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Every universe dies with its creator.

April 28, 2010

Every universe dies when its creator dies. The name may be hijacked but the real thing dies with its founder. Any plan that does not include the survival of the creators is a plan to be hijacked. If one plans to be hijacked until eliminated, it will happen. Everything else dies with the elimination.

Was Hitler crazy?

April 20, 2010

Intentionally choosing the extinction of your own people is crazy.  Acting to cause it is crazy.  Preventing others from trying to stop it is crazy.  Denying it is happening is crazy.

Threatening people with prison for pointing it out is crazy.  Acting on it is crazy.  So was Hitler crazy? Compared to today’s politicians, Hitler was practically normal.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

Copyright notice

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

(Nagylaki got started in physics and wrote papers on quantum electrodynamics.  WIM though is much older.)

It is a measure of the desperation of our own situation that makes people think of Hitler as a role model.

Gregory Hood discusses Hitler at Occidental Dissent with a thread of debate on the topic.

April 20 is Hitler’s Geburtstag.  He was born in 1889.  He died April 30, 1945, aged 56.  Another thread at OD on Hitler:

Those who cry racist or bigot against whites who point out the Wright Island Model with or without the math is crazy.  Its denial of science and math to deny that immigration is race replacement and genocide of whites.  Not only do the frequencies converge to those of the immigrants, but every lineage of every gene in whites terminates.  This is the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem.  Pumping up the third world population is an act of genocide as well in the context of these models.  That also is crazy.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem


Some modern craziness documented here:


Libs believe that race is destiny.  This is why their main enemy is the white race.  This is why smashing the white race by immigrationcide is their method of choice.  They expose the body of the white race to parasites and let them finish it off.  Libs agree with the Wright Island Model.  Libs agree with Hitler on everything, except who is to survive.

This is why WIM must be brought to the Tea Party and the deracinated whites of the GOP.  The libs are determined to exterminate them as a race.  This is why they attack them for being white.  This is why they call a group of whites bigots, even with and precisely because they are desperate not to be called bigots.

Fear of being called a bigot is the key step in not defending yourself.  It is to be fought constantly.  Only writing and speaking out can stop it.  Only by committing oneself in explicit words for the survival of the white race and one’s own people can conquer the fear of being called a racist.  If one can not write or utter such words than one is a mind slave of the Lib meme that race replacement of whites is the natural order and to oppose it is to be racist.

Geoffrey R. Stone Equation: current equals average

April 11, 2010

Geoffrey R. Stone University of Chicago genius law prof writes

The U.S. population today is roughly 78% Christian, 51% Protestant, 24% Catholic, 16% non-religious, 2% Mormon, 2% Jewish, and 2% Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu combined.

This means that, relative to the current population, Christians, Protestants and Jews have been substantially overrepresented on the Court historically, whereas Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, and especially non-religious people have been substantially underrepresented on the Court.

To bring total Christian representation on the Supreme Court down to the percentage of Christians in the current population, none of the next 22 justices should be Christian.

To bring total Protestant representation on the Supreme Court down to the percentage of Protestants in the current population, none of the next 69 justices should be Protestant.

The Stone Equation:

Current Value = Average Value.

The Stone Method of equalization, Stone’s Law of Reduction

If the current value is below the average, reduce the current value in order to reduce the average to the current value.

Stone’s Lemma

Once a population peaks and falls in relative percentage compare to other groups, then the population must go extinct.  It must not have any more babies.

Proof of Stone’s Lemma.

Since the current value is below the average, reducing the average as required by Stone’s Law of Reduction makes this even worse, since the Stone Gap, the distance between the current value and the average increases.  As the Stone Gap rises, the current value must be decreased until it reaches zero, since no equilibrium is possible under Stone’s Law.

End of Proof of Stone’s Lemma.

This is what the law and economics movement at University of Chicago has become.  Stone’s grip of the laws of marginal and average must stun the quads and reverberate down the Midway as his monster mind thunders from below it.

Read Patrick Cleburne on the Stone wonder mind here:

Stone would defenestrate Protestants from the Court.  Isn’t it time we had separation from geniuses of genocide like Geoffrey R. Stone?

What part of Stone’s brain did this math come from?  The part that hates whites.  Its obvious.  It couldn’t come from any place else.  We need separation from his hate.  We can’t have Stone’s hate ruling over us.

Stone twists math to genocide.  That comes from hate of whites.  It shows Stone will twist anything even math into a reason to hurt whites and dispossess them of the country they founded and made.

Twisting math to hate of whites is what Stone teaches at University of Chicago Law School.  Its what Obama taught.  Its what all the elite schools teach all the clerks and judges, regardless of religion or race.

They teach no diversity of thought or of race.  They teach reduce the white to zero.  Read what Stone wrote.  Its what he literally said.  Even in South Africa, there was given a role for whites.  In Stone’s world a few years later, its no place for whites.  This is how quickly liberalism has mutated into genocide of whites.  That is why we need separation now.

The University of Chicago is the university of hate of Founding Stock Americans.  So is Harvard.  So is Stanford.  So is Berkeley.  We need separation from these haters not to be ruled by them. We see their minds in the bailout and we saw it in their reaction to Virgil Goode after Muslims came here to kill us, bring more.  Bring more Muslims to kill us more.

