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FBI supplies innocent reasons for Ivins late night hours

February 28, 2010

If you take the statement linked to by Dxer who comments at Case Closed

which is quoting from the FBI report section D. Motive, you can see why Ivins would spend extra time in the lab in August through early October.

The following link quotes from Section D Motive from the FBI report.  (See end of this post for the Section D excerpt or the link.)

Note the anger in the linked statement by the service man forced to take anthrax shots in 1999 and which led to the FOIA requests in 2001.   He feels physically violated.  This is over 10 years after the shots.   This was the anger on Ivins.  These are reasons to go to the office and lab to try to think of a response.

According to the FBI, Ivins was under intense pressure. He was under public criticism. The project was not going well the FBI says. He might have to work on something other than Anthrax. Ivins was an anthrax scientist in his own words.

These are reasons to sit around the lab even if you are just trying to think of strategy.

“1. Dr. Ivins�s life�s work appeared destined for failure, absent an unexpected event.”

What do you do? What would Lombardi tell Ivins to do? Give up. Lombardi would tell Ivins to go to the lab and try to think of something.

“Pressure on the project increased throughout the summer”

So he had more reason to spend time in the lab trying to think of a Hail Mary play.

“In addition, during the summer of 2001, Dr. Ivins was being considered by management at USAMRIID for a move to an entirely new area of research, that of Burkholderia mallei, also known as Glanders. ”

” One of these managers recalled that when Dr. Ivins learned that he might transition to Glanders work, he became upset and said things like: �I am an anthrax researcher! This is what I do.�”

So when Ivins learned he might not work on anthrax again, he went to the anthrax lab and hung out to say goodbye to that part of his life. He didn’t do that before Summer 2001 because he hadn’t been told he would stop working on anthrax. He didn’t do that after October 2001 because anthrax work was secure.

Ivins didn’t know that the anthrax attack was coming when he spent the hours in August and September. Even early October, he was not aware that this dramatic change had come. That became evident after the Senate attacks. So this explains why Ivins had the spike in hours only during the times he did.

“2. Dr. Ivins was being subjected to increasing public criticism for his work.”

So Ivins could just give up and go to the movies or he could go to the lab and try to think of something. He chose to go to the lab.

“Finally, lawyer Mark S. Zaid filed the greatest number of FOIA requests related to the anthrax vaccine. Zaid, Executive Director of The James Madison Project,27 represented military clients who were refusing to take the anthrax vaccine. Zaid began sending e-mails to Dr. Ivins and others at USAMRIID as far back as 1999 requesting information regarding the vaccine.”

So Ivins went to his office when he got an unprecedented number of FOIA requests. The FBI finds that inexplicable. Dxer can attest to that.

“3. Dr. Ivins was feeling abandoned in his personal life. At the same time that his life�s work was falling apart and he was enduring increasing public criticism, Dr. Ivins was also under significant stress and pressure in his personal life.”

The FBI claim is that this stress came during Summer 2001 and early Fall 2001, ie when the hours spiked. So this explains why he went to the office and lab.

So the FBI has fully explained the late night hours of Dr Ivins in August to October 2001. The FBI explains why the hours spiked in August through early October and then went down and never came back up. The FBI has supplied reasons why Ivins would specifically go to the lab during the months of August through October and why those reasons no longer applied after mid October 2001.

If one assumes Ivins didn’t know of the letters coming or was involved, then the reasons cited by the FBI perfectly explain why he spent late night hours. As a schema in logic

A => B

A = Ivins didn’t know of the anthrax attacks and had all the reasons cited by the FBI to go to the office and lab.

B = Ivins went to the office and the lab.

He was under intense pressure to get results in a failing program. Anyone who has ever experienced that knows a logical reaction is to go to the office even if the chances seem hopeless.

He was bombarded with FOIA requests. So he went to the office and lab to think about how to respond to them using those resources. Surely the FBI has spent time figuring out how to deal with heavy FOIA requests. That is an experience they have had. According to the FBI when you get FOIA requests you lash out at someone. That says more about the FBI Than Ivins.

Ivins was told he would shift to other work than anthrax. So this was his chance to say goodbye to what the FBI calls his life’s work. That explains late night hours in the lab if you assume Ivins didn’t know the anthrax attacks were coming. Ivins was saying goodbye to his life’s work.

Ivins was under personal stress so he went to the office. That is an explanation sufficient to explain it.

Once the Senate letters created a crisis, Ivins knew that he would still be working on anthrax and that answering FOIA requests would not be a burden on him, and that criticism of the vaccine would be muted, and even that others would expect him to focus on his work so that personal stress would go down. So assuming Ivins didn’t know of the anthrax attacks together with the FBI list explains the hours and the unique timing of them. Therefore, the late night hours in the lab at that time are not evidence of guilt, because innocence together with the factors cited by the FBI explain the late night hours.

What would distinguish the innocent reasons for Ivins late night hours supplied by the FBI and the guilty one?  Physical evidence tying Ivins to the crime.  That is Evidence 101.

But the physical evidence does the opposite.  It excludes Ivins from the crime because of the foreign subtilis, the production time exceeds the hours in the lab, and the silicon of 1.45 percent in one letter has defeated the efforts of one of our top labs to replicate using equipment available to Ivins.  That would imply undue experimentation at a minimum which Ivins didn’t have time or possibly the lab equipment for making the measurements for.


The FBI has produced a laundry list of reasons why Ivins was under intense pressure in the summer of 2001 through early fall 2001.  The FBI has shown that these reasons spiked and were unique in that time period.  This includes FOIA requests spiking from vaccine anger.  This includes the FBI’s claim the vaccine program was failing.  This includes the FBI’s claim that Ivins was told he would not work on anthrax anymore.  This includes personal life stress the FBI claims spiked that summer and early fall.  All of these explain Ivins late night hours spiking uniquely in that time period to the exclusion of other times.  Thus the FBI has explained Ivins late night hours as innocent of the anthrax attacks.

The deciding factor between these reasons causing late night hours and no anthrax attack involvement and them causing Ivins to mail anthrax has to be sought in other evidence, in particular physical evidence tying Ivins to the crime itself.   As mentioned, the evidence says that Ivins lacked the means and opportunity because he didn’t have the time for producing this volume of anthrax, he didn’t have the foreign subtilis strain, he didn’t have the equipment or time to develop a way to get silicon to 1.45 percent and he lacked the knowledge or equipment to get silicon to 1.45 percent by weight and so could not have done it.

==Quotation Section D. Motive from FBI report as prepared by the webpage of Mark Anderson.


D. MotiveBased on his e-mails to two former colleagues (hereinafter �Former Colleague #1 and Former Colleague #2), and from his own statements to investigators, it is clear that by the summer of 2001, Dr. Ivins was under an extraordinary amount of stress in his professional life. The anthrax vaccine research program that Dr. Ivins had invested essentially his entire career of more than 20 years was in jeopardy of failure. The anthrax vaccine with which he was assisting was failing to meet potency standards and, absent some major breakthrough, may have been eliminated. Also, the military anthrax vaccine, and Dr. Ivins, in particular, were the subject of increasingly vocal criticism by those who associated the vaccine with �Gulf War Syndrome.� Finally, the rPA, or Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine, on which he was also working, had run its course at USAMRIID, leaving him potentially without anthrax research to do. According to Former Colleague #1 and others, Dr. Ivins not only took great pride in his work, but also he could not stand to be criticized. Under extreme pressure from so many different assaults on his career and life�s work, Dr. Ivins had a motive to commit the crime.

