Lessons from American Renaissance Conference canceled

February 19, 2010

Lessons from Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance Conference being canceled.

  1. There is an opposition to the white race.
  2. This movement is organized.
  3. This movement is funded.
  4. This movement does intend making us a minority in our own land.
  5. This movement in its broadest dimensions extends from the President down to the callers who made death threats to the hotels.
  6. It may have been the threats of financial wrecking from organizations like the Jewish Defense Organization that actually made the difference, not the death threats.
  7. It may have been the “love” from Jeffrey Imm of Real in explaining his view of Amren and Jared Taylor that made the difference.  The death threats were an excuse.
  8. As whites become a smaller group in relative size, the treatment of them gets worse.
  9. This is happening in every institution in society.
  10. This is happening in every country.
  11. The white race is seen as a wounded animal that can be killed.
  12. It was great just 50 years ago.
  13. It was even greater 100 years ago.
  14. But now it can be killed.
  15. The other races, black, Hispanic, Asian are in on the kill.
  16. Governments are part of this movement.  This includes hostile governments like China and Russia as well as our own.

How do we fight back and win?

  1. We must strengthen ourselves personally.  This means morally, financially, healthwise, knowledgewise, and in our personal and moral habits.
  2. We must strengthen and make smarter and better our personal links and connections.  This starts with those closest to us and works out.
  3. We must take advantage of our opportunities.   This means using every lever society gives us.  Society is diffuse and chaotic.  We must seize each chance before us.
  4. We must use our time well.   Try to reduce the time wasters.  TV.  Alcohol.
  5. Use whatever happens as motivation.
  6. Get started and do a little.  Keep building on that.

Where our movement has to go.

  1. Build on what is working.
  2. The Internet is working.  Keep building on that.
  3. Try to link the Internet to movements.
  4. Try to get the Tea Party movement to start speaking up for whites and against legal immigration.
  5. Emphasize the reasons against legal immigration not just illegal.
  6. Use the word white and the phrase white race at least a little.   Slowly increase it.  Use it in emails to Congress a little.  Then increase it.  Emails and letters to organizations.
  7. Our movement is weak financially.  We have to do things that make it stronger.  This means using the levers society makes available.   We need to write books and sell them at 30 dollars a piece.  We need to develop  our own publishing and distribution system over time.
  8. We need to tap into whatever government money is available.  Don’t give up on using government.
  9. We need to pursue lawsuits where they are likely to work financially.
  10. We need a network of lawyers and activists linked to lawyers.  Publicize cases where lawyers brought a case that was pro-white.  Repeat the names of the lawyers and law firms who brought these cases.
  11. Our movement needs to think in financial, organizational, marketing, legal, accounting, reporting, etc. types of terms.  Just like any organized movement.
  12. We need to use every opportunity society gives us.  This means pushing the envelope.  We need to grasp at what is available.  Take advantage of opportunities.  Take advantage of the mistakes of those opposing us or harming us.  Those are always there because humans are limited and chaos is ever present.  There will always be mistakes to be taken advantage of.  There will always be levers and openings.  Jump on them.  To do that develop your knowledge and skills.  These are at an individual level, an organizational level and as part of the know-how of our movement.
  13. We need to emphasize these technical skills.  These include legal knowledge of the nuts and bolts of lawsuits.  These include techniques of blogging or publishing.  These include marketing or sales methods.  These include technical information.  These include what is available.  Tap into what is available on the Internet.  Add some links on these things if you blog or comment.  Learn nuts and bolts from law to technical things and quote them over and over.  You will be the one to learn them.  Give sources and methods.  Teach each other and teach yourselves in the process.

Give ourselves and our own second chances. Those are second opportunities.

  1. We must give ourselves second chances.  We can do what we should have done in the past, but do it now.
  2. Give those closest to us second chances.
  3. Try to seize the opportunities waiting there for us with those closest to us.
  4. Work outward from that.
  5. This includes know-how of opportunities.  This includes getting money from government.  It includes making our movement pay.
  6. Give people in our movement second chances.
  7. Try to form links based on transactions that are financially successful.
  8. Live life like a Goldman partner.   Their every waking moment they try to make transactions succeed financially.  Some are “altruistic” like bundling contributions to politicians or political organizations or lobbyists.  We should do bundling as well.  We should set up intermediary organizations to bundle.  We should support the organizations we do have.  That includes NumbersUSA.  It includes Vdare. It includes American Renaissance.
  9. Individuals matter.  Leaders matter.  Jared Taylor. Peter Brimelow. Roy Beck matter and make a difference.  So do writers.  So does each person doing each task our movement needs.  Work at the task at hand that you can make a difference with.  Start with little and easy things and complete those.  Build on that.
  10. Push your own personal skills and knowledge.  Make this a learning experience that pays off in your personal and working and financial life.  Learn to learn.  Learn to sell.  Learn to work with others.  Learn to motivate yourself and others.  These are all ways of life.
  11. How you express yourself is part of a way of life.  Be polite and positive in our movement.  Do and improve.  Improve spelling and grammar and punctuation.  Quote and acknowledge the work of others.  Build on that.

How you take advantage of opportunities.