They said we had no right to keep this land, bring Muslims to kill the Protestants.  That is what they said then to Goode and its what they said to us after Major Hasan shot ours at Ft. Hood.   To the Stone haters of whites, the only good thing that ever happened at Fort Hood was a Muslim shoooting whites.  To them the good thing is he shot white women not just white men.

The University of Chicago is the University of Hate of Protestant Founding Stock Americans.  Hate is what they teach the Constitution means,  hate of the people who wrote it.  The twisted logic of hate of whites is what Stone teaches.    Its mandatory at all the leading law schools.

The University of Chicago is now the University of Protestants Zero on the Supreme Court.  Its the University of hate of whites.  Its the university of genocide of whites.

Although this may seem to equate white and Protestant, we see that their hate mutates at an alarming rate.  By the time we point out that white and Protestant are distinct, their hate will have gone beyond that stage.  It really already has.

The University of Chicago is imbibing the black Nationalism of Obama.  Obama is now their moral leader.  They adopt the values of Rev Wright’s Church of Hate of the White.  That is now their creed.  They intellectualize it.

They justify the Sotomayor style of judging of whites.  They put a gloss of intellectualism on their hate of the white.  Stone hides his hate in the numbers, although its only himself who thinks he deceives us.  His hate is blunt and obvious.

Nelson Mandela says it simpler as he leads South Africa on the Stone path to white eradication:  Kill the Boer.

Obama is listening to his Chicago colleagues.  The University of Chicago has adopted the teaching of Rev Wright’s Church instead of the opposite.  Interesting how that works.

Results 110 of about 142,000 for Mandela “Kill the Boer”.

South African whites are not gone yet:

Ons koning kom – Juanita du Plessis

Christianity does not mean whites die when told to in South Africa as we see in the above video.

Also here Natasha Joubert Dankie Here.  Young white girls in South Africa still dream of ballet.

When do we start fighting the dream of University of Chicago lawyers Geoffrey Stone’s and Barack Obama to end young white girls dreaming of ballet and make them only taste the hate they and Mandela share for them.  “Kill the Boer.”

Its what they sing at University of Chicago Law School.  Its what they sing in South Africa.  Its going to be what they sing on the Supreme Court.

When do we wake up and demand separation from these geniuses of our genocide?   They only have hate for us.  Our ancestors brought forth this nation so that little white girls could grow up dreaming of ballet and not the fear that Stone and Obama and Mandela dream to condemn them to.

The answer to the Mandela, Stone, Obama dream of “Kill the Boer” is separation.  Its the intended target of genocide and degradation who has the moral right to insist on separation.  That is the meaning of the Declaration of Independence.  It was to secure these rights that the Founding White Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  Can we do less?  Do our children and grandchildren mean less to us than theirs did to them?

The message is clear.  The elite law schools teach hate of whites. The elite law schools teach twisting math and logic to justify hate of whites.  The leading law schools teach the original intent of the Constitution is to dispossess the whites and set their place to zero.

The message is clear.  We must have separation now.  We must have a white nation of our own.  We must have it now.  No more waiting for their hate to keep mutating.  We need to separate from them now just like genocide victims in ages past needed to separate when the speech from the elite was one of the twisted logic of hate.  We hear them twist facts, logic and math to justify their hatred of whites.  That is the time for separation.  Separation now.

Our forefathers heard the hate in 1776 and separated. WE the White People of America need to hear the hate and separate now.  Our little ones only have this chance to live in anything like the land we knew if we separate now.

Miners of Mountcoal West Virginia Libs call bigots everyday

April 6, 2010

These miners are the people libs hate.  Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973.  See graph page 18  Libs bring in non-whites to keep down the wages of whites.  So whites in the mountains have to take dangerous jobs to continue to try to get some of the few good paying jobs left for white people.

Every time whites die in the mines because they are not safe, libs are behind it, keeping wages down.  The libs took away the bargaining power of the miners to keep their wages down and keep the jobs less safe.  This is what white life is worth in Lib America.

Libs hate and despise these white communities in the mountains of West Virginia.  They pour out their hate for these people on a regular basis.  The entire Lib media machine dishes out hate of these people on a regular basis. In the lib mind, those who died are the bigots of Mountcoal W Va who should be race replaced by non-white immigration.

Comment thread below:

Lib comments of hate for Founding Stock Americans such as those in West Virginia at bottom of thread below:

Ons koning kom – Juanita du Plessis

April 3, 2010

Ons koning kom – Juanita du Plessis:

Also sung here:
Loftus for / vir Jesus 2008 – Lig jou hande na bo!

“In Worship of Jesus Christ 74000 people gathered at Loftus Sports Stadium in Pretoria, South Africa. Juanita du Plessis sings “Lig jou hande na bo!” translation: “raise your hands and sing Hallelujah …””

Juanita du Plessis Jou Skaduwee

Natasha Joubert Dankie Here

Natasha Joubert Daar is ‘n hemel

Natasha Joubert Dit is my pa se land

Natasha Joubert Ek wil terug na my geboorteland

Natasha Joubert Sonder jou saam met Gericke Fourie



Easter Vdare

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