Al Franken v Jim Webb on whether white votes count

January 20, 2010

Al Franken says the (white) voters of Massachusetts voting against Kennedy health care don’t count.  He will pass it over their opposition.

Jim Webb says the votes do count and that they can’t use gimmicks to pass health care when the voters are against it.  Specifically, the voters of Massachusetts get to vote on health care by their chosen person not someone chosen by party insiders, Paul Kirk.

By voting for Scott Brown and against Martha Coakley voters of Massachusetts voted against health care reform, amnesty, Haitian refugees, Barack Hussein Obama II, the hiding of the birth certificate, the hiding of the school records of dual citizenship, the bailouts of the banks, the spendthrift stimulus, the Bernanke reappointment, Geithner and Summers and the Democratic Party’s platform of race replacement of whites by non-white immigration and affirmative action.

Al Franken’s approach is the same as Norbert Schlei.  He is against us and doesn’t care what the votes are.  He takes his chance to destroy us when he has it.

David Axelrod and Obama agree, white votes don’t count on health care.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod told POLITICO: “I think that it would a terrible mistake to walk away now. If we don’t pass the bill, all we have is the stigma of a caricature that was put on it. That would be the worst result for everybody who has supported this bill.” He said the administration will work with Capitol Hill to figure out how.


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