1. Dr. Ivins�s life�s work appeared destined for failure, absent an unexpected event.

Beginning as far back as 2000, Dr. Ivins was sending e-mails to Former Colleague #1 expressing his increasing concern and eventual frustration that a private company tasked with producing the anthrax vaccine, was unable to produce anthrax vaccine that met the required potency standard, even though he and other USAMRIID researchers were spending an increasingly large percentage of their time trying to help that company fix it. As the Office for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs stated in a news release on June 11, 2001, the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program was being slowed due to a shortage of that vaccine. Vaccination would continue for special mission units and research purposes only. �This slowdown provides for a small reserve of FDA-released vaccine in the event of an emergency. Actions are being taken to ensure that personnel deployed to high-threat areas have sufficient antibiotics on hand for post-exposure treatment in case of an attack.�

Pressure on the project increased throughout the summer. By the first week of September 2001, Dr. Ivins was sending Former Colleague #1 e-mails stating that USAMRIID was down to its last approved lot of the vaccine, after which � if the company could not get FDA approval to resume production or make available lots meet current potency standards � the vaccine would be completely depleted. This would have been a major problem, not only because the vaccine was needed for the soldiers out in the field, but also because it was needed for the researchers themselves, including Dr. Ivins, who would not be permitted to enter the hot suites and work with anthrax unless their vaccinations were up-to-date. Unless this company could fix the problem, Dr. Ivins himself in short order would have had a very difficult time continuing his anthrax research because he would have lacked the vaccinations to do so.26

However, within a few months of the anthrax attacks, the FDA fast-tracked the approval process and approved the Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (�AVA�), even though it didn�t meet the original potency standards. This was a significant development for the anthrax researchers.

26 In addition, during the summer of 2001, Dr. Ivins was being considered by management at USAMRIID for a move to an entirely new area of research, that of Burkholderia mallei, also known as Glanders. There was a general push by the Medical Research Material Command at USAMRIID to get out of the anthrax vaccine research business entirely. In discussions at Bacteriology Division meetings among the management, the thinking was that the anthrax research had matured beyond its mission. They began to consider shifting resources and research emphasis to other priorities. Because the remaining work on the �next generation vaccine,� known as rPA, was viewed as menial in nature and a waste of Dr. Ivins�s considerable talents, there was a suggestion that he should begin work on Glanders research. One of these managers recalled that when Dr. Ivins learned that he might transition to Glanders work, he became upset and said things like: �I am an anthrax researcher! This is what I do.�

Similarly, in September 2001, there also were problems with another vaccine, the next generation anthrax vaccine (rPA), on which Dr. Ivins was working. As he noted in an e-mail to Former Colleague #1:

[The Division Chief] has been having us have biweekly meetings on the rPA vaccine progress, and on August 29, I went to the Pentagon � first time there � to go to a meeting in his place on the vaccine. There�s a real bag of worms with the new lot of rPA produced by [name redacted] a private company, for [another private company], who is under contract to USAMRIID. . . . If we don�t get the rPA, we will have to go somewhere else, which will be a terrible thing; it will postpone all sorts of things.

These statements by Dr. Ivins demonstrate that immediately prior to the anthrax letter attacks, his life�s work was in jeopardy. In contrast, immediately following the attacks, his career seemingly got back on track. He even received the Exceptional Civilian Service Award for his work on anthrax � although he hardly could have expected that to happen.

2. Dr. Ivins was being subjected to increasing public criticism for his work.

Compounding the intense professional pressure on Dr. Ivins was the increasingly vocal chorus of critics against him. Chief among these were journalist Gary Matsumoto, scientist Meryl Nass, and lawyer Mark S. Zaid, who blamed the anthrax vaccine for causing Gulf War Syndrome � ailments suffered by veterans of the first Gulf War in the early 1990s. Through the end of the summer and into the fall of 2001, Dr. Ivins was expressing his increasing frustration with this criticism of the work he had been doing. This frustration was only compounded by demands for more information regarding the anthrax vaccine research program, largely from Matsumoto, who had written a critical article in Vanity Fair magazine in May 1999, and who was working on a follow-up book entitled Vaccine A (which was eventually published in 2004). Within days of reading Matsumoto�s Vanity Fair article, Dr. Ivins commented in an e-mail to a former colleague: �[T]hanks for passing these along to me. I wonder when the National Enquirer will come out with its headlines on �Guinea Pig Soldiers Get Killer Vaccine.��

Dr. Ivins�s offense at these criticisms grew as Matsumoto was making FOIA requests for information regarding the vaccine program for use in the critical Vaccine A. For example, just before the letter attacks, in August and September 2001, Dr. Ivins sent e-mails to a co-worker and a supervisor, a sample of which included, �Tell Matsumoto to kiss my ass. We�ve got better things to do than shine his shoes and pee on command. He�s gotten everything from me he will get.� The prosecution team learned more about the depth of Dr. Ivins�s animosity towards Matsumoto in a February 13, 2008 interview, in which Dr. Ivins stated that had actually gone to a Matsumoto website in recent years under the anonymous name �Guest,� and made sarcastic, provocative postings � one of many examples of Dr. Ivins�s ability to harbor grudges and, in his own words, �stir the pot.�

Similarly, over the years, Dr. Ivins continued to speak disparagingly of Meryl Nass, another prominent critic, in much the same vein. Those who worked for him knew that Nass was one of those topics to avoid discussing around Dr. Ivins. They also noted that Dr. Ivins took criticism, especially of his work, very personally.

Finally, lawyer Mark S. Zaid filed the greatest number of FOIA requests related to the anthrax vaccine. Zaid, Executive Director of The James Madison Project,27 represented military clients who were refusing to take the anthrax vaccine. Zaid began sending e-mails to Dr. Ivins and others at USAMRIID as far back as 1999 requesting information regarding the vaccine. In addition, during the November 1, 2007 search of the Ivins residence, recovered from a black briefcase which Dr. Ivins had labeled �Attorney-Client Privilege� (but was ultimately determined by a filter team not to contain privileged material) was a laminated July 18, 2000 Washington Post article entitled �Anthrax Shots� Effect Challenged (Army Disputes Expert Who Reviewed Vaccine Tests).� The article discussed a report by Dr. Ivins, dated September 23, 1991, in which he noted that �[a]lthough all vaccinated monkeys (C1-C10) survived, they appeared to be sick over the course of two weeks post-challenge.� The Washington Post article drew the conclusion that vaccinated soldiers would have the same symptoms: �Soldiers who are exposed to anthrax may become quite sick and be incapacitated for up to two weeks, even if they have received the full set� of anthrax vaccinations.

