if you ask around.

Gibbs: This is the Obama House.

Fred:  Department of Hussein Voodoo?   Department of Haiti Security.  Do you see those?

Gibbs: They are in there.  This is an April Fool’s joke.

Fred: Its not April.

Gibbs: So what gives?

Fade out and we hear:

Gibbs is in the Obamazone.  The Haitian earthquake ripped a hole in time.  Now Haiti rules Obama’s destiny.


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