The war on racism is the Marxist war against independent people

January 26, 2010

Whites are a product of unique evolution.  They have qualities of altruism, creativity, independence, resourcefulness and determination that should not be sacrificed in vain.  They invented calculus, the transistor, discovered the electron, the Common Law, and the Bill of Rights.

Replacing whites by Haiti or Mexico or Zimbabwe is an act of barbarism and stupidity.  It is evil.  Those pushing it are evil.

Trotsky invented the words racist and racism around 1931 for the purpose of eliminating the foundation of white civilization, the independent bourgeois or petit-bourgeois.  The independent lawyer, businessman, accountant, doctor, etc. is the key person in the White West’s civilization.  They make that civilization work.

They are the target of Marxism.  Marxism picks out the independent person in society and tries to eliminate them.  Trotsky did that himself in Russia when he had the chance.  He invented racism to do it in America.

petite bourgeoisie (or petty bourgeoisie) Defined by Karl Marx as a ‘transitional class’, in which the interests of the major classes of capitalist society (the bourgeoisie and the proletariat) meet and become blurred, the petite bourgeoisie is located between these two classes in terms of its interests as well as its social situation. It represents a distinctive form of social organization in which petty productive property is mixed with, and owned by, family labour. Small shopkeepers and self-employed artisans are the archetypes.

Marx derides what he sees as the petit-bourgeois self-delusion that, because it combines both employment and ownership of the means of production, it somehow represents the solution to the class struggle. This class was progressive in a limited sense, as witnessed by its claims at various times for co-operatives, credit institutions, and progressive taxation, as a consequence of felt oppression at the hands of the bourgeoisie. However, these were (in terms of the Marxist view of history) strictly limited demands, just as the ideological representatives of this class have been constrained by their own problems and solutions (see Marx ‘s essay on ‘The Class Struggles in France 1848–1850’

This traditional ‘petty’ bourgeoisie (the widespread adoption of the pejorative epithet speaks volumes about the limitations of Marxism), discussed by Marx in his own writings, was replaced by the ‘new petty bourgeoisie’ identified by Marxist writers such as Nicos Poulantzas, and consisting of engineers, supervisors, and other modern additions to the class structure who, on the basis of ideological, political, and economic criteria, are unproductive wage-earners but who are none the less carriers of ideological domination. Erik Olin Wright, for his part, found small employers to occupy a contradictory class location between the petty bourgeoisie proper and the bourgeoisie itself. The application of a whole range of criteria extracted from Marx’s writings does little to eradicate the essentially derogatory meaning of the term.

According to Marx, concentration and centralization of capital was eventually to throw the petty bourgeoisie into the ranks of the increasingly immiserated working class, just as the peasantry were to become proletarianized despite their attachment to the land. However, the urge to self-employment, to own the means of livelihood, coupled with the growth of the services sector and the persistence of ‘shopkeepers’, mean that this class continues to defy not only elimination but also neat categorization into the proletariat, the middle class, or salariat, and as such it is usually accorded the status of a survival from a previous era. The values that its members are commonly deemed to represent—of entrepreneurship at the grass-roots level, self-help, individualism, family, and careful husbanding of resources—mean that, however buffeted by recessions and mounting bankruptcies, the petite bourgeoisie continues to provide a stereotyped model of past virtues. However, research suggests that it is here to stay, since the tendencies of modern capitalist society seem to have no uniform effects on its situation: in some countries its position is weakening, while in others it is numerically and politically in the ascendant (see F. Bechhofer and and B. Elliott ( eds.) , The Petite Bourgeoisie: Comparative Studies of the Uneasy Stratum, 1981

For the emerging capitalism of post-Soviet societies in Eastern and Central Europe, it represents a potent image of small-scale (and therefore the only successful form of) privatization, at least to date. Paradoxically, it was the survival of the petty-bourgeois mentality within the second economy of these largely statist societies which contributed in large measure to the collapse of Soviet-style communism (see I. Szelenyi , Socialist Entrepreneurs, 1988
). It also led to the identification of property ownership with political freedom, and therefore propelled these societies towards an almost uncritical commitment to universal privatization as the panacea for previous

GORDON MARSHALL. “petite bourgeoisie.A Dictionary of Sociology. 1998. 26 Jan. 2010 <>.

Lawyers who support PC and race replacement of whites are following Trotsky in a war designed to eliminate them as independent people in society.  So are doctors and small businessmen.  All 3 of these groups are currently being crushed by the immigration onslaught.

Its to the interest of the big institutions, Wall Street megabanks, the federal government, elite universities, and big business to eliminate the independent person in society.  Their
actions all trend in that direction.  Because Trotsky’s war on racism is really Marxism, which is a war on the independent person, they pick it up because they too are at war with the independent person.

The Marxist war on independent people has become the megabank war on independent people, the Bill Gates war on independent people, the DOJ war on independent people, Congress’s war on independent people, the neocon war on independent people, etc.

The war on independent journalists is part of the same war. The big news organizations are hit hard by the war on white wages which cuts down on their sales, but the independent journalist is hit even more.  So for the big bosses of media, the Marxist war on the independent journalist pursued by the war on whites works for them.