3. Dr. Ivins was feeling abandoned in his personal life.

At the same time that his life�s work was falling apart and he was enduring increasing public criticism, Dr. Ivins was also under significant stress and pressure in his personal life. In addition, Former Colleague #1, with whom he would become increasingly obsessed, left the lab in the summer of 1999. Former Colleague #2, on whom he was also quite reliant emotionally, began looking for a job outside USAMRIID in 2000. As time passed, he felt increasingly abandoned and his mental health deteriorated. This sentiment was evident both in statements he made and e-mails he sent at the time Former Colleague #1 left the lab in 1999, and also as late as the spring and summer of 2008.


FBI Anthrax report incorrectly reports 12 to 18 hour growth time anthrax

February 21, 2010

The FBI report on anthrax states that the protocol to grow anthrax is 12 to 18 hours.  See Footnote 25 page 40 of pdf which is numbered page 36 in the report linked to below.

This is the protocol to grow micrograms or milligrams in lab runs for lab experiments.  To grow anthrax to produce grams of anthrax in letters takes 4 to 12 days using plates.  This is documented in the Carey et al paper linked to below.


Production of Bacillus Spores as a Simulant for Biological Warfare Agents

They used a New Brunswick c25 floor shaker incubator for the runs using liquid as opposed to the NSM runs with plates.

See page 12 of pdf, 2.9.2.

This weighs 400 pounds.

Note they were doing 1 liter flasks. Those produce in the best runs somewhat under a gram. To produce 5 to 10 grams for the first letters would require 5 to 10 liters.

See page 2 for photo. The unit is bigger than a man and weighs 400 pounds.

They started with 1ml of bacillus per liter of CD.

Since RMR-1029 was used as a source, they still had to grow it because the letters contained subtilis and silicon not in RMR1029.

Starting with more bacillus should shorten the production time, but it can not change the amount of growth media needed. The paper above also shows that yield is random and sometimes close to zero. It also shows that run time is 3 to 14 days with some runs duds at 14 days.


They have another paper here:

Diane C. St. Amant, Laurie F. Carey, Mark A. Guelta
U.S. Army, Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command, APGEA, MD.

Please download them, you never know when they might not be there and at times they have been unavailable.


Suppose your take 2 1 liter containers of growth media. Imagine its milk to seem concrete. Call the containers A and B. In A we put a single bacterium. In B we put two.

Suppose that a good run is 1 gram of spore equivalents, assuming a constant size of the spores. Suppose both containers have a good run. Then you end up with 1 gram of spores from each. But B will usually go faster by the time it takes a bacterium to split into two.

Note the container size is the same, 1 liter. The output is the same 1 gram. We get a yield of 1 gram per liter of growth media. This is true even though the starting number of bacteria is 2 times as many in case B as case A. Thus the final number of spores is a function of the growth media alone and not of the starting number of spores.

Final number of spores or grams (assuming a fixed size of spores) is a function of the liters of growth media (for the same growth media) and not of the starting number of spores.


Another issue is how many grams of spores were in the letters. If one gram of spores is in a letter, and one liter of growth media is needed to grow one gram of spores (with a good run) then one gram of growth media is needed for that letter. If a spore powder is spores and only spores and is 1 gram, and if it takes one liter of growth media to make 1 gram of pure powder, then one needs one liter of growth media.

The Laurie F. Carey et al paper indicates the typical yield was more like .2 grams per liter in their experiments. (I am going by memory.)

If a letter had 1 gram of pure spore powder, and the yield was .2 grams per liter, one needs 5 liters per letter. 5 such letters needs 25 liters.

Ivins was shown using a glove box in a photo. That glove box didn’t look big enough for such a run. The paper used a floor shaker unit that weighed 400 pounds. If Ivins didn’t, his results would be worse, take longer and lower yield presumably.


Footnote 25 of FBI report page 36 at bottom of page, page 40 of pdf.

…Quote below

Each of these various devices plays a particular and critical role in the production of Ba spores. As a general matter, work on a pathogen of this type must be performed in a laboratory equipped with special safety devices and negative air pressure, so that any spills can be contained. With respect to spore production, generally speaking, a researcher would obtain a very small sample of spores from another source and transfer this sample to a growth medium, such as a Sheep’s Blood Agar (“SBA”) plate or a liquid preparation, that contained a nutrient source for the spores. An SBA plate could then be incubated to foster growth of spores. After an appropriate period of time, 12 to 18 hours was the standard protocol, the newly-grown spores would be harvested through an elaborate process, washed, and then spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate the spores. A fermentor can be used to grow large quantities of spores in a liquid preparation. Finally, as set forth supra in the Opportunity and Access section, a lyophilizer can be used to dry spores once they have been washed.


Compare FBI footnote to the report linked to below AN IMPROVED METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF Bacillus subtilis var. niger SPORES FOR
Diane C. St. Amant, Laurie F. Carey, Mark A. Guelta
U.S. Army, Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command, APGEA, MD.

The pdf doesn’t let you cut and paste like the FBI one. So I will refer to page numbers of pdf, not of the report.

Read 2.9.1. page 12. This tells you that NSM refers to growth on plates.

Go to section 3.2 page 16 and read Tables 1 to 4. The growth times are 4 to 12 days for the NSM, which is the plates in their experiment.

Go to page 20, Table 6. This repeats the same information.

Go to 3.1.1 Page 15. It says NSM, plates, take 4 times longer than liquid media when including preparation and harvesting/processing time.


We appear to have a flat contradiction between the FBI report that says harvest plates in 12 to 18 hours and the subtilis growth paper that says it takes 4 to 12 days. So how do we reconcile these? Hypothesis: the answer is that 12 to 18 hours is a lab protocol to get micrograms or milligrams of spores or bacteria and the paper is about growing grams for sending in letters to kill people.

Suppose it takes 10 days for full growth. Suppose you start with 1 milligram equivalent of spores as live bacteria. You want 1 gram. So you want 1000. 2 to the 5 is 32, so 2 to the 10 is about 1000. So you need 10 doublings. (The rate of growth slows, but we ignore that.)

After 1 day, you have 2 milligrams. Labman can stop here. He only needs 2 milligram or less to do an experiment. Mailerman can not stop with 2 milligram. Mailerman instead has to continue the full 10 days. If mailerman stops at day 9, he has 1 doubling to go, so he has only 1/2 gram instead of the full gram. Mailerman has to continue the full 10 days.

The FBI was quoting Labman’s protocol not Mailerman’s protocol.


So why didn’t the FBI consult Laura Carey et al?  They had done the experiments and knew the numbers. Why didn’t the FBI ask them to write a section in the FBI report on the production of anthrax?  Why didn’t the FBI give the FBI report to Carey et al to check?

Hypothesis: In 2004, when this paper was released, the FBI and USAO DC intended that Carey et al would testify in United States v. Hatfill that Ivins and others in government labs could not have prepared and sent the anthrax because the growth times and large equipment required would have made detection very likely.   So in 2010, the FBI can’t have the scientists who did the experiments and know the numbers write the report or even review the report, because they had already committed to testify in 2004 for the USDOJ and FBI that Ivins could not have done it because of their experimental results.

There are no experimental papers for the FBI and USDOJ that support the 12 to 18 hour time for producing grams of spores to mail.  So they just make a bald statement of a protocol of 12 to 18 hours without explaining it.

At the same time, they reference a lyophilizer.  They knew the lyopholizer has to be cleaned when used to process anthrax and that this takes a day and requires the use of a room dedicated to that.  This came out from Ft. Detrick people on blogs.  The FBI knew that.  It was intentional deception to list the lyophilizer.

