Senator Evan Bayh Disgruntled White Male Worker of the Week

February 17, 2010

Senator Evan Bayh was interviewed in his Senate office by Fred the unShred.

Fred: Are you some sort of Indiana cracker wacko?

Bayh: I am a centrist moderate.

Fred: So you’ve been a moderate your whole life and now you have your midlife crisis?

Bayh: The Senate is having its midlife crisis.

Fred: I thought it was an end of life crisis.

Bayh: Given the age of the people here that’s about right.  Some are over a third of the age of the republic.

Fred: What do you thing it should be renamed?

Bayh: The Senate?

Fred: No the country.

Bayh:  Stifled progress.

Fred: Not Neoconia?

Bayh: That’s so Bush.

Fred: So what’s your real beef.  Is their a John Edwards type problem out there?

Bayh:  No.

Fred: No tape is going to erupt?

Bayh: No.

Fred: Not even a Kristof tape of you quoting the Koran in Arabic?

Bayh: I never learned Arabic.

Fred: Is that why you think you can’t get any advancement around here?

Bayh: No, but some of my people back home think that.

Fred: Going to vote for John Hostettler?

Bayh: He is a Republican.

Fred:  Are you going to be a lobbyist?

Bayh: No.

Fred: You some sort of lawyer?

Bayh: UVA.

Fred: So you are going to park yourself at a K Street law firm and be a lobbyist without calling it that.

Bayh: Well, I wouldn’t put it that way.

Fred: Cash in.  What about partner at Goldman?

Bayh: They don’t call them partners anymore.

Fred: Exploiter then?

Bayh: I have no specific plans.

Fred: But you did vote for the bailout?

Bayh: I voted against the second one.

Fred: So you were for it before you were against it?

Bayh: I voted for it but with regret.

Fred: Sort of like a glutton thinking about a diet.

Bayh: I did vote against the next one.

Fred: After the auto bailout?

Bayh:  I voted against a bailout.

Fred: Well I’m glad you got that merit badge.

Bayh: So am I.

Fred: Thanks for your time Senator.

Bayh: My pleasure.


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