Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Lower Manhattan New York trial moved but not the attack

January 30, 2010

Obviously, this is speculation, but the feds and New York said that Lower Manhattan is currently undefended from terrorist attack and that it will stay that way while the trial is held somewhere else.  They can hold the trial in Alaska or in Gitmo itself.  The attack is still coming in Lower Manhattan.  The feds and New York have said attack us here, that is where we are vulnerable and we won’t spend the money to defend it.

They need to stop Muslim immigration.  Muslims are not safe to have in your country.  That’s the real lesson.

Mayor Bloomberg, Barack Hussein Obama II, the one who is bored with detail, and the FBI leaders who go along with stupidity from above have all flamed that al Qaeda

  1. Can attack us now in Lower Manhattan.
  2. That it will have huge damage to Wall Street and the financial markets.
  3. It might trigger another financial crisis and bailout, especially if rates had to be raised to fight inflation.  Rates were lower after 9/11.
  4. There is money to be made by shorting markets and buying put options before the attack.
  5. That there will be no money spent to defend Lower Manhattan.
  6. That al Qaeda can come and get us in Lower Manhattan.
  7. That they have in effect forced al Qaeda to attack us during the trial by the cost they will spend to defend the trial city while Manhattan is left unprotected.
  8. Same for DC.
  9. Maybe they can even repeat the airplane trick on the start of the trial, but with crop dusters loaded with fertilizer, basically the flying Oklahoma City bomb.

They can waterboard KSM but they can not think with the information that comes out of their own mouths.  This is why the attack will come and partly succeed.  It shows they are wrong about Muslims, Islam, Muslim immigration, mosques, Muslims in the military, Vahid Majidi as head of FBI WMD, Major Hasan, and letting Muslims stay in any western country.

Obviously, I have no inside information on where or whether an attack will come.  This is speculation and hypotheses.  All other disclaimers apply.


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