Its interesting to note Ivins comment about the lyophilizer course about how mathematical it is.  Ivins papers don’t contain equations and formulas.


anthrax equation author:Ivins

on Google scholar picks up 4 hits.

A logistic seems to be the extent of his math in papers and that is with coauthors.

==Info on C25 Floor Shaker used by Laura Carey et al

The C-25 Classic Incubator and C-25KC Classic Refrigerated Incubator Shakers are large capacity shakers utilizing an eccentric counter balanced drive to provide horizontal plane rotary motion in a 1″ (2.54 cm) circular orbit. A Proportional/Integral (PI) Microprocessor controller with instantaneous digital feedback controls the speed over a range of 50-400 rpm. The C-25 provides temperature control over a range of 7°C above ambient to 60°C, and the C-25KC provides temperature control over a range of 15°C below ambient (minimum 4°C ) to 60°C. Ambient temperature is defined as the temperature within one meter of the shaker. The shakers may be operated either continuously or in a timed mode via a programmable timer for shaking periods of 0.1 hr. to 99.9 hrs. For safe operation, both the C-25 and C-25KC are designed with a safety switch that automatically stops the shaker mechanism when the lid is lifted. In addition, the C-25 and C-25KC are equipped with visual and audible alarms that alert the user to the following conditions:
• The end of a timed run
• Deviations of shaking speed
• Deviations of temperature setpoint
• Power failure
• Lid open

That alarm would come in handy for late night lab users trying to get their work done, especially if it went off during a work day because they had to leave it running during the week.

Coworker: Why is the alarm going off on your 400 pound C-25 shaker incubator Bruce?

Bruce: I don’t know.

Coworker: Also why are using a big floor shaker incubator that doesn’t fit in your glove box?  We only do runs to produce micrograms around here.  Why do you need that giant heavy thing that doesn’t fit in your glovebox?


Note the C-25 is for liquid fermentation runs.  Without the 400 pound floor shaker incubator, the runs would take longer and/or have lower yields, or even be duds as sometimes happened even with the C-25, meaning no production after 14 days.

==Added comment at Weinstein blog to address question the thread was about.

Original comments from Jim White reposted at Case Closed

–Weinstein wrote:

Jim White believes a 100-fold math error in the Amerithrax investigation improperly excluded suspects

  • Substantial flaws still remain in the FBI’s explanation of the technical analysis on which they concluded that Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the anthrax attacks of 2001.
  • I have found what appears to be an error in the analysis of how much material from RMR-1029 would have been required to produce the spores used in the attack letters.
  • The result of this error is an overestimate, by a factor of 100, of how much material from RMR-1029 would have been needed to be used for each letter.
  • Partially because of this overestimate, the FBI excluded as suspects other researchers who received samples from RMR-1029, claiming that they lacked the expertise both to produce such a large volume of material and to then prepare it as attack material.

–Old Atlantic Answer:

Just to answer the original question.  The letter anthrax contained subtilis not in RMR-1029 and contained silicon not in RMR-1029.  That proves the letter anthrax was not directly from RMR-1029 but regrown.

The letters had 5+ grams in the first set and 2+ grams in the second set although there are those who sometimes argue over this.  The FBI should clarify what info it has.

Production of Bacillus Spores as a Simulant for Biological Warfare Agents

These people actually grew grams and grams of subtilis spores.  They started out with empty plates and empty liter flasks, put growth media in them and put subtilis in them and actually grew bacteria and then turned them into spores and measured the weight they got.  They checked the growth media every 24 hours and did experiments every 24 hours on them to test how far along they were.

They used the New Brunswick C-25 floor shaker incubator unit to grow grams of subtilis in liquid media.  They used the necessary square feet of plates to grow on plates and get grams and grams of spores after centrifuging and drying.

This had to happen because the anthrax in the letters contained subtilis and silicon not in RMR-1029.

To get 5 grams of dry spores you have to start with a large amount of growth media, somewhere from 5 liters to 25 liters or even 50 liters.  Using twice as much bacteria to start can shorten the growth time by one generation’s growth time, but it doesn’t change the amount of growth media you need.  The amount of growth media, how many liters, is determined by how much bacteria you end up with not how much you start with.

The people who actually grew grams of bacteria report it took large scale equipment that doesn’t fit into Ivins’ glove box.  You can see the picture of the C-25 New Brunswick 400 pound floor shaker incubator.  Its bigger than a man.  Centrifuges to do the job are also large, I posted links to them at Meryl Nass in 2008.

It is not a matter of some notation in Ivins’ notebook suddenly changes everything.  The Laura Carey et al people actually grew the grams and grams of powder that are the equivalent of what is in the letters.  The second letters are reported as 99 percent pure in the recent FBI report.  So they are stuck with that.  Even one gram takes 3 to 14 days according to Carey et al, and that is using the C-25 400 pound floor incubator shaker and liquid media.


Originally posted at Weinstein Case Closed Anthrax blog


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  6. Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.: Anthrax Suspicions

    Additional comments by Dr. Popov on producing anth… Tracing KIller Spores: The science behind the Comments by Professor Sergei Popov on anthrax and .…/anthrax-suspicions-washington-post.html – Cached

  7. Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.: Critique of the

    Dr. Popov responded that “This argument is purely hypothetical and implies a sophisticated generation of silica particles.” (Nano-scale powders were…/critique-of-chemical-signature.html – Cached

  8. Anthrax Vaccine — posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.: HOLT INTRODUCES

    Mar 3, 2009 It would be great to see someone like Serguei Popov leading the investigation into the science of the anthrax investigation.…/holt-introduces-anthrax-commission.html – Cached






  1. Vahid Majidi « Old Atlantic Lighthouse

    The dtic paper did 30 minute centrifuge runs and did multiple ones. So for 5 liters, which is the minimum size run he was doing, it would take 6.5 hours. – CachedSimilar

  2. Anthrax attacks « Old Atlantic Lighthouse

    The dtic paper did 30 minute centrifuge runs and did multiple ones. So for 5 liters, which is the minimum size run he was doing, it would take 6.5 hours. – Cached

  3. 2009 February « Old Atlantic Lighthouse

    Note the paper I cite above from dtic, if you estimate that for each liter This shows the dtic paper and the Bacchus project results are consistent and – Cached

The FBI footnote 25 on page 36 of document, page 40 of pdf, speaks of a standard protocol to harvest in 12 to 18 hours.

After an appropriate period of time, 12 to 18 hours was the standard protocol, the newly-grown spores would be harvested through an elaborate process, washed, and then spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate the spores.

Standard protocol for what? For producing grams of anthrax to mail to victims?  If you are producing kilograms for military scale use, you use large fermenters as in the Soviet Union facilities.  If you are producing for lab experiments, you don’t produce 5 liters of liquid material or the equivalent on plates.  You produce a tiny amount for use.

Dr. Popov in his initial thinking at Meryl Nass was thinking of what would be quite small.  That is the normal lab thinking.  Which is not to produce grams to send out in letters to kill people.  The standard protocol is to produce a few small plates, enough to go in a test tube or on a plate under a microscope.  They don’t make liters of the stuff for a lab experiment.