The petit-bourgeois in fact are the real foundation of the civilization built by the white race.  They are the ones that keep it from the fate of domination by the powerful, which is a good definition of fascism, or the chaos of the domination of those at the bottom.  The powerful work both ends against the middle.

Immigration is a war on the petit-bourgeois and of the concept and virtues of the petit-bourgeois.  But those are the virtues of the White Race and the White West.  The White Race is genetically engineered to produce the independent person in the middle.  The petit-bourgeois is genetically wired into the nature of the white race and of the white as an individual.

Genes have been selected for that promote this independent person.  These include high IQ, honesty, loyalty to family and locality, independent thinking, defense of liberty which is a form of altruism, creativity, technical ingenuity, etc.  Many of these virtues arise or are linked to altruism since the individual often sacrifices himself to pursue them, but they benefit the group, particularly those of an independent nature.  Victorian England is full of such types, Darwin among them. So was 19th century America.  Thoreau is an example.

The war of big bankers, big business, big government and big universities against the independent is the war we are fighting.  All of them see immigration as a way to win that war and finally eliminate as a class the petit-bourgeois.  That means also eliminating the genes.  Which means eliminating the white race.  All of the big institutions are for that.

The men of the race war against whites such as Barack Hussein Obama are aptly suited to that war.  The powerful have found them and promoted them.  Obama has no real independent standing apart from affirmative action, immigration, and denying rights of association and separation to whites.  Those are all tools of the war on whites and that is the war on the petit-bourgeois.  That is the war the big institutions wage.  That is why the big institutions have co-opted Marxism and push a Marxist line in the media and in the education system.  It is why big government pushes the Marxist line.

Marxist theory has been co-opted by the big institutions as part of their war on the independent person.  Marxism is a theory where the independent person is ultimately eliminated.  That is done on the genetic and racial level with Trotsky’s extension of Marxism to the war on the white race itself.  The big institutions and the big capitalists have co-opted Marxism and Trotsky’s extension of Marxism to a genetic war on the white race because they are pursuing the same war.

The future of the white race and humanity depends on defeating this war on the independent person.  The war on the white race is the same war.  The war against whites have a land of their own is the same war.  The civil rights struggle is part of this war on the independent and the war on the white race.  It was pursued by Marxists and opportunists and those who hated whites like Norbert Schlei and hated independent whites in particular.

The Southern White who would not bend to their power they hated the most.  He symbolizes the independent Englishman who is the basis of the English society and civilization they hated the most.  Above all else, it was England, the nation of shopkeepers they most despised and wanted to tear down.    The Souhern White is the embodiment of that independent Englishman who is the target of Marxist and the megabanks and mega business men.

Aid to the third world takes a form that becomes an assault on the independent person in those societies.  They feed the bottom class and the money tends to be taken and used by the big men.  Thus the aid process cuts out the independent person in those societies. All government aid tends to have that effect.  It becomes a war on the independent person who is not on the inside of that aid process.  The boards of the aid foundations are occupied by the big men who implicitly support “aid” whose real purpose is to eliminate the independent men they hate everywhere.


4 Responses to “The war on racism is the Marxist war against independent people”

  1. White Preservationist Says:

    Old Atlantic — this was an excellent post.

    Keep writing!

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    White Preservationist,



  3. Californian Says:

    One of the great ironies of our time is that American conservatives have become the great upholders of corporate America. All this at the same time that, as you duly note, corporate America is undermining the country via globalization, outsourcing, support for illegal immigration, grants to every manner of liberal groups, and so forth and so on and et cetera.

    Another irony is that it has been unions, and public service unions at that, who have made some of the most determined resistance against affirmative action and such…see the Ricci case. Of course, conservatives bash unions without stopping to consider that they are one of the few places where the American citizenry have any chance of organizing against the forces which are now working for their destruction.

    Perhaps there was a time, way back in the Cold War, when it made sense to support (corporate) capitalism against communism, but given the current state of politics it is becoming increasingly self-destructive. For some reason, they seem unable to think beyond the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Let me add another irony: the endless corporate bashing from the left, especially the trendy sector as represented by James Cameron’s current flik, “Avatar.” The left does not stop to consider that the corporate sector today has done more to promote an internationalist, one world, anti-“racist” order than all the Communist Parties of Europe and the USA combined.

    Perhaps it is a case of a competitor’s jealousy of success, or a struggle for control of the infrastructure of globalization. In any event, the losers are the middle, the petty bourgeoisie, the traditional working class, and all the others who are the foundation of the nation. It’s class war, all right, but only one sides seems to be fighting.

    All this is something to think about in the kafkaesque days ahead.

  4. Sam Congdon Says:

    Sam Congdon is the offshore promoter that has scammed people in the past and provided client records to the IRS and U.S. Senate Finance Committee. His companies, Rockford Global Solutions and Equity Development Group are still operating so do not get involved with these companies unless you want trouble with legal authorities or to do jail time.

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