Miners of Mountcoal West Virginia Libs call bigots everyday

April 6, 2010

These miners are the people libs hate.  Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973.  See graph page 18 http://www.census.gov/prod/2009pubs/p60-236.pdf.  Libs bring in non-whites to keep down the wages of whites.  So whites in the mountains have to take dangerous jobs to continue to try to get some of the few good paying jobs left for white people.

Every time whites die in the mines because they are not safe, libs are behind it, keeping wages down.  The libs took away the bargaining power of the miners to keep their wages down and keep the jobs less safe.  This is what white life is worth in Lib America.

Libs hate and despise these white communities in the mountains of West Virginia.  They pour out their hate for these people on a regular basis.  The entire Lib media machine dishes out hate of these people on a regular basis. In the lib mind, those who died are the bigots of Mountcoal W Va who should be race replaced by non-white immigration.

Comment thread below:


Lib comments of hate for Founding Stock Americans such as those in West Virginia at bottom of thread below:



One Response to “Miners of Mountcoal West Virginia Libs call bigots everyday”

  1. Cracker Americanus Says:

    Do your job with vim and vigor or you will be replaced with a hardworking nigger.

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