Mark Shields State of the Confederacy remark on PBS

January 27, 2010

Mark Shields in PBS coverage of Obama’s State of the Union address said that the Republican response to Obama was the State of the Confederacy Speech.   The Republican governor of Virginia will address an audience in the Virginia House of Delegates.  Shields then made his remark on PBS before Obama’s speech that the Republican speech could be called the State of the Confederacy address.

Neocon David Brooks said nothing in response to this.  Its what he thinks too.  He also thinks whites are KKK Confederates and need to be race replaced by non-whites.  He thinks its immoral for that race replacement not to happen.  He is satisfied with non-Jewish whites being down to 20 percent of undergraduates at Harvard, a university they founded which was exclusively non-Jewish whites.

McDonnell was attacked for his Christian faith in the campaign by liberals.

Obama also invoked Bull Run as the start of his speech.  Showing he thinks of Southern Whites as the enemy, the same as Nazis, because Obama links Bull Run to Normandy.  Thus Obama equates the Confederacy with Nazi Germany and Confederates with Nazis.  This has never been done in a State of the Union.   Nor was such rhetoric used even during the war by Lincoln or afterwards by Grant.

Obama thinks of the Southern Whites as his enemy, just as he thinks of Northern whites as his enemy as well.  He equates them with Nazis.  He wants Muslim Arabs and Africans to race replace whites in Europe.

Obama was not being jocular, he was being serious that Southern Whites are his enemy and are the enemy of the Democratic Party.  He means to eliminate us.  Just as he means to eliminate whites in Europe with Muslims from the Middle East and Africa.


2 Responses to “Mark Shields State of the Confederacy remark on PBS”

  1. Chris Says:

    i was watching PBS coverage last night , i heard this remark and was taken back, all this morning i have been searching for somone else to comment on this and you were the only website i found. thanks for not making me feel like i was the only one.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    I know how you feel.

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