So the standard protocol phrase gives it away.  Its not the standard protocol to produce grams of anthrax powder, its the standard protocol to produce micrograms or milligrams on plates for use in a lab experiment.

Why didn’t the FBI have Laura Carey et al read their report?  Why didn’t they write the section and do the numbers?  Because they had already agreed to testify in 2004 for the FBI and USDOJ that based on their paper and their analysis of the numbers, it would have taken days using proper equipment to grow the 5+ grams of anthrax in the first batch of letters and 2+ grams in the second set and that their results exclude Bruce Ivins specifically and all others like him.

So Laura Carey et al couldn’t come back in 2010 to prepare or even review a report claiming Ivins did it in a weekend in September and then over a week in October but at night when he couldn’t do continuous runs during the week using a New Brunswick C-25 400 pound incubator shaker as Laura Carey et al did.  These are people with names.  Let the journalists call them up and ask them.  If they say they can’t comment, report that.


The 1 volume 888 page Warren Commission report contained an appendix reviewing alternative theories and giving reasons against them.  This was not in the FBI report in 2010, 9 years after the 2001 attacks, despite blogs being full of them.  Including blogs focused on them with experts commenting such as Meryl Nass and Weinstein’s Case Closed.

Volume 1 was printed in 1964, 1 year after the Kennedy assassination.  That was in the days of typewriters.  The FBI only had to cut and paste from blogs and then give their reasons the alternative theory is wrong.  They didn’t do that.  Even Ed Lake talks about alternative theories.

The FBI doesn’t cite this Laura Carey et al paper that likely they commissioned for use at trial against Hatfill to exclude Ivins specifically by name.  Its time that is tracked down and put in the public record.  Isn’t that what they give Pulitzer Prizes for?  Or used to?  Isn’t that 19th century Nellie Bly journalism from the Golden Days of Investigative Reporting.  Did that end with Woodward and Bernstein?


The Laura Carey et al paper is a great scientific paper.  It is accessible to the lay reader.  But it requires work and you may have to Google some scientific terms.  Those have simple explanations and definitions.   Skip around in the paper don’t try to read it from start to finish.

This paper requires many rereadings to get most of it.  Some of the conclusions were held back.  Its implicit that they were surprised how variable the results were.  Ordinary lab experience of the type the FBI talked about, 12 to 18 hours, is evidently not that sensitive to the amount grown, whereas for letters there is big difference between 1 gram and .1 gram.  Every rereading you learn more, but you learn from the first one.  This is the mark of a great scientific paper which this is.

Lessons from American Renaissance Conference canceled

February 19, 2010

Lessons from Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance Conference being canceled.

  1. There is an opposition to the white race.
  2. This movement is organized.
  3. This movement is funded.
  4. This movement does intend making us a minority in our own land.
  5. This movement in its broadest dimensions extends from the President down to the callers who made death threats to the hotels.
  6. It may have been the threats of financial wrecking from organizations like the Jewish Defense Organization that actually made the difference, not the death threats.
  7. It may have been the “love” from Jeffrey Imm of Real in explaining his view of Amren and Jared Taylor that made the difference.  The death threats were an excuse.
  8. As whites become a smaller group in relative size, the treatment of them gets worse.
  9. This is happening in every institution in society.
  10. This is happening in every country.
  11. The white race is seen as a wounded animal that can be killed.
  12. It was great just 50 years ago.
  13. It was even greater 100 years ago.
  14. But now it can be killed.
  15. The other races, black, Hispanic, Asian are in on the kill.
  16. Governments are part of this movement.  This includes hostile governments like China and Russia as well as our own.

How do we fight back and win?

  1. We must strengthen ourselves personally.  This means morally, financially, healthwise, knowledgewise, and in our personal and moral habits.
  2. We must strengthen and make smarter and better our personal links and connections.  This starts with those closest to us and works out.
  3. We must take advantage of our opportunities.   This means using every lever society gives us.  Society is diffuse and chaotic.  We must seize each chance before us.
  4. We must use our time well.   Try to reduce the time wasters.  TV.  Alcohol.
  5. Use whatever happens as motivation.
  6. Get started and do a little.  Keep building on that.

Where our movement has to go.

  1. Build on what is working.
  2. The Internet is working.  Keep building on that.
  3. Try to link the Internet to movements.
  4. Try to get the Tea Party movement to start speaking up for whites and against legal immigration.
  5. Emphasize the reasons against legal immigration not just illegal.
  6. Use the word white and the phrase white race at least a little.   Slowly increase it.  Use it in emails to Congress a little.  Then increase it.  Emails and letters to organizations.
  7. Our movement is weak financially.  We have to do things that make it stronger.  This means using the levers society makes available.   We need to write books and sell them at 30 dollars a piece.  We need to develop  our own publishing and distribution system over time.
  8. We need to tap into whatever government money is available.  Don’t give up on using government.
  9. We need to pursue lawsuits where they are likely to work financially.
  10. We need a network of lawyers and activists linked to lawyers.  Publicize cases where lawyers brought a case that was pro-white.  Repeat the names of the lawyers and law firms who brought these cases.
  11. Our movement needs to think in financial, organizational, marketing, legal, accounting, reporting, etc. types of terms.  Just like any organized movement.
  12. We need to use every opportunity society gives us.  This means pushing the envelope.  We need to grasp at what is available.  Take advantage of opportunities.  Take advantage of the mistakes of those opposing us or harming us.  Those are always there because humans are limited and chaos is ever present.  There will always be mistakes to be taken advantage of.  There will always be levers and openings.  Jump on them.  To do that develop your knowledge and skills.  These are at an individual level, an organizational level and as part of the know-how of our movement.
  13. We need to emphasize these technical skills.  These include legal knowledge of the nuts and bolts of lawsuits.  These include techniques of blogging or publishing.  These include marketing or sales methods.  These include technical information.  These include what is available.  Tap into what is available on the Internet.  Add some links on these things if you blog or comment.  Learn nuts and bolts from law to technical things and quote them over and over.  You will be the one to learn them.  Give sources and methods.  Teach each other and teach yourselves in the process.

Give ourselves and our own second chances. Those are second opportunities.

  1. We must give ourselves second chances.  We can do what we should have done in the past, but do it now.
  2. Give those closest to us second chances.
  3. Try to seize the opportunities waiting there for us with those closest to us.
  4. Work outward from that.
  5. This includes know-how of opportunities.  This includes getting money from government.  It includes making our movement pay.
  6. Give people in our movement second chances.
  7. Try to form links based on transactions that are financially successful.
  8. Live life like a Goldman partner.   Their every waking moment they try to make transactions succeed financially.  Some are “altruistic” like bundling contributions to politicians or political organizations or lobbyists.  We should do bundling as well.  We should set up intermediary organizations to bundle.  We should support the organizations we do have.  That includes NumbersUSA.  It includes Vdare. It includes American Renaissance.
  9. Individuals matter.  Leaders matter.  Jared Taylor. Peter Brimelow. Roy Beck matter and make a difference.  So do writers.  So does each person doing each task our movement needs.  Work at the task at hand that you can make a difference with.  Start with little and easy things and complete those.  Build on that.
  10. Push your own personal skills and knowledge.  Make this a learning experience that pays off in your personal and working and financial life.  Learn to learn.  Learn to sell.  Learn to work with others.  Learn to motivate yourself and others.  These are all ways of life.
  11. How you express yourself is part of a way of life.  Be polite and positive in our movement.  Do and improve.  Improve spelling and grammar and punctuation.  Quote and acknowledge the work of others.  Build on that.

