Neocon Nation un-Building Elliott Abrams Haiti Diaspora Ruin America

January 25, 2010

Patrick Cleburne at Vdare has been following the Haitian madness including Neocon Elliott Abrams advocating a great influx of Haitians in WaPo.

Lawrence Auster points out that Abrams is advocating 1 million Haitians.

With chain migration it would end up being all of them.

What Haiti needs: A Haitian diaspora
By Elliott Abrams
Friday, January 22, 2010

“The 1.3 million Dominicans living in the United States send home $3 billion in remittances, an amount 20 times as much as official aid flows. A million Hondurans living abroad send home $2.7 billion, providing eight times the global foreign aid Honduras receives. The 1.5 million Salvadorans living here send home $3.8 billion, 15 times official aid flows. ”

“If several hundred thousand more Haitians were able to migrate, those Dominican, Honduran or Salvadoran numbers suggest that remittances to Haiti would give its economy a huge and continuing jolt.

This would require Canada, France and the United States — the First World countries with the largest Haitian diaspora communities — to adopt a different and more liberal immigration policy toward Haiti.”
1/25/2010 5:36:18 AM

See comments at WaPo that tear Abrams apart well.

One comment

gilbertdebruycker wrote:
In “Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America,” Abrams remarks “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live.”
1/25/2010 4:31:57 AM

Apparently, The Godfather of Neoconservatism believes that American Jews do — and should — base their political beliefs not on what is best for their own country, but on what is best for a foreign country (Israel).

Glen Greenwald

“Outside the land of Israel,” says Abrams, “there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart – except in Israel – from the rest of the population.”

While he maintains this does not imply inherent disloyalty to the country of residence and citizenship, I would ask for what other nation would such a statement of required loyalty be tolerated in an appointed administration official.

— LenaRyan

Can I get a AMEN, BROTHERS & SISTAS! Thanks baby girl, for bringing that dark little morsel out for viewing (hence my encore performance of your expose 🙂 Titonwan

Another thread at

Part of my comment there:

Obama is President of the Camp of the Saints. Also nice summary expat1. You can free fax Congress from your computer to stop immigration at NumbersUSA.

(Rest has been folded into this article.)

“Debate grows in aftermath of quake: Should U.S. let more Haitians immigrate?”

By Amy Goldstein and Peter Whoriskey
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 25, 2010

The comments at above two threads at WaPo are strongly against any Haitian immigrants or refugees at all.  This is a good sign of sanity.

Pat Buchanan asks, “Has Obama lost White America?”

Neocons like Elliott Abrams have.

During investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair, the special prosecutor handling the case prepared multiple felony counts against Abrams but never indicted him.[21] Instead, Abrams entered into a plea agreement that ultimately led to a conviction without imprisonment on two misdemeanors of withholding information from Congress.[22] He was fined $50, placed on probation for two years, and assigned 100 hours of community service. Abrams was pardoned by President George H. W. Bush as he was leaving office following his loss in the 1992 U.S. presidential election.

President George W. Bush appointed Abrams to the post of Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights, and International Operations at the National Security Council on June 25, 2001.[23] Abrams was appointed Special Assistant to the President and the NSC’s Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs on December 2, 2002.[24]

Neocon is the culture of criminality.  They don’t have dual loyalty, they have neo-loyalty only.

“Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live.”

This attitude justifies any crime, financial or genocide, against the people of that country.  Standing apart from the people whose country you live in is the attitude of an occupier, thief, or wrecker.  Neocons exhibit all these actions.  They shamelessly violate the law.  They shamelessly lie.  They use their high government posts to protect each other.  This likely applies inside the Department of Justice as well as cities where they have their people.

The 12 Jewish senators show this attitude in their support of immigration.  They stand apart.  Standing apart means despising the natives as rubes and fools to tolerate a people standing apart inside their country.  Neocons show that attitude all the time. We are fools not to see it or react to it.

Trotsky stood apart when he invented the words racist and racism and pushed race war on whites.  Trotsky was a neocon and neocons are Trotskyites because both are really committed to the position of standing apart.  Trotsky helped kill millions in Russia while he was acting out standing apart.  Abrams carries the same attitude.  Our lives and our country are meaningless to him just like Russian lives were to Trotsky.

Abrams advocating hundreds of thousands of Haitians, and millions with chain migration is standing apart.  His article is revealing of his attitude.  But it also shows the attitude of the group he is part of.  This is Madoffism through surrogates.

Haitians are predators and will wreck America.  Abrams knows this.  He seeks our ruin by using Haitians as the instrumentality of his hate.  This is just like Trotsky.  It is the Trotsky plan.  It is the standing apart and wreck the country plan.  Its from the standing apart and wreck the country culture of neocons.

Standing apart is a phrase that comes from Abrams hating us.  He wants and plots our ruin in front of our face.  This is not just the hate of a man but shows the hate of a group that supports this attitude and is brazen in showing it.  This is the same attitude as Schumer and Norbert Schlei.  The latter was also prosecuted and convicted.

Schlei wrote the 1965 Immigration Act which was also from the culture of standing apart.  Its standing apart and watching America being ruined.  Its standing apart and making it happen.  Its LIHOP and MIHOP applied to immigration.  Muslim immigration was and is part of MIHOP.  Abrams article is MIHOP not just LIHOP.  Just as Trotsky inventing the words racism and racist for neocons to use to bring Haitians here is making it happen on purpose.


2 Responses to “Neocon Nation un-Building Elliott Abrams Haiti Diaspora Ruin America”

  1. ------------------------------ Says:

    You can’t make this up: an excerpt of Abrams wikipedia page:

    “Early years
    Abrams was born into a Jewish family in New York and he understands Hebrew.[7] His father was an immigration lawyer.

    He attended Harvard College in the late 1960s and was a roommate of Steven Kelman, founder of the Young People’s Socialist League campus chapter. Together they penned an article on the 1969 Harvard strike for The New Leader, “The Contented Revolutionists.”[8]. Abrams received his Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College in 1969, a master’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics in 1970, and his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1973.

    He practiced law in New York in the summers for his father, and then at Breed, Abbott and Morgan from 1973–75 and with Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard and McPherson from 1979–81.

    Abrams worked as an Assistant Counsel on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in 1975, then worked as a staffer on Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s brief campaign for the 1976 Democratic Party presidential nomination. From 1977-1979, he served as special counsel and ultimately as chief of staff for the then-new Senator Daniel Moynihan.

    Through Senator Moynihan, Abrams was introduced to Rachel Decter, the stepdaughter of Moynihan’s friend, Norman Podhoretz, editor of Commentary Magazine. They were married in 1980. The couple has three children: Jacob, Sarah and Joseph.[9]”

    Dad is an immigration lawyer, roomed with a socialist in his youth…….comic

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    Everything about him is a caricature.

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