Much of Libertarian Alternative Right still wants extinction for whites

March 25, 2010

See the article at Vdare by W. James Antle to discuss how many on the Ron Paul alternative right are libertarians still embracing the death of the white race:

March 24, 2010 “Turmoil Over War, Immigration Threatens The Alternative Right”
By W. James Antle III

Consequently, under Paul’s would-be successors things could get rather worse. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is talked about as a possible Paulite candidate in the 2012 primaries. His frugal record as governor and his constitutionalist platform today are remarkable. But his position on immigration is dreadful.

Johnson’s “OUR America Initiative” includes expanding legal immigration on its “Three Point Plan” for national prosperity. In 2000, Johnson gave an interview to Playboy in which he promiscuously uttered almost every immigration enthusiast canard:

Being for non-white immigration is being for canceling your own race, whites.  You can’t build any plans on destroying your own group.  Survival of your own group is a prerequisite to any plan.  This is why disloyalty to your own group has traditionally been punished severely.  When the leaders are disloyal and get away with it, the group loses its own land and country.  This is what is happening to whites.  There is no future at all in voting for disloyal leaders or supporting disloyal websites or magazines or institutions.

The Bush family builds its plan on the Bush family surviving, not on the white race surviving.  The same applies to the Republican Party.   The same applies to big corporations, the education system, the Wall Street banks, and big academia.   Try to avoid supporting them.  Make sure you get more out of them then they get out of you.  Don’t put your trust or dreams or future aspirations in these institutions.  Try to find small ones at a minimum.  Deal with a community bank, take your money out of big banks.  The small banks are FDIC insured as well.


One Response to “Much of Libertarian Alternative Right still wants extinction for whites”

  1. Enoch Powell Was Right Says:

    “Being for non-white immigration is being for cancelling your own race, whites. You can’t build any plans on destroying your own group.” Is the future for Whites in America even worse than indicated by Brent Nelson’s book “America Balkanized”?
    What do White racists need above all else? The answer might be White racist solidarity and an awareness of what is really happening.
    Are Jews genetically-engineered financial parasites? Do debts mean nothing without brutal police power backing them up? Is war merely politics with more dead bodies than usual? Is money the way to keep score in financial warfare?
    Darwinian evolution implies that life is brutal and amoral. Only children, ignoramuses and fools believe otherwise. Money is murder and power in financial form.
    The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters. — Genghis Khan
    All warfare is based on deception. — Sun Tzu
    Life is the war of all against all. — Thomas Hobbes
    Love=war=life=money=greed=lust=deception … All brutalities, tricks and evils are Darwinian equivalents in amorality.
    Read E. Gebieler’s posts on Kevin MacDonald’s blog (March 21 2010, Kevin MacDonald: Philip Weiss on Philosemitism and Ethnocentrism; 3-21-10, Kevin MacDonald: The SPLC’s “Jihad for Dollars” Is Fueled by Ethnic Conflict)
    Do we need a 1200-word propaganda sheet explaining the White racist viewpoint?
    Do we need a list of 10 or 20 books explaining the deadly menace to Whites?
    Do we need a list of 20 or 30 videos showing what Jews and non-whites are really doing to Whites?

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