Impractical imperial presidency causes the economy and society to fail

February 16, 2010

Lew Rockwell points out the US system is an imperial presidency where people expect the president to solve their problems.  This is unlike the pre Civil War presidency or what even Hamilton promised in the Federalist Papers.

Reading Rockwell, one can see, if the US really is depending on a president to solve their problems, then the failure of America comes from the impossibility of the president solving their or our problems.  The president lacks the information, incentives, and control to be the decider for each and every action in our society and economy.  Thus an economy or society or polity dependent on the president to be the decider in everything must fail and collapse.  We see that now.

All 3 branches of government have become more imperial.  As each extends its reach, the others extend theirs.  They compete with each other to extend their power instead of check each other. Wall Street and corporate owned media have become part of that.

So have universities which depend on federal money and tax treatment and which staff the government with their students on a permanent basis and with their profs on a revolving basis.  The advancement of Ph.D.’s in government is often dependent on the revolving door professors brought in with the president.  This is the case in the antitrust division of the DOJ which has become a tool of Wall Street to avoid legal challenges to trusts and combinations.  DOJ review and approval prevents the courts from acting.

States should be empowered to block mergers that take banks or corporations away from them.  Practice shows that when a state bank or corporation is taken over from outside the state, the state and the customers everywhere suffer.  Wall Street and the combine machinery benefit.  But local control and the principal of subsidiarity in the market and government are both demoted.

Subsidiarity means the lowest level makes decisions that can.  Takeovers end this in the market.  The result is market failure.  The result is a failure of incentives.  The result is a failure of matching control and consequences.  The result is organizational and market failure.  Bundling mortgages to be sold far away after receiving a FNMA or FHLMC guarantee backed by the federal government shows how severing the link between consequences and control is fatal for markets and polity alike.

The end of subsidiarity in corporate control and of responsibility and consequences at the local market level and of regulation is the underlying cause of the mortgage crisis in the U.S.  The disempowerment of people in education, association, civil rights, market rights, employment and corporate ownership and control have created a system dependent on far off decision makers and buyers and sellers.  These having no interest or knowledge of local decisions nor caring for local consequences have made decisions that turned out to be in the interests of the very few on Wall Street and their government stooges in at least 2 branches of government.

Looking at the Microsoft case eventually taken over by a Harvard law antitrust prof appeals court judge and turned over to a different judge to settle in Microsoft’s favor, we can say it applies in all 3 branches.  Other actions convey the same conclusion although perhaps from different cases to different people.  But the effect is to sever local decision making from local control and consequences.

Judges appointed by a far off government make education and association decisions, control the criteria of hiring, and create a dysfunctional system that can’t work.  The result is ruin.  It even ends up in outright genocide of the whites who founded the country and set up the Constitution not for race replacement or societal collapse by centralization but to prevent those wrongs.   Judges are complicit with this.

The three branches do not check each other in their pursuit of power.  Rather they are like runners in a race who drive each other on to take more and more.  They compete for power.  Each turn of the course leads them to take more power from the people and divide it amongst themselves.

Education, right of association, employment decisions, even sporting clubs and amusements have lost their right to free association and are forced to associate based on false theories of human identicality and perfect substitutability as individuals and groups.  These false theories are then used to justify genocide and race replacement.  The result is replacement of the race of the founders and the ruin of their civilization.


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