  1. Its a way of life.
  2. Its a way of thinking.
  3. As you do it more, you get better at it.
  4. As it works, you do it more.
  5. As it works, you get ready to do it again.
  6. You get ready to do it by dropping bad habits and building good ones.
  7. Limit alcohol.  You can’t take advantage of an opportunity in the day if you don’t get good sleep.  Alcohol robs sleep.  Alcohol weakens us to take advantage of opportunities.   Alcohol gives us a false feeling of well being.  Feeling fear and desperation is what is needed to motivate us.  Don’t waste those feelings.  Use them for productive work.
  8. Taking advantage of opportunities is a total way of life.  It changes us to do the things we should and avoid those we shouldn’t.
  9. Our movement has to practice the same lessons and have the same attitude and habits.
  10. Our movement is the most moral one on earth.  That can fill our lives and give us purpose and determination.  It gives us motivation when we are weak in our personal lives.  It gives us the ability to do things when we are weak.  That is what being strong is.

Where has our movement been and come from?  What has pushed it up or down?

A. W. Morgan at Vdare writes on the Mount Vernon Statement recently made by the establishment cons.


He links to an article by David Franke at Lew Rockwell on the Sharon Statement.



The Sharon Statement was a statement made 50 years ago organized by William F. Buckley.  It is dated September 11, 1960.

So what brought us to where we are now?  Was the conservative movement a success or failure over the last 50 years?  The establishment conservative movement was a failure for the White Race.  It has led to harm to us.  Part of that was the war on Communism where to appeal to the Third World, the White World gave up defending its own racial interests.  Along the way, the establishment conservative movement was co-opted by money interests that sought to profit from non-white immigration at the expense of whites.

Whites have retreated from asserting their racial interests and their right to have white lands of their own.  This constant mentality of retreat from asserting our own rights and speaking up for the White Race’s right to have lands of its own is our fundamental problem. We see this in the entire conservative establishment and the PC respectable conservative establishment.

We need to work on this one step at a time, little by little.  This means using the word white and asserting our interest and right to have white lands of our own.  But if that is too much at first, just use the word white where you otherwise would be afraid to a few times.  Just put it back in where you wanted to use it.  Do this little by little.  Don’t censor others for doing it, but quote them when they do it.

This is what the American Renaissance Conference is about.  Its taking a stand against the moral cowardice of saying the word white in a positive context and ultimately asserting the existence of whites as a nation with the right of a land of our own.  This is why the enemy attack the American Renaissance Conference.  It is a public meeting asserting the right of the White Nation to a land of its own.    That is the real conflict on this continent and in white lands everywhere.

That is the great moral struggle of our time.  It is our struggle for survival.  We can not walk away from it, because its our existence.  We can only persist and persevere in this struggle as best we can.  It is all consuming because our enemies seek to consume us and eliminate us utterly.

They take what opportunities they can, big and little. We must do the same.  We get ready to do so by taking what little opportunities we can.  We make that a habit and way of life.  That is what we must do.

Our personal lives are being attacked not just our political lives.  Our schools and right to the best colleges and universities.  Our chances at the best jobs or even a job.  All these are being denied us.  Our know-how is given to foreign peoples, lands, governments and merchants.  Our accumulated wealth in this form is given away. The result is to take our jobs and opportunities away.  We have to fight this because there is no other alternative.

We have to survive and our means of survival is being taken from us.   The elite universities are becoming majority non-white and they feed the fast track of government and industry.  They hire the non-white and promote them.  We are facing extinction from this process.

We must fight back in every way we can.  That means taking each opportunity we can.  It means making taking opportunities a way of life.  This is from the opportunity to save time and save money and our health and energy up to larger things.  But our health and energy and know-how and habits are who we are.  Our family and personal life is who we are.

These things are threatened by taking away our jobs, education opportunity and government and industry and making them serve other races.  This is the explicit laws and customs and morality of those who oppose us. They know they plot our extinction, because to take all these is to plot our extinction. So we must fight back in everything we do.  We must fight back as well as we can.  We must develop the skills, habits and know-how to fight back effectively in the little things because these add up to the big things.

We must keep fighting back over the American Renaissance Conference being canceled.  We need to find and link to the groups that claim credit.  We must understand who they are and what they claim. We must see that law enforcement looks into this. We must seek what remedies the legal system gives us. We must use this opportunity to expose who is doing this and what their sources of money are.

The American Renaissance Conference being canceled is an opportunity. Its an opportunity to find out about the organizations against us.  Its an opportunity to find out what government is doing for or against us.  Its an opportunity to use the legal system for us and to compel the exposure of this information.

Its an opportunity to rally our cause and our people against an organized foe that seeks to deny us the right to assert our right to life and to organize for that right to life against the organized effort to take it away from us and give it explicitly to other races and other countries.


Robert  Campbell at Occidental Dissent posts

Mighty Thor Speaks to Us

By Jost Turner & “Teffy”


This expresses much of the above in a poetical form.


2 Responses to “Lessons from American Renaissance Conference canceled”

  1. Kulaks Never Learn Says:

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Great poem. I think our enemies know it better than we do. That’s why they want to rub us out before our people wake up and act. Because when it happens, it will come like lightning.

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