Obama repeats Bush Clinton mistakes but not successes

February 3, 2010

Obama has repeated the worst mistakes of Bush and Clinton.

  1. Bigger deficits than Bush.
  2. Bailouts.
  3. Submitting to Islam.
  4. Letting Pakistan build nukes (Bush).
  5. Strategyless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  6. Not taking the war to the main enemy homelands, Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.
  7. Larry Summers.
  8. Eric Holder.
  9. Elena Kagan.
  10. NAFTA etc.
  11. Allowing Russians and Chinese in the country.
  12. 3rd world immigration above 10,000 per year.
  13. Lax regulation of financial institutions and markets.
  14. Siding with Muslims against our own.
  15. Aid to Pakistan (Bush).
  16. Allowing North Korea to arm (Bush).
  17. No war on terror or Islam.
  18. Overextension.
  19. Loss of factory jobs.
  20. Know-how transfer.
  21. Student Visas.
  22. H-1b.

Obama has not repeated Clinton’s successes.

  1. Balancing the budget.
  2. Ending welfare as we know it.
  3. Putting sanctions on Pakistan.
  4. Keep North Korea from building and testing nukes.

Clinton stands out as the best president of the last 20 years.  Bush Sr increased legal immigration and so stands out as bad as well.


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