How you take advantage of opportunities.

  1. Its a way of life.
  2. Its a way of thinking.
  3. As you do it more, you get better at it.
  4. As it works, you do it more.
  5. As it works, you get ready to do it again.
  6. You get ready to do it by dropping bad habits and building good ones.
  7. Limit alcohol.  You can’t take advantage of an opportunity in the day if you don’t get good sleep.  Alcohol robs sleep.  Alcohol weakens us to take advantage of opportunities.   Alcohol gives us a false feeling of well being.  Feeling fear and desperation is what is needed to motivate us.  Don’t waste those feelings.  Use them for productive work.
  8. Taking advantage of opportunities is a total way of life.  It changes us to do the things we should and avoid those we shouldn’t.
  9. Our movement has to practice the same lessons and have the same attitude and habits.
  10. Our movement is the most moral one on earth.  That can fill our lives and give us purpose and determination.  It gives us motivation when we are weak in our personal lives.  It gives us the ability to do things when we are weak.  That is what being strong is.

Where has our movement been and come from?  What has pushed it up or down?

A. W. Morgan at Vdare writes on the Mount Vernon Statement recently made by the establishment cons.

He links to an article by David Franke at Lew Rockwell on the Sharon Statement.

The Sharon Statement was a statement made 50 years ago organized by William F. Buckley.  It is dated September 11, 1960.

So what brought us to where we are now?  Was the conservative movement a success or failure over the last 50 years?  The establishment conservative movement was a failure for the White Race.  It has led to harm to us.  Part of that was the war on Communism where to appeal to the Third World, the White World gave up defending its own racial interests.  Along the way, the establishment conservative movement was co-opted by money interests that sought to profit from non-white immigration at the expense of whites.

Whites have retreated from asserting their racial interests and their right to have white lands of their own.  This constant mentality of retreat from asserting our own rights and speaking up for the White Race’s right to have lands of its own is our fundamental problem. We see this in the entire conservative establishment and the PC respectable conservative establishment.

We need to work on this one step at a time, little by little.  This means using the word white and asserting our interest and right to have white lands of our own.  But if that is too much at first, just use the word white where you otherwise would be afraid to a few times.  Just put it back in where you wanted to use it.  Do this little by little.  Don’t censor others for doing it, but quote them when they do it.

This is what the American Renaissance Conference is about.  Its taking a stand against the moral cowardice of saying the word white in a positive context and ultimately asserting the existence of whites as a nation with the right of a land of our own.  This is why the enemy attack the American Renaissance Conference.  It is a public meeting asserting the right of the White Nation to a land of its own.    That is the real conflict on this continent and in white lands everywhere.

That is the great moral struggle of our time.  It is our struggle for survival.  We can not walk away from it, because its our existence.  We can only persist and persevere in this struggle as best we can.  It is all consuming because our enemies seek to consume us and eliminate us utterly.

They take what opportunities they can, big and little. We must do the same.  We get ready to do so by taking what little opportunities we can.  We make that a habit and way of life.  That is what we must do.

Our personal lives are being attacked not just our political lives.  Our schools and right to the best colleges and universities.  Our chances at the best jobs or even a job.  All these are being denied us.  Our know-how is given to foreign peoples, lands, governments and merchants.  Our accumulated wealth in this form is given away. The result is to take our jobs and opportunities away.  We have to fight this because there is no other alternative.

We have to survive and our means of survival is being taken from us.   The elite universities are becoming majority non-white and they feed the fast track of government and industry.  They hire the non-white and promote them.  We are facing extinction from this process.

We must fight back in every way we can.  That means taking each opportunity we can.  It means making taking opportunities a way of life.  This is from the opportunity to save time and save money and our health and energy up to larger things.  But our health and energy and know-how and habits are who we are.  Our family and personal life is who we are.

These things are threatened by taking away our jobs, education opportunity and government and industry and making them serve other races.  This is the explicit laws and customs and morality of those who oppose us. They know they plot our extinction, because to take all these is to plot our extinction. So we must fight back in everything we do.  We must fight back as well as we can.  We must develop the skills, habits and know-how to fight back effectively in the little things because these add up to the big things.

We must keep fighting back over the American Renaissance Conference being canceled.  We need to find and link to the groups that claim credit.  We must understand who they are and what they claim. We must see that law enforcement looks into this. We must seek what remedies the legal system gives us. We must use this opportunity to expose who is doing this and what their sources of money are.

The American Renaissance Conference being canceled is an opportunity. Its an opportunity to find out about the organizations against us.  Its an opportunity to find out what government is doing for or against us.  Its an opportunity to use the legal system for us and to compel the exposure of this information.

Its an opportunity to rally our cause and our people against an organized foe that seeks to deny us the right to assert our right to life and to organize for that right to life against the organized effort to take it away from us and give it explicitly to other races and other countries.


Robert  Campbell at Occidental Dissent posts

Mighty Thor Speaks to Us

By Jost Turner & “Teffy”

This expresses much of the above in a poetical form.

American Renaissance Conference canceled from death threats to hotels

February 18, 2010

Jared Taylor one of the founding lights of the movement for white consciousness and survival in our time has had to cancel the American Renaissance Conference because of death threats.

Summary of this at an earlier stage

Those gloating or at least opposed to the conference, even if they deny linkage to the death threats,

Our side

Our side on the conference, Kvetcher’s support,

Lawrence Auster has a more ambiguous position, was sort of against the cancellation before he was more neutral on it, but still opposed to it.

Those on the other side from Jared Taylor

A set of arguments for our side on this subject is here

Jeffrey Imm responded to the following

Imm responds in passing here

I responded here

See also

Jared Taylor on loonies against 2008 conference

Senator Evan Bayh Disgruntled White Male Worker of the Week

February 17, 2010

Senator Evan Bayh was interviewed in his Senate office by Fred the unShred.

Fred: Are you some sort of Indiana cracker wacko?

Bayh: I am a centrist moderate.

Fred: So you’ve been a moderate your whole life and now you have your midlife crisis?

Bayh: The Senate is having its midlife crisis.

Fred: I thought it was an end of life crisis.

Bayh: Given the age of the people here that’s about right.  Some are over a third of the age of the republic.

Fred: What do you thing it should be renamed?

Bayh: The Senate?

Fred: No the country.

Bayh:  Stifled progress.

Fred: Not Neoconia?

Bayh: That’s so Bush.

Fred: So what’s your real beef.  Is their a John Edwards type problem out there?

Bayh:  No.

Fred: No tape is going to erupt?

Bayh: No.

Fred: Not even a Kristof tape of you quoting the Koran in Arabic?

Bayh: I never learned Arabic.

Fred: Is that why you think you can’t get any advancement around here?

Bayh: No, but some of my people back home think that.

Fred: Going to vote for John Hostettler?

Bayh: He is a Republican.

Fred:  Are you going to be a lobbyist?

