America’s East of Suez South of Juarez Moment

February 2, 2010

Bringing people north of Juarez means we can’t go East of Suez.  If we want to go East of Suez we have to send the Hispanics back south of Juarez and send the Asians back West of Berkeley.

Simon Tisdall

America is broke, and needs its old friends

The US badly needs its European allies to help redress its loss of balance and stem the haemorrhaging of its international clout

On present trends, Obama’s America badly needs the allies of “old world” Europe to help redress its loss of balance and stem the haemorrhaging of its international clout. With wolves at the door, the transatlantic relationship, often dismissed as moribund and unimportant under George Bush and Obama, may be coming back into its own.

Obama does not seem to realise this yet, with the state department announcing this week, for example, that the president will not attend a US-EU summit in Spain in May.

Give him time. As the bills pile up and threat levels rise, America may remember who its real friends are.

One more reminder that Obama is not an American.  Obama spurns Europe.  Obama hates Europe because its white like America, which Obama hates for the same reason.  Obama’s real baptism is one of hate in America in Muslim Indonesia.  That is why the Founding Fathers required the president be a natural born citizen, born in the US of 2 citizen parents and raised in sole loyalty to the US from time of birth to becoming president.  Any lapse disqualifies the person from being Commander in Chief under Article II.

Brenda Walker on Ciudad Juarez, the drain of our pain, if we send them back.


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