Israel, Jerusalem, Neocons, Obama, Liberalism No White Survival

March 24, 2010

Obama has condemned Israel for building housing in East Jerusalem.

“U.S. condemns Israel’s plans to build housing in east Jerusalem”

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Janine Zacharia writing on Tom Lantos:

Under Liberalism, the West has no right to exist.  It has no right to survive.  This is because Whites have no right to survive and thus exist under liberalism.  In particular, Whites have no right to survive as a white majority.

The Jewish people in the West have embraced that view.  They push it heavily.  This includes the neocons. The neocons took the side of Muslims after 9/11.  They support Muslim immigration.  The neocons condemned Virgil Goode when he said no Muslim immigration into America.   By doing that they explicitly said that Southern Whites, who they hate, have no right to exist in their own lands.   They said that about all Whites as well.

The Neocons enjoyed power.   Under Bush they could embrace positions against all their enemies, seemingly. They were against Southern Whites like Virgil Goode to exist. They were against Saddam.  They were against the Palestinians.   They were against Old Europe.  They were against Old America, the America of Southern Whites, of Harvard Whites, of Stanford Whites,  of San Francisco Whites,  of Berkeley Whites.

Liberal Jews have the same position as Neocons.  So Jews as a group have no legitimacy under Liberalism. The reductio ad liberalism is that Jews don’t have a right to exist.  So Israel doesn’t either.   Palestinians are the indigenous people under liberalism.   They are more non-white than Jews. So Obama is on their side.  Despite Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod.  Obama is against the Jews.  That is the fate of the Jews under liberalism.  Even with their own people running things behind the scenes, they still don’t have a right to exist under Liberalism.

By adopting the position that the White Race, White West, and Whites don’t have the right to exist, neocons and liberal Jews have ended up adopting the position that Jews and Israel have no right to exist.

The White Race and Jews are static.  They don’t have population growth.  Liberalism doesn’t acknowledge existence rights for static groups against growing groups.  Under Liberalism, groups don’t have rights.  So a static group has no right to exist under Liberalism, because the growth of population eliminates it and its only way to survive would be to separate from the growing groups.

But separation from growing groups is not allowed under Liberalism because it doesn’t acknowledge group rights as a core right.  Liberalism has rights only for Brownian motion of people.  Each person is an individual atom.  As the atoms engage in a random walk, Liberalism gives a separate group no right to exclude the random motion of others into their lands.  This means Liberalism acknowledges no right to a group to survive if the group is not growing.

Liberalism says group rights don’t exist, only individual rights exist.  Liberalism says that groups don’t exist in its extreme form.

Because individuals follow a random walk, without group rights of separation and to exclude, a growing group will engulf and eliminate a static group under Liberalism.  The growing group will exert a substitution effect pressure that eventually eliminates the static group and causes it to actually decay.

The math of the random walk of individuals combined with growing groups combined with no right to exclude on group basis means that growing groups automatically eliminate non-growing ones.  The latter can not even maintain themselves on a static basis because of the substitution effect of Brownian motion of people, i.e. of the random walk of individuals from the growing group.

Liberals then actively feed the population growth of the third world.  This includes giving them food, money, medicine, and the first right to education in the West.   They give our know-how to China in our schools and from our companies.  They do it even in our government laboratories, even weapon labs.  This is because the Brownian motion of people can’t be excluded under Liberalism.   Therefore even our weapon labs embrace Diversity.

Previously, the front screen of Los Alamos National Lab was of Asians and the message was Diversity.  That isn’t there as of this writing.  But it is their basic logic of Liberalism.  Its the logic of Major Hasan and the FBI failure to act.  Its the logic of hating Virgil Goode.

Its the logic of the FBI at Ruby Ridge.  They shot the White Separatists.   Under the random walk of non-whites, only separation would let whites exist and survive.  So the FBI shot the White Separatists.  They hired a Japanese gunman to do it.  Then they sent him to Waco. Then they protected him and covered it up. The FBI then promoted its managers and put one of them in charge of the anthrax investigation.  He decided a lone white guy did it.  They tried Hatfill and then went to Ivins.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Under Liberalism including neocons and Liberal Jews, this is the fate of the White Race, the West, Israel and the Jews.  They spend their time and treasure promoting this.  They make Diversity the mission of every institution even weapons labs.  The result is their own destruction.   Obama is simply delivering this message to the Jews, that their own message of Liberalism is their own self indulgent self destruction.

In that sense, Obama is almost like a prophet from the Old Testament, but an anti-prophet telling the Jewish people they have no right to exist in Liberalism’s Sight, i.e. in the Sight of the Liberal God.  By making Liberalism their God, Jews have embraced their own self-destruction.

There is no way to salvation for Jews as a group under Liberalism.  Because they support excess population growth for non-whites, under liberalism they have no right to exclude non-whites as a group.  Thus the substitution effect of the random walk of non-whites which can’t be stopped results in the genetic replacement of Jews by non-whites.  That is the math of liberalism given its logic.

The random walk of non-white population (as individuals under Liberalism) which can’t be excluded under liberalism implies the extinction of whites and other non-growing groups.  The growth of non-whites in turn comes from the pouring in of money and resources from the Liberal West.  Thus it forms a circle of its own self-destruction under Liberalism.  Only by adopting the right of separation and exclusion from non-whites can the West survive.   Only the same right would let Jews and Israel survive as well.


Netanyahu speech to AIPAC

Obama Holder DOJ meets with group advocating requiring AIPAC to register as a foreign agent of Israel.


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