Discrimination by race is necessary for race survival

January 31, 2010

If a race does not discriminate by race, it won’t survive.  We see this happening to the White Race in white lands everywhere.  If the White Race is to survive, there must be discrimination by race.  This means the return of non-whites to their homelands.


David Leppard of the UK Times writes, in an article in the crime category, that reports China “bugs, burgles” and blackmails business in the UK.   Bugs Bunny would have more sense than to tolerate this without stopping Chinese immigration and in fact sending the Chinese home.  They are a fifth column engaged in open war with America.

Paulson tells us that Putin told Bush the war is already on.


The war is on and Chinese here are a 5th column.    To a lesser extent, so are Russians.  With the Chinese its a racial war against whites.  They seek to subjugate and eliminate the white race to achieve global mastery.  That is their goal.  Having them here is inviting them in to subjugate us in our own home.  This is what liberalism does.  Liberalism is a suicide cult.

We have seen reality in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush neocon liberal plan has failed. It built up our enemies.  The Arabs and Muslims are against on a race or ethnic level.  They must be sent out of the West completely.  That is the lasting lesson of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Its the lesson of the 200 million dollar security price tag for the trial of KSM.  Muslims in the US are a fifth column.  Those are the ones who will mount an attack here during the trial.  They are loyal by race and religion to their own and against us by race and religion.  So send them home.


2 Responses to “Discrimination by race is necessary for race survival”

  1. fellist Says:

    An argument could be made that Putin fights the American govt. because he’s a friend of our race… certainly that’s Matthew Raphael Johnson’s view.

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