The FBI and White Nationalists

January 29, 2010

Why does the FBI spend resources on going after White Nationalists while there are so many other threats that are ignored or under resourced?   A large part is that the FBI is not allowed to go after those other threats.  Whites are being race replaced and the FBI is not allowed to stop that, but it is allowed to go after the white victims who resist.

Thus we see the freakish cases that come along from time to time.  Ruby Ridge, Waco, Professor Dr. Thomas C. Butler, Professor Steven Kurtz the artist who used bacteria, etc.

The rules of engagement at Ruby Ridge allowed agents to shoot whites.  But it was the Japanese FBI agent, Lon Horiuchi, who actually did so.

Before being deployed, the snipers had been given military style rules of engagement that contradicted standard FBI deadly force policy, what some snipers later described as a “green light” to “shoot on sight”.[27]

1. If any adult male is observed with a weapon prior to the announcement, deadly force can and should be employed, if the shot can be taken without endangering any children.

Under the Ruby Ridge ROE 1 any armed Weaver adult man could and should be killed. Under the Ruby Ridge ROE 2, after the surrender announcement, any armed Weaver adult not attempting to surrender could and should be killed. Both rules do not require the self-defense condition “danger of death or grievous bodily harm” or any verbal warning whether feasible or not.

But it took the Japanese FBI gunman to actually shoot to kill on these orders.

In 1992, while working at sniper position Sierra 4 for the FBI Hostage Rescue Team at Ruby Ridge, Horiuchi shot and killed Vicki Weaver, while also wounding her husband Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris.[1]

Horiuchi graduated West Point, but in the US Army he couldn’t shoot whites so he joined the FBI where he could.  Perhaps Horiuchi was taking revenge for Japanese internment or for hazing at West Point which he considered racist.

On September 13, 1993, Charles Riley, a fellow F.B.I. sniper deployed during the Waco Siege claimed that he had heard Horiuchi shooting from Sierra 1, an F.B.I.-held house in front of the compound holding eight snipers, including Horiuchi and Christopher Curran on April 19, 1993. Riley later retracted his statement, saying that he had been misquoted, and that he had only heard snipers at Sierra 1 announce that shots had been fired upon by Branch Davidians.[1]

Three of the twelve expended .308 Winchester shell casings that the Texas Rangers reported finding in the house were at Horiuchi’s position. However, officials maintain that they could have been left behind from the earlier use of the house by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives snipers on February 28, 1993, and that it would be “nearly impossible” to match them to Horiuchi’s rifle, as it had probably been rebarreled since that time.[2]

After shooting whites at Ruby Ridge, the FBI sent him to Waco where he may have started the firefight there.  Then they covered it up.  Its tempting to say, the FBI hired a Japanese gunman to shoot white separatists where white FBI agents wouldn’t.

The FBI is not allowed to go after the real threats to the country.

  1. Islamic radicals from WTC 1993 to 2001 attacks.
  2. Islamic radicals since then.
  3. Really all Muslims in the country.
  4. Illegal aliens.
  5. Non-white invasion and race replacement of whites.
  6. Russia, China, India, and Pakistan taking over the technical fields of universities, businesses and the defense industry.

In US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, the FBI was not given the resources to interview every professor in the Economics Department at Harvard and the Business School.  If they had, and expanded to MIT, they might have cracked open the case at that time.  They couldn’t follow the leads to Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.

Instead, loyal professors like Thomas C. Butler were harassed and pursued in an irrational vindictive investigation that made no sense.  The same applies to the Buffalo artist using bacteria, Steven Kurtz.

After 9/11, the FBI had to help or at least allow the Saudis to leave instead of interrogating them and then lie about it to cover up for higher ups.   Pakistan got sanctions lifted after 9/11 and built more nukes and spread the technology.  Bush and his cohorts were covering up for Pakistan and have been since then.  The letter from the soldier in Iraq at Diana West’s webpage is an example of exposing the lies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The big lie is that our government is for us when its actually against us.  That is the big Bush Obama lie.  Its the big lie of the liberal left which includes the GOP when it comes to immigration, affirmative action, and race replacement of whites.  The FBI is just a pawn in all this.  DOJ HQ is complicit and is far more to blame as an instigator along with Congress and the presidents responsible for this.

If there is diversity, there is a police state.  This is why small countries are better than large.  Its also why white countries are better than non-white ones.

Senator Daniel Inouye in his book said he enjoyed shooting Germans in World War II.  He still carries resentments for his internment during WWII.  The enjoyment in shooting whites that he admits to is what Lon Horiuchi likely felt at Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Horiuchi got clean away with hate shootings both times.

Sending a Japanese gunman on to Waco after he shot whites at Ruby Ridge in the way he did, which led to later prosecution, shows intent by the FBI.  They intentionally and willfully sent Horiuchi to Waco after he shot up the white separatist family at Ruby Ridge.  This shows they knew that a Japanese gunman would shoot whites when white FBI agents wouldn’t.  They wanted Horiuchi to shoot up the whites at Waco.

This is further confirmed by failing to test the bullets against Horiuchi’s gun.  The claimed rebarreling of the gun also was destroying evidence.  Also they should have checked if it was rebarreled not just said it probably was.   Rebarreling shouldn’t have happened after Waco.

After a massacre or other shooting by the FBI, they should have to turn in their guns as evidence.   They can get new guns to use if they are returned to duty.  The FBI’s subsequent coverup was evidence of intent.   This started before Waco so it shows FBI intent for Horiuchi to shoot white separatists at Waco.


Above is speculation and hypotheses.  Restate statements as questions.  All other disclaimers apply.


4 Responses to “The FBI and White Nationalists”

  1. fellist Says:

    The Branch Davidians were not White separatists, OAL, many were not White. Good folks nonetheless, as far as I can tell.

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