Sarah Palin immigrants built this country fallacy

February 2, 2010

A commenter at Lawrence Auster earlier transcribed a portion of the Sarah Palin peon to immigration on Glenn Beck.

Paul K transcribed Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck on immigration


Let me address legal immigration. We need to continue to be so welcoming and inviting of those who are represented there by our Statue of Liberty. The immigrants, of course, built this country, and I think Republicans, conservatives, are at fault when we allow the other side to capture this immigration issue and try to turn this issue into something negative for Republicans. I think we need to recognize that, again, immigrants built this great country. There are rules to follow if you want to be part of this great country–let’s be sure people are following those rules–but let’s welcome this.

This was discussed earlier here:

Allan Wall at Vdare discusses the same portion of the Glenn Beck program.

Rereading the passage, the following fallacies stand out.

  1. Immigrants have a common identity.
  2. Immigrants built this country.
  3. Immigrants today bear an identity with immigrants in the past.
  4. There are rules to follow to be part of this country.

If we follow the same line of loose thinking, consider that immigrants today are tearing down this country.  Are the immigrants who tear down the country the same as the ones who built it up?  Clearly not.  Are they following some rules to be part of this country?  Other than the rule of erasing the national pattern of those who came before them?

Immigrants do not have a common identity by being immigrants.  Animals and seeds also are immigrants, but that doesn’t make them have a common identity with each other or with us.  Invasive species of fish do not have a common identity with each other or with native species.

Those who built the country in the past are the natives today and the immigrants coming here are tearing the country down.  The immigrants today are an invasive species. They are erasing the national pattern of the native founding stock Americans.  So did the immigrants of the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Emma Goldman came here from Russia and participated in an assassination conspiracy on Frick.  That inspired a son of immigrants from Poland to assassinate President McKinley.   Were those rules to be followed to be part of this country?  Or rules to race replace the people who came before and erase their national pattern?  Leon Trotsky came in 1917 and later developed the words racist and racism to race replace Founding Stock Americans, a separate nation of their own.

The assassinations, including Wall Street bombings later, were not building the country up, it was tearing it down.  It was an attack on the social fabric.  Moreover, they intended it that way.  They intended to ethnically cleanse the Wasps and with Trotsky inventing the words racist and racism to race replace whites in general, particularly non-Jewish whites.

Maps of settlement in New England show this pattern, e.g. in Boston and in parts of New York City.  Wasps are now almost completely cleansed from New York City, a city they founded and Boston.   Non-Jewish whites are 20 percent at Harvard, so Founding Stock Americans are less than that, say 10 percent.  That is erasing the national pattern.  Founding Stock Americans built Harvard.  Now their national pattern is erased by immigrants from Eastern Europe as well as from the 3rd world.

Immigrants have no common identity.  No more than all flying things have a common identity or all walking things or all swimming things have a common identity.  In each case, they feed on each other.  That is not common identity.

Species replace others in the air, land and seas not because they are the same, but because they are different.  So it is with immigrants.  They replace the gene lineages.  They erase the national pattern. They prefer their own as Obama and Sotomayor do.

The one thing that binds the recent immigrants together is hatred of those who have come before them and a determination to erase them from Harvard, Standford, Berkeley and UCLA so that they can erase them from Boston, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco-Oakland and vice versa.  What unites the immigrants of the recent past and those of the turn of the 19th into the 20th century is a common determination to race replace those who came before them. That is the fundamental rule they have.

Trotsky was just playing race replace the previous immigrants the same thing by inventing racism and racist.  Trotsky was just another immigrant to the Americas pursuing race replacement of those who came before his race.   Trotsky was just putting his people first like other immigrant cohorts do that are distinct by race from those already here.

Their rule is race replace those here.  Their rule is use the resources of society to have a higher birth rate and race replace those here. Their rule is erase the national pattern of those who came here before.  Rename the streets.  Claim they built America when they didn’t.

Their rules are lie, steal and corrupt.  Lie about who built the country.  Lie about the uniqueness of the people who built.  Lie that its a proposition nation when in fact its not.

Their rules are as follows. Steal the land.  Corrupt the government to favor them.  Tax and eliminate those who came before them.  Those are the rules immigrants who came after the founding of America have played by.  Consistently and to the last.