Bayh: No.

Fred: You some sort of lawyer?

Bayh: UVA.

Fred: So you are going to park yourself at a K Street law firm and be a lobbyist without calling it that.

Bayh: Well, I wouldn’t put it that way.

Fred: Cash in.  What about partner at Goldman?

Bayh: They don’t call them partners anymore.

Fred: Exploiter then?

Bayh: I have no specific plans.

Fred: But you did vote for the bailout?

Bayh: I voted against the second one.

Fred: So you were for it before you were against it?

Bayh: I voted for it but with regret.

Fred: Sort of like a glutton thinking about a diet.

Bayh: I did vote against the next one.

Fred: After the auto bailout?

Bayh:  I voted against a bailout.

Fred: Well I’m glad you got that merit badge.

Bayh: So am I.

Fred: Thanks for your time Senator.

Bayh: My pleasure.

Three Totalitarian Sisters Judica Executina Legislarva

February 16, 2010

The three branches of government have become accustomed to grotesque behaviors.  They are three sisters, Judica, Executina, and Legislarva (sometimes called Legislava).

Judica.  Speaks with an unpleasant voice at length.  She always finds fault.  She is cruel. She almost never admits a mistake no matter how obvious.  She cuts others off, especially when pointing out the truth.  Her slogan is whites can’t have rights.

Executina.   Her idea is to import millions of Hispanics and 3rd worlders to be her slaves and worship her.  If they don’t, she gives them to Judica to deal with.  She hates the whites who made her and plots their extinction.  She pretends to change her personality by what she calls party changes, but these have no effect.

Legislarva.  Particularly fat she hates the truth and those who love it, whites.  She hatches out plans to eliminate whites and replace them with compliant non-white voters. She pretends to be ruled by two different parties, but they are the same.

This was inspired by the post commenting on Lew Rockwell’s article about the imperial presidency.

(In the last post, I should have followed the rule that when you find a misspelling in your headline, pretend its intentional and rewrite the lead of the post to make it seem that way.  The word imperical has a future, its just a matter of deciding on what it means.  How liberal.  To decide on a word and wait for the meaning later.)

The three sisters compete on how grotesque they can become.   Legislarva is the winner on this.  She seems grotesque, fat and ugly to everyone.  At times, Judica and Executina can seem slim, attractive and intelligent.  However, this is not possible to those who see them up close.

Executina seems fresh every four years.  But soon it becomes clear the new Executina is the just Old Nixon who is the same as the Old Johnson who is the same as the Old Lincoln.  The Old Lincoln is a car that delivers death and subjugation while calling it something else.  Only the constant effort of Southern Freedom Riders can check the Old Lincoln’s tendency to kill those in its way.

Judica is the best at fooling people.  She seems extremely intelligent and to speak the wisdom of the ages.  But close scrutiny shows she destroys schools, subjects children to fear, and creates prisons of ethnic and racial strife.  She always preaches that she is fighting the hatred in the people, but she always ends up promoting the worst elements of society and putting them above the good.

Judica makes rules that are seemingly permanent.  These make white extinction an almost mathematical certainty.  These include affirmative action, anchor baby, and prohibitions against white association to stop what is being done to them.  Judica talks as if fair but she hates the white race.  This is her true abiding belief.

Legislarva is constantly getting its nose into whatever honey jars are available and then tries to look for approval anyhow.  This she gets on a regular basis.  So she has become accustomed to passing her faults off as virtues.

Impractical imperial presidency causes the economy and society to fail

February 16, 2010

Lew Rockwell points out the US system is an imperial presidency where people expect the president to solve their problems.  This is unlike the pre Civil War presidency or what even Hamilton promised in the Federalist Papers.

Reading Rockwell, one can see, if the US really is depending on a president to solve their problems, then the failure of America comes from the impossibility of the president solving their or our problems.  The president lacks the information, incentives, and control to be the decider for each and every action in our society and economy.  Thus an economy or society or polity dependent on the president to be the decider in everything must fail and collapse.  We see that now.

All 3 branches of government have become more imperial.  As each extends its reach, the others extend theirs.  They compete with each other to extend their power instead of check each other. Wall Street and corporate owned media have become part of that.

So have universities which depend on federal money and tax treatment and which staff the government with their students on a permanent basis and with their profs on a revolving basis.  The advancement of Ph.D.’s in government is often dependent on the revolving door professors brought in with the president.  This is the case in the antitrust division of the DOJ which has become a tool of Wall Street to avoid legal challenges to trusts and combinations.  DOJ review and approval prevents the courts from acting.

States should be empowered to block mergers that take banks or corporations away from them.  Practice shows that when a state bank or corporation is taken over from outside the state, the state and the customers everywhere suffer.  Wall Street and the combine machinery benefit.  But local control and the principal of subsidiarity in the market and government are both demoted.

Subsidiarity means the lowest level makes decisions that can.  Takeovers end this in the market.  The result is market failure.  The result is a failure of incentives.  The result is a failure of matching control and consequences.  The result is organizational and market failure.  Bundling mortgages to be sold far away after receiving a FNMA or FHLMC guarantee backed by the federal government shows how severing the link between consequences and control is fatal for markets and polity alike.

The end of subsidiarity in corporate control and of responsibility and consequences at the local market level and of regulation is the underlying cause of the mortgage crisis in the U.S.  The disempowerment of people in education, association, civil rights, market rights, employment and corporate ownership and control have created a system dependent on far off decision makers and buyers and sellers.  These having no interest or knowledge of local decisions nor caring for local consequences have made decisions that turned out to be in the interests of the very few on Wall Street and their government stooges in at least 2 branches of government.

Looking at the Microsoft case eventually taken over by a Harvard law antitrust prof appeals court judge and turned over to a different judge to settle in Microsoft’s favor, we can say it applies in all 3 branches.  Other actions convey the same conclusion although perhaps from different cases to different people.  But the effect is to sever local decision making from local control and consequences.

Judges appointed by a far off government make education and association decisions, control the criteria of hiring, and create a dysfunctional system that can’t work.  The result is ruin.  It even ends up in outright genocide of the whites who founded the country and set up the Constitution not for race replacement or societal collapse by centralization but to prevent those wrongs.   Judges are complicit with this.

The three branches do not check each other in their pursuit of power.  Rather they are like runners in a race who drive each other on to take more and more.  They compete for power.  Each turn of the course leads them to take more power from the people and divide it amongst themselves.

Education, right of association, employment decisions, even sporting clubs and amusements have lost their right to free association and are forced to associate based on false theories of human identicality and perfect substitutability as individuals and groups.  These false theories are then used to justify genocide and race replacement.  The result is replacement of the race of the founders and the ruin of their civilization.

Immigration Moratorium below zero net citizenship inflow

February 16, 2010

Rep. John Hostettler (GOP) is running for the Evan Bayh US Senate seat in Indiana.  He is a patriot on immigration reform.

“That goes back even further than the Jordan Commission“, Hostettler says. “The idea that a country cannot sustain indefinitely unlimited immigration was endorsed by the Hesburgh Commission. Father Hesburgh was no right-wing xenophobe.”

