From sit ins to Anne Pressly’s face bashed in in 2 generations.

February 1, 2010

Liberalism celebrates Greensboro Four

Sit-in vet: ‘Never request permission to start a revolution’
By Matt Cherry and Emanuella Grinberg, CNN
February 1, 2010 — Updated 1612 GMT (0012 HKT)

Guilty verdict and photo of perp and photo of victim:


‘Never request permission to start a revolution’


‘Never request permission to start a rape torture murder’

in two generations.

List of black fake race crime hoaxes

Here is an account of the fourth day of the trial of Anne Pressly’s killer. Kristen Edwards, who was raped by the defendant a few months earlier, testified.

Nicholas Stix on hate crime bill with mention of Anne Pressly.

==Excerpt above

Additionally, the Commission said:

“We regard the broad federalization of crime as a menace to civil liberties….

“While the title of [the Hate Crime bill] suggests that it will apply only to ‘hate crimes,’ the actual criminal prohibitions contained in it do not require that the defendant be inspired by hatred or ill will in order to convict. It is sufficient if he acts ‘because of’ someone’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Consider:

  • Rapists are seldom indifferent to the gender of their victims. They are virtually always chosen ‘because of’ their gender.
  • A robber might well steal only from women or the disabled because, in general, they are less able to defend themselves. Literally, they are chosen ‘because of’ their gender or disability.

==end excerpt

Nicholas Stix

While reporting interracial murders and attempted murders carried out by black men against white women, I have noted a pattern involving certain aspects of the crime, the official response or lack thereof, and responses by different elements of the public.

The murder typically is extreme in its brutality, with the killer inflicting the maximum in pain and humiliation on his victim. The authorities stonewall the public—unlike their reactions to deaths or assaults committed against blacks by whites, when they strive for a maximum in publicity and transparency. When they do speak, it is often to lie, adamantly denying that the crime was “racially motivated”—even though they have no problem calling (statistically rare) white-on-black murders “racially motivated”—and claiming either that the motive was “robbery” or that they can’t imagine what the motive might have been etc. etc.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and their blogosphere comrades will mock and denounce any whites who state the obvious as “racists,” “white nationalists,” “Nazis,” etc.

Black-on-white torture murders of females invariably follow the rape and/or sodomy of the victim: The Wichita Massacre; the Knoxville Horror; the Columbia University rape-torture-attempted murder; the Winchester Atrocity (in which the gang-rape victim was the black wife of a white man). The sexual humiliation doubles the murderer’s pleasure.

Liberal lies about race and crime can hurt you.

==Excerpt below from Peter Brimelow on Jared Taylor

First published in National Review, January 18, 1993

[Peter Brimelow writes: While I congratulated American Renaissance‘s Jared Taylor on his outing Bill Buckley for cowardice on immigration (August 23, 2000), I realized that we hadn’t posted my review of his remarkable book on race relations, Paved With Good Intentions. So here it is. That this book did not transform public debate on the topic is a signal condemnation of American intellectual life. All the major papers refused to review it, the Los Angeles Times saying frankly that it was impossible in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots.

“WAS THE MUGGER black?” asked my wife sympathetically. As a Canadian newly arrived in Manhattan, she honestly didn’t know that you must Never Ask. Her hostess, caught off balance in mid-crime story, admitted that he was. Then she hurriedly covered herself: of course, she said, this meant nothing.

Besides being a Canadian, however, my wife was and still is in some respects invincibly innocent. And now she was really puzzled. “But aren’t most muggers in New York black?” she inquired. Her hostess was outraged. “I don’t believe that,” she snapped.

The single greatest strength of Jared Taylor’s Paved with Good Intentions is its massive and merciless crushing of this type of hysterical denial, which currently paralyzes all discussion of race relations in America.

==End excerpt

Now back to celebrating the Greensboro boys breaking down the protections that whites in the South had erected by a painful struggle for their civil rights after the unCivil War.  The White Civil Rights movement under occupation is the greatest civil rights story never told.  That is the one true great civil rights movement in American history.  That is the real civil rights story we must learn from.  That is the civil rights story we must apply the lessons of.


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