The result is plain in the maps of ethnicity around America and in the proportion of non-Jewish whites at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and Berkeley.  The percentage of FSA’s is even lower, in the 10 percent range at universities their ancestors founded for their posterity, their genetic posterity.

Sarah Palin is playing by their rules.

We need to continue to be so welcoming and inviting of those who are represented there by our Statue of Liberty

The immigrants reclaimed the Statue of Liberty as theirs.  They changed its meaning from a gift from the French people to Founding Stock Americans to them.  That’s how immigrant cohorts lie.  They claim the Statue of Liberty as a symbol to them when its a symbol of the friendship of the French people and Founding Stock Americans.  It was not friendship between the French people and Jews.    It was a lie to say it meant 19th century immigrants and not Founding Stock Americans.

Lazarus was the fourth of seven children of Moshe Lazarus and Esther Nathan, Portuguese Sephardic Jews[4] whose families had been settled in New York since the colonial period.

She invented the lie that the Statue of Liberty represented late 19th century immigrants and not the Founding Stock Americans.  She also showed that despite her lineage being here from the founding, she didn’t identify with Founding Stock Americans but with Jews from Eastern Europe.  Those were her people.  Those are who she identified with.  She invented the lie that the Statue of Liberty symbolized her people and not Founding Stock Americans.

Her lie was a denial about what the Statue of Liberty really represented, the Founding Stock Americans and their alliance with the French people.  An alliance is about the two parties to the alliance, not about abstract alliances independent of the parties.

Her denial of which people and which nation the Statue of Liberty represented was part of erasing the national pattern of FSA’s.  It was about erasing their nation and what it really was, the creation of a distinct people, and replacing it by her people, her nation, and saying it was about them.  It showed that her people, despite living here since the founding, had never identified with the Founding Stock Americans.

Her lie about which people the Statue of Liberty represents is part of the race replacement of Founding Stock Americans by her people.  Its the race replacement of one nation by another nation. We see that on the ethnicity maps of New York city and the statistics on students at Harvard and elsewhere.

It is a lie when the 19th century immigrants, the race replacers of FSA’s, say on the Fourth of July that it symbolizes them. They lie on TV.  Their politicians lie.  Its not about them.  Its about Founding Stock Americans.  They are race replacing FSA’s as the statisics from Harvard show and as the ethnicity maps of New York City and Boston and coastal New England from Boston to New York City show.

Its a lie when Jews say the Statue of Liberty symbolizes Jews and not Founding Stock Americans.  Trotsky came to New York in 1917.  As an immigrant to the Americas later he invented the words racist and racism precisely because his fortunes now lay with race replacement of the Wasps who came before the Jews.  There is a line that connects Emma Lazarus to Emma Goldman to Leon Trotsky to Emanuel Cellar to Norbert Schlei to Charles Schumer.

The very words racism and racist were invented by Trotksy as words to lie with about race replacement.  Denial of ethnic and racial identity is part of the lies of Marxism.  That is a war on the people themselves.  It is why Marxism has contempt for the petit bourgeois and the working class alike.

Marxism’s contempt and disdain for the middle class and working class turn into hate and are hate.  This is the same process we see in Congress where disdain and contempt by Senators and Congressman for voters who vote for them after they vote for race replacement of the voters turns into hate and a physical need in the rulers to harm the ruled.   The same pattern played out in Russia under Trotsky and the Bolsheviks.  Race replacement in America is the same movement as Bolshevism and has common players like Trotsky.

More on the Statue of Liberty and the lies and tricks of 19th century immigrants to falsely misrepresent its meaning and which people it symbolized.

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the victims of race replacement immigration, the Founding Stock Americans.  Hispanics also don’t identify with it the way Jews in New York do.  Jews in New York have turned it into their symbol just as they have taken over the city and ethnically cleansed FSA’s from it by using follow on immigration since 1965.

  • “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed against the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed against individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group.”
  • “Genocide has two phases: one, destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group; the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor. This imposition, in turn, may be made upon the oppressed population which is allowed to remain or upon the territory alone, after removal of the population and the colonization by the oppressor’s own nationals.”

That is exactly what is done by saying the Statue of Liberty represents late 19th century immigrants and not FSA’s.

Also see here


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