Immigration Moratorium below zero net citizenship inflow

February 16, 2010

Rep. John Hostettler (GOP) is running for the Evan Bayh US Senate seat in Indiana.  He is a patriot on immigration reform.

“That goes back even further than the Jordan Commission“, Hostettler says. “The idea that a country cannot sustain indefinitely unlimited immigration was endorsed by the Hesburgh Commission. Father Hesburgh was no right-wing xenophobe.”

W. James Antle III (email him), associate editor of The American Spectator, writes from outside Washington D.C. He profiled Hostettler in the June 17, 2006 issue of The American Conservative. [PDF 1, 2, 3]

Antle suggests, in passing, that an immigration moratorium be defined as zero net migration, “with admissions equaling departures.”

What should immigration moratorium be defined as?

  1. Limit absolute flow in to some small number like 10,000 given any type of non-tourist visa.  That includes student visas, medical, refugee, asylum, family reunification, etc.
  2. Limit those becoming US citizens to those who give up US citizenship.  Limit all other inflow to those who become US citizens in the prior year.
  3. Limit those becoming subject to US tax jurisdiction to those who are completely free of US tax jurisdiction, other than by death.
  4. A policy to limit inflow so that outflow exceeds inflow in all categories, citizenship, tax, residence, jobs, students, asylum, refugee, family reunification, joining the military, etc.  In each separate category the inflow is limited on absolute terms and to be a fraction of the outflow, e.g. 10 percent of the outflow in each category limits the inflow in each category.
  5. Limit the inflow from each country to 10 percent of the outflow to that country in each category.
  6. Limit non-immigrant categories to a total of 10,000.
  7. Limit non-immigrant categories to true one for one exchanges with the same source.  So a student visa at Harvard balances an American student getting a visa at Oxford.

Immigration means with intent to stay as US government defines it.  Immigration Moratorium has to include guest workers, student visas, etc.   Otherwise it has no meaning.

We should not let immigration moratorium be defined later by others.  Immigration moratorium should not lead to the worsening of the trends that have gotten us here.  It should not continue to make whites a minority.  It should not cause extinction of genetic lineages by the substitution effect of immigration.  It should reverse the substitution effect from the 1965 to present immigration and non-immigrant categories.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

If the gene frequency continues to converge to that of the immigrants, then it is not an immigration moratorium.  Genetic and race replacement by immigration is not an immigration moratorium.  Thus the absolute flow in must be tiny or over time it still causes complete genetic replacement.

Any flow out of white genes will have almost no impact on the huge population of the non-white world.  A population increased caused by liberal aid intended to eliminate the white race by substitution pressure exerted world wide.  Third wold population increase is part of the plan of genocide of whites.  So the law requires that it not be allowed to be achieved. That means that non-white inflow can only be tiny on an absolute level, e.g. less than 10,000 per year of all non-tourist categories combined.

Immigration moratorium has to be defined based on mathematical theorems, not feel good phrases.  The mathematical theorem, the Wright Island Model, tells us that absolute inflow must be truly tiny, e.g. 10,000 per year to avoid genetic replacement.  Even that amount is too high in the long run to avoid genetic replacement.

Furthermore, the 1965 to present non-white immigration which is making whites a minority must be reversed under the law of genocide.  Thus the non-white outflow must exceed the inflow.  This too should be a requirement.  Its consistent with restoring the balance envisioned in the 1924 immigration law, the national quota system based on those present then.

The 1965 immigration law has been genocidal as the math shows. Therefore it must be reversed by an excess of non-white outflow over inflow.  That should be sufficient to reduce the non-white population in the U.S. to undo the 1965 immigration law which has turned out to be genocidal and therefore illegal.

In a fundamental sense, all inflow since 1965 and subsequent births not in line with the 1924 quotas is genocide.  All those citizenships including birth are illegal and void as being contrary to the law of genocide and must be reversed.

Germany was made to give up territory after WWII and transfer its population.  The whites lost their colonies and whites had to leave them.  So its time for non-white immigrants since WWII into the white lands to go back.  They are proven by over 50 years of experience to be genocidal and thus criminal. Therefore their citizenships and those of their descendants are void.


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