Truth is the first casualty of diversity

January 24, 2010

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However, other non-exact hits are interesting.

No results found for “Truth is the first sacrifice to diversity”.  This has many near misses.  This one tells us about fake handicap photos in diversity textbooks.

“sacrificing truth on the altar of diversity”

Some hits discuss this as another reason to home school.

We can also try immigration

No results found for “Truth is the first casualty of immigration”.

Huffington Post is censoring blogs and comments against immigration.

“Don’t believe we are in crisis? Go to an emergency room in Los Angeles. Some have as many as a thousand people. It looks more like Calcutta than America. The fault lies with both the politically correct Democrats and the cheap labor loving Republicans. In other words both parties have sold California down the river. Don’t worry, your state will be next.

The government, education establishment, Democratic Party, GOP, big business, advertisers, Hollywood, the MSM, etc. all lie about diversity.  These are lies to hurt us.  Its intended to make us accept ethnic cleansing and race replacement and erasing our national pattern.  Its part of generalized genocide.  Diversity propaganda is part of the war on the White Race.

They fight with lies.  They rule with lies.  They use lies as part of government actions.  They have the employees of the government lie.  This is a form of creeping totalitarianism.   Its intended to eliminate us as a force capable of defending ourselves and holding our ground.

Haiti illustrates the Diversity Lie Machine in operation.  Vdare has many excellent articles exposing it.

Donald Collins, “Haiti—The Ultimate Symbol Of Planet Earth’s Headlong Plunge To Disaster.”  Title says it all on MSM sacrificing truth to diversity.

Patrick Cleburne has a good series on Haiti.  One of them being on the Obama plus neocon effort to bring in Haitians to take our seats at emergency rooms and for government programs during a jobs depression, itself caused by prior 3rd world immigrants who defaulted on their mortgages and otherwise absorbed the surplus of society including trust built up over generations of hard work by whites.

The White Race built America, the other races tear it down.  That is the truth about diversity.  Its time for the rebirth of the White Nation.  That is the truth about our present condition.  Birth of a Nation trailer:

Vanishing American points out Birth of a Nation was a mainstream movie when released.

As Wiki indicates it grossed 10 million.

Birth of a Nation is about one group of whites taking down another until the second is forced to take up arms to defend their civilization from the absolute despotism of 3rd world chaos.

The Civil War divides friends and destroys families, but that’s nothing compared to the anarchy in the black-ruled South after the war.
From the Declaration of White Independence

But when a long train of non-white abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce whites under absolute non-white Despotism, it is their white right, it is their white duty, to throw off such non-white Government, and to provide new white Guards for their future white security from non-white parasites and petty despots.

Haitians and Haiti here is what the Diversitycrats push.  Its intentionally subjecting us to the violent and parasitic precisely to take away our civilized and safe life.  Diversity is evil.   Diversity pushers are evil.  They are liars through and through.  The lies are meant to hurt us and ultimately destroy us in a cruel death of ourselves individually and of our entire extended families up to and including our race.  No greater evil have we ever fought.  No more evil opponent have we ever had.

== More on Birth of a Nation

President and former history professor Woodrow Wilson viewed the film at the White House and proclaimed it not only historically accurate, but like “history writ with lightning.”

Whites had a president on their side.  It took many against us to turn our country against us.

The years after Griffith released The Birth of a Nation saw massive race riots throughout the country, peaking especially in the North in 1919; many historians lay the blame for this racial conflict on Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation.

A movie is made about blacks raping and killing whites in the South after the Civil War.  So in protest of the movie, blacks riot and kill whites.  (Sounds like Muslims reacting to Geert Wilders or Danish Cartoons about Islam being violent.  When the violent are called out as violent, their reaction is more violence.  This is the same as libs screaming racist whenever their lies about race are exposed.  And everything they say about race is a lie.)

William Dunning “Birth of a Nation”

Dunning did research at the time which proved that whites were subjected to the same chaos of color we see in Haiti.

Trotsky was in New York in 1917 and this may have influenced him later to invent the words racist and racism.  Trotsky steered the Left to make race war and race replacement of whites the goal of the Left.  The Leftists who deny black savagery in the South during Reconstruction also deny it in Haiti today and insist on Haitians coming here to inflict it on us.  They lied then and now.  The NAACP is an organization of lies.   Its an association to advance communist (or colored since they have merged) propaganda.

Dunning’s principal effort, Reconstruction: Political and Economic, 1865-1877 (1907), is replete with references to “barbarous freedmen” committing “the hideous crime against white womanhood,” and corrupt northern politicians willing to force opponents “of their own race…to permanent subjugation to another race.” Burgess, in Reconstruction and the Constitution (1902), taught that “a black skin means membership in a race of men which has never of itself succeeded in subjecting passion to reason, and has never, therefore, created any civilization of any kind.”

Between 1876 and 1922 Dunning and Burgess directed the research of two generations of graduate students. Known as the “Dunning school,” the works of these disciples include Robert Stiles’s Reconstruction in Virginia (1890), Walter L. Fleming’s The Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama (1905), Charles W. Ramsdell’s Reconstruction in Texas (1910), W.W. Davis’s The Civil War and Reconstruction in Florida (1913), J.G. deRoulhac Hamilton’s Reconstruction in North Carolina (1914), C. Mildred Thompson’s Reconstruction in Georgia (1915), and Thomas S. Staples’s Reconstruction in Arkansas (1923). Researched from primary sources and presented with an air of objectivity, these dissertations were acclaimed for their application of the scientific method to history.

This is offered as criticism by a professor of (Diversity) history.

Who is right about Reconstruction?  The diversity professors who insist on Haitian immigration and deny the violent truth of Haiti or blame it on whites?  The ones castigating Dunning are the ones lying about Haiti and black violence and savagery today.

Statistics on black crime have been uniformly the same on their savagery for over 100 years.

The diversity professors lie openly to us.  They lie about what we know and see before us. They lie knowingly and consciously.  They do it to harm us.  They do it so we can’t know the truth that our ancestors organized against the same chaos of color we see in Haiti today.  They say its wrong for whites to so organize because colored chaos does not exist.  But we can see it in Haiti and after Katrina and in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  The natural succession to white rule is colored chaos.


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  1. The traitors in white collars utilize illegal aliens because they option out of the health care program. The illegal aliens at Sanderson Farms Inc. were given the regular wage at the start if they optioned out of the health care program.So in essence the company paid them more,denied Americans jobs and overloaded your Emergency Center. This is treason, this is a betrayal of your country. Guess what Sanderson Farms is given sweetheart deals on property, and taxes to bring jobs to the community.

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