W. James Antle III (email him), associate editor of The American Spectator, writes from outside Washington D.C. He profiled Hostettler in the June 17, 2006 issue of The American Conservative. [PDF 1, 2, 3]

Antle suggests, in passing, that an immigration moratorium be defined as zero net migration, “with admissions equaling departures.”

What should immigration moratorium be defined as?

  1. Limit absolute flow in to some small number like 10,000 given any type of non-tourist visa.  That includes student visas, medical, refugee, asylum, family reunification, etc.
  2. Limit those becoming US citizens to those who give up US citizenship.  Limit all other inflow to those who become US citizens in the prior year.
  3. Limit those becoming subject to US tax jurisdiction to those who are completely free of US tax jurisdiction, other than by death.
  4. A policy to limit inflow so that outflow exceeds inflow in all categories, citizenship, tax, residence, jobs, students, asylum, refugee, family reunification, joining the military, etc.  In each separate category the inflow is limited on absolute terms and to be a fraction of the outflow, e.g. 10 percent of the outflow in each category limits the inflow in each category.
  5. Limit the inflow from each country to 10 percent of the outflow to that country in each category.
  6. Limit non-immigrant categories to a total of 10,000.
  7. Limit non-immigrant categories to true one for one exchanges with the same source.  So a student visa at Harvard balances an American student getting a visa at Oxford.

Immigration means with intent to stay as US government defines it.  Immigration Moratorium has to include guest workers, student visas, etc.   Otherwise it has no meaning.

We should not let immigration moratorium be defined later by others.  Immigration moratorium should not lead to the worsening of the trends that have gotten us here.  It should not continue to make whites a minority.  It should not cause extinction of genetic lineages by the substitution effect of immigration.  It should reverse the substitution effect from the 1965 to present immigration and non-immigrant categories.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

If the gene frequency continues to converge to that of the immigrants, then it is not an immigration moratorium.  Genetic and race replacement by immigration is not an immigration moratorium.  Thus the absolute flow in must be tiny or over time it still causes complete genetic replacement.

Any flow out of white genes will have almost no impact on the huge population of the non-white world.  A population increased caused by liberal aid intended to eliminate the white race by substitution pressure exerted world wide.  Third wold population increase is part of the plan of genocide of whites.  So the law requires that it not be allowed to be achieved. That means that non-white inflow can only be tiny on an absolute level, e.g. less than 10,000 per year of all non-tourist categories combined.

Immigration moratorium has to be defined based on mathematical theorems, not feel good phrases.  The mathematical theorem, the Wright Island Model, tells us that absolute inflow must be truly tiny, e.g. 10,000 per year to avoid genetic replacement.  Even that amount is too high in the long run to avoid genetic replacement.

Furthermore, the 1965 to present non-white immigration which is making whites a minority must be reversed under the law of genocide.  Thus the non-white outflow must exceed the inflow.  This too should be a requirement.  Its consistent with restoring the balance envisioned in the 1924 immigration law, the national quota system based on those present then.

The 1965 immigration law has been genocidal as the math shows. Therefore it must be reversed by an excess of non-white outflow over inflow.  That should be sufficient to reduce the non-white population in the U.S. to undo the 1965 immigration law which has turned out to be genocidal and therefore illegal.

In a fundamental sense, all inflow since 1965 and subsequent births not in line with the 1924 quotas is genocide.  All those citizenships including birth are illegal and void as being contrary to the law of genocide and must be reversed.

Germany was made to give up territory after WWII and transfer its population.  The whites lost their colonies and whites had to leave them.  So its time for non-white immigrants since WWII into the white lands to go back.  They are proven by over 50 years of experience to be genocidal and thus criminal. Therefore their citizenships and those of their descendants are void.

Peter Brimelow at Vdare asks Mark Krikorian to tout Immigration Moratorium at National Review

February 15, 2010

Peter Brimelow:


I’ve been looking at the Economic Report of the President (you can download it here). The Wall Street Journal summarized it: Economic Report Sings Blues on Jobs (By Jonathan Weisman and Greg Hitt, Febrary 12, 2010.) But, in keeping with the pattern noted by Steve Sailer, it contains just one (1) fleeting reference to immigration:

Another set of institutions in need of attention is our immigration system. The current framework absorbs considerable resources but does not serve anyone—native workers, employers, taxpayers, or potential immigrants—well.

My suggestion: Center for Immigration Studies’ Mark Krikorian should use his position as National Review’s immigration beard to write a cover story calling on the GOP to propose an immigration moratorium.

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The Council of Economic Advisors is composed of econ profs.

Although they are not very mathematical compared to some in the econ profession, they still are part of a profession that uses theorems and math.   The Wright Island Model is a theorem.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

Copyright notice

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

Maybe we can get to econ profs by using a theorem that says immigration causes genetic replacement.  This applies to each lineage as the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem proves.  Basically, the inflow is unbounded from above, so if the survival factor of each gene was bounded from below, then the number of genes and people would have to increase beyond any bound from above.  Since that can’t be, that means the survival factor of most genes has to go to zero.  If there is one group flowing in such that its unbounded and a multiple of its survival factor bounds all other groups, then all other groups go to zero, they don’t survive in a mixture.  The group flowing in also has the property if its homogeneous on survival factors that its survival factors go to zero too for each individual lineage of genes.

Berkeley is about 20 percent non-Jewish white.

Whites at Berkeley are 31 percent.  That includes Jews.  Take out 20 percent and you are down to 11 percent like Stanford.  This is a university founded and made great by non Jewish whites from nothing.

70% have at least one parent born outside the U.S. (2008)

Living alumni: 431,500 (August 2009)


Counts for the Fall 2003 entering class shown in the graph above:

Total 24,636

African American / Black 841 3%
American Indian / Alaskan Native 126 1%
Asian / Pacific Islander 10,272 42%

Hispanic 2,839 12%

White 7,755 31% •

Race/Ethnicity Unknown 2,017 8%

Total Citizens and Immigrants 23,850 97%

International 786 3%

==Berkeley Excerpt

Economic Theory Requirement: Fulfilled by Economics 201A-B and 202A-B which is a year of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory.

Econometrics Requirement: Fulfilled by Economics 240 A-B, which is a year of econometric theory, methods, and applications.

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Grad students in econ at Berkeley have to learn proofs in microeconomic theory.

Christina Romer is from Berkeley, Ph.D. 1985 at MIT.  Austan Goolsbee is from Chicago, Ph.D. 1995 at MIT.  Cecilia Rouse Ph.D. Harvard.  In those years, they had to know some microeconomic theory to graduate at those schools.

None of them are very mathematical in an econ theory sense.  But they still had to pass Ph.D. exams that were at least mildly mathematical.  So theorems can work with them.  Bypass National Review and go to the CEA.  Or do both.  This is about persuasion and using theorems to persuade the econ profs at the CEA or the Ph.D.’s on the staff, many of them junior faculty is one route not to miss.

The staff are more mathematical in some cases than the members.

His research and teaching have focused on venture capital, private equity, corporate governance, and decision-making under uncertainty.

Decision making under uncertainty involves math, or it can.

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February 9, 2010

David Stockman would not have bailed out AIG.   The Stag Heath blog is full of brilliant comments.  He names his blog Stag Heath but signs stagheath one word lower case.  Using stagheath would be best